5 of the World’s Extraordinary Deserted Casinos

Gambling has been around for centuries and some of the most spectacular casinos such as Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco, the Venetian Macao in Macau and the Casino di Venezia, Italy have been offering their tables and slot machines to players for many years. While some casinos have stood the test of time with their doors still open to players today, such as the Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas which has been around since 1906 or the Casino de Spa in Belgium (built 1763), others sadly have not. So what happened to all of the glitz and glamour of these casinos? Read on to find out as we take a trip down memory lane, looking back through history to show you some of what we think is the world’s most incredible abandoned casino locations.

Casino di Consonno, Consonno, Italy

The European Las Vegas-style dream of Count and Entrepreneur, Mario Bagno, in the early 1960s (during Italy’s period of financial prosperity) was a short-lived fantasy but a wild dream. What could have been an extravagant casino that resembled the Las Vegas strip in the hilly region east of Milan, quickly became a ghost town after he failed to complete his empire. The unfinished and abandoned Casino di Consonno is also known as the “City of Toys” and was constructed after firstly demolishing many buildings in the ancient village, most except for one church dating back to the thirteenth century. A hill that was nearby was also levelled with explosives so that people who visited could enjoy the lovely views of the Alps. Count Bagno certainly had big plans and didn’t spare any expense! Although it enjoyed brief success in the late 60s and early 70s (when it was still unfinished), sadly a landslide buried the main access to the road in 1976 severing supply lines and access. Sadly, the half-finished casino never recovered from this natural disaster with Bagno giving up on the project.

Asbury Park Casino, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA

First built in 1929, this seaside casino and arcade once made Asbury Park a premier resort town in New Jersey since it had numerous amusements from rides, accommodation, a cinema, theatre. This once super popular tourist destination was known as a cultural destination right up until the 1960s and 70s when local competition including shopping malls was developed which left a lot of buildings including the casino left to decay or even demolished. It was also a place where Actor Danny Divito remembers spending a lot of time as a child enticed by the carousels, skate rings and bumper cars. The building was incredibly beautiful with the original plasterwork and polished terrazzo still visible today and it even looks like there are plans in the pipeline to restore the building to its former glory.

Business and experience leader at Madison Marquette was quoted saying “It certainly is a centrepiece of our development. The trick is getting it right, and timing it right.”

The company’s publicist released a statement saying Madison Marquette’s vision was to honour Asbury’s history while staying true to the heritage and creating an unforgettable waterfront experience. When discussing their development plans for the Casino, they mentioned that they are looking to combine dining, retail, edutainment and entertainment but with a twist. “The architectural details of the Casino lends itself to the spectacular, and “spectacular” is what we are looking to deliver."

We certainly can’t wait to see what happens to this incredible building in the not too distant future!

Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino, Kampot, Cambodia

Once a booming and prosperous casino built by French colonialists in the 1920s in Cambodia, this isolated Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino is now a ruin standing secluded and undesirable with hardly anyone visiting it anymore. In its prime, it was often booked out by only the wealthy and famed Europeans. The town was quickly abandoned in 1953 soon after Cambodia gained independence from France. This and the rise of the Khmer Rouge were probably the main reasons for the Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino’s demise.

Penthouse Adriatic Club Casino, Krk Island, Croatia

The year of 1972 not only saw Mark Spitz win 7 gold medals or the launch of digital watches and the first-ever scientific hand-held calculators but it was also the year, in fact, it was that summer when Penthouse magnate Bob Guccione decided to partner with Haludovo Palace Hotel on Krk Island and successfully launch the Penthouse Adriatic Club Casino. Although it was instantly a popular tourist destination, it was exactly a good investment since international relations in the region wasn’t stable meaning he was unable to get a good return on the investment of his new casino. The final straw was when Penthouse also started to feel the heat when Internet porn increased in popularity, so he had to let his $25million gambling sanctuary go.

Casino Constanta (Constanta, Romania)

Built-in 1890, this is probably one of the most highly noteworthy of all the abandoned casinos as this one dramatically looks over the Black Sea in Romania. With opulent furnishings and incredibly bold golden walls not to mention the exuberant architecture, the Casino Constanta was once a place where the extremely affluent tourists of the 20th century went for fun. The hotel became a place to nurse civilians and soldiers back to health during the second world war and never regained its former glory years due to years of communism. The building has been abandoned since 1990 but the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania have now listed it as a historic monument meaning the Casino Constanta and all its glory is available to see by anyone who finds the history and its beauty of interest.

Looking ahead to the future

Unfortunately, life events, natural disasters, war and bad political decisions can lead to devastating effects on both business, but also entertainment options and destinations. We’ve seen five of the world's most interesting abandoned casinos, and although there are many more out there to discover, new casinos popping up each year so it’s evident gambling isn’t going away!

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