7 Beautiful Destinations For Gambling Around the World

7 Beautiful Destinations For Gambling Around the World Element 01 - CasinoTopWhilst playing online slots from home is definitely comfortable and pretty convenient, it’s hard not to wish you could see some of the world’s most beautiful and flashy land-based casino destinations. There’s something special about absorbing yourself in the glitz and glamour of it all with flashing lights, the sound of slot levers pulling down and coins clinking and clanking as they rush out of the machines. Regardless of whether jumping on a plane and jet setting to a fancy destination is something you can do right now or not, we’ve decided to bring them to you so that when you can pack your bags and go, you have a few ideas of where you might like to start. Keep reading for our pick of the 7 most beautiful and gambling destination around the world.

Aruba - Caribbean

Aruba is one of the most incredible beach destinations around the world with some of the most gorgeous beaches we’ve seen. It’s not only the beaches that are a must-see here, but they also have a huge selection of casinos!

Whether you are going to Palm Beach or Oranjestad, you’ll definitely be looked after well! Funnily enough, Caribbean Stud Poker also originated in Aruba so if you haven’t played that one before, it’s definitely one to try while you are there!

Macau - China

Fun fact - Macau’s alias is “Monte Carlo of the Orient” in the world of gambling! This should give you a little hint of the region and interestingly it’s been legal to gamble in Macau since the 1850s and today the casinos found in the city are the main reason the majority of people visit Macau. 50% of Macau’s total revenue actually comes from gambling, and there are around 40 casinos available to you which are pretty much all open 24 hours a day. One example is Casino Lisboa, this luxury hotel-casino has 1,000 rooms as well as 6 restaurants. Not only that but it includes a number of fun and glitzy bars, go-karts for the young at heart and golf to keep everyone happy and making it an extremely fun holiday destination!

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Las Vegas - Nevada

Now, if you haven’t heard of any of the other casino destinations, we are sure you would have heard or seen Las Vegas!

This is the epitome of global casino destinations with some even saying that Vegas is really the centre of gambling! The fact is there are over 100 casinos on the famous Las Vegas Strip area alone! From Elvis impersonators to shotgun weddings, and countless movie destinations like The Hangover, it really is a popular destination for fun with your friends or a romantic trip with your loved one! The glitz of it all is extremely fun and mesmerizing and something we would recommend everyone do once in their life.

Monte Carlo - Monaco

Whilst Monaco may be one of Europe’s smallest countries, in fact, it’s the second smallest after the Vatican, it’s also known to be one of the most beautiful and desired gambling destinations in the world. Monte Carlo is particularly good for devoted gamblers since it is the most populous quartier.

Monte Carlo really is one of those cities that offers the high glamour and you can feel the extreme wealth all around you.

7 Beautiful Destinations For Gambling Around the World Element 02 - CasinoTopAtlantic City - New Jersey

Somewhere a little closer to home, is Atlantic City in the US which is definitely one of the most famous gambling casino cities globally. It might also interest you to learn that the original inspiration for the board game Monopoly was Atlantic City!

Perhaps it doesn’t offer the same glamour it once did, but it’s still an institution and has a number of hotels and casinos for players to choose from not to mention the famous Boardwalk that everyone should stroll down at least once!

San Juan - Puerto Rico

Another incredibly beautiful gambling destination is Puerto Rico! Not only does this city have beautiful and rich architecture but it also has glorious sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, dreamy sunsets, delicious food and yummy wine! All the makings of a fun and exotic holiday!
It’s actually quite common for people not to even realise how popular a gambling destination it is. You can actually decide between staying at hotels or casino resorts wherever you go on the island but San Juan is the most notable.

Reno - Nevada

Okay so Reno is probably not your first choice or the most obvious but it actually used to be more popular than Vegas once upon a time so we think it is definitely worth a mention and one to check out some time especially since it’s more affordable to visit than Las Vegas and not as many tourists. It’s a win-win if you’re less into crowded places!

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