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So you’ve decided to become a gambling extraordinaire? Whether you’re a regular at the good old online slots or you are testing the waters to see what iGaming is all about, the industry has quite a few terms and phrases that can confuse the best of us so we’ve put together a list of some of the most common online gambling expressions to help you through - wherever you are on your casino journey.

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Below you will find a list of some of the most elementary Gambling Terms and Phrases used in online gambling today. Read on so you can feel like a pro when you next jump on the slots.


The number of funds (loonies) left in your online casino account is to be used to place bets and play online casino games.

Beginner’s luck

Sometimes referred to as the honeymoon period is the supposed phenomenon of beginners winning more frequently than those who have been playing a while.

Bet max, max bet or maximum bet

The highest amount you are allowed to wager on a spin in online slots.

Bonus, casino bonus or online casino bonus

Online casino bonuses are incentives used by online casinos to incentivize players, most of the time it is in the form of money with the aim of helping to increase their chances of winning.


Another form of bonus where the player is given the chance to win back some of their loses. Usually in the form of real money which you can withdraw or bonus money which is only to be used to continue playing in the casino.

Classic slot or fruit machine

Interestingly, these were the first online slots to launch. They look like vintage land-based slot machines and include 3 reels. They can be called fruit slots because of the memorable fruity symbols like lemons, cherries, oranges and watermelons. Yum!


The amount you need to upload into your online casino account so that you can start playing.

Free Spins

Free Spins can mean one of two things. In online slots, they refer to the number of spins a player might get in the game without paying for them. They also used to be likened to a casino bonus that could be used on specific slots however these days it’s usually referred to as Casino Spins and Extra Spins.

High roller

Players that bet large sums of money. They are also known as the gambling whale or simply, the whale.

House edge

A term used to describe the profit made by the casino from a player’s bet or the chances of the gambling venue or provider winning over its players. This is usually worked out through a percentage return.


A large prize accumulated until it is won. It’s usually found in progressive jackpot slots.

Mobile slot

Online slots that have been optimized by casinos so that you can play them on your iPhone or Android mobile phone. Some casinos also offer their own mobile casino app.

Payline or winning line

This a combination of symbols or a line on a reel resulting in a win when playing slot machines.

Payout percentage, Return to Player (RTP)

RTP is a measure of the amount bet on a casino game that would be returned to the player over time. Usually measured in percentage.


A paytable provides all the information you need to know about each online slot including the value of the symbols, winning combinations and features such as how bonuses can be activated.

Progressive jackpot

The more you play, the higher the jackpot! A prize that accumulates the more players bet on the slot.

Progressive jackpot slot

As above, this is a slot machine that has a progressive jackpot built-in for you to try and win.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

This keeps the game fair by generating numbers and combinations at random every time you spin.


These are vertical positions on a grid (sometimes a column) that are spun once a wager has been placed so that winning combinations can be created at random.

Rollover, playthrough, wagering requirements

In order to withdraw any winnings, one must play through their bonus a certain number of times.

Scatter symbol

The best thing about scatter symbols is that they activate Free Spins! They are a symbol found at slots that have the ability to appear on any line - even if they aren’t winning paylines.

Video slot

Most online slots are considered video slots and there are thousands of them around. The main difference between classic slots and online slots is that video slots have better visuals, multiple paylines, five reels rather than three and varied bonus features.

Wild symbol, wild card, wild

Regardless of the way it’s written the wild symbol is considered a replacement symbol that creates random winning combinations.

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