An In-depth Slots Casino Guide

Slots are by far the most popular casino game available, this is due to its simplicity, as there are technically no choices that you’re able to make that will directly affect the outcome of the game. These games take up the majority of a casino gaming floor, and online casinos always have more slots than any other game. This means that you’re more than likely going to find a slot game that suits your style, as developers have been creating slot machines in almost every possible theme.

The History of Slots

Slot games have a rich history, with origins in Brooklyn, New York. The game was invented in 1891, but it wasn’t the slot machine that’s found in casinos today. Instead, it was a prototype that was based on the hands found in poker.

This enticed players, and soon it seemed as if it gained popularity overnight; however, it offered no cash payout, instead, those who won were able to claim something that was offered at the bar, such as beer, cigars, or other drinks, but what they got was based on the outcome.

Around the same period, between the late 1880s to the early 1890s, another machine was invented, and this one incorporated a three-reel setup that featured 5 symbols. However, the main difference between this machine and the one in Brooklyn, was that it featured a cash payout with a jackpot of 50 cents. This may sound like nothing but bear in mind that this was over a century ago. This machine was installed in a variety of barbershops, saloons, bowling alleys, and even brothels.

The First Slot Machine

The first completely electromechanical slot machine was invented in 1963 by Bally, and this was the machine that made the game so popular. It was the first of its kind and was able to pay out 500 coins without having to contact an attendant.

Slots have come a long way, and most of the games that are played online are exceptional, with stunning visuals and great soundtracks.
In this guide, we’ll be discussing online slots, along with the rules, different variations, strategies, and more.

Playing Slots Online

Playing slots online has become easy as there are thousands of online casinos scattered across the internet, with most of them offering hundreds of slot games. Slot games can be selected by developer, theme, the number of paylines, reels, and multipliers.

However, some slots are significantly better than others, so a quick search will provide you with some of the best games. It also helps to know what you’re looking for, instead of heading to a casino and randomly selecting a slot, playing it for free, and deciding that you don’t like it, while this approach does work, the time you find what you’re looking for, you may have gotten five years older.
The great thing about online slots is that they can be played anywhere, this is due to developers making them cross-compatible, which means that you can use a smartphone or a tablet to play while you’re on the move. The convenience that comes along with it makes it more attractive to casual players who are most likely looking for something to do while sitting around. Online slots can also be played for free, which means that you won’t need to register with an online platform, all you’ll need is a good internet connection and browser that supports Flash or HTML5.

Popularity of Online Slots

Playing slots online is currently the most popular way to play, especially since you’re able to do it anywhere. If you’re going to play for real money, ensure that the casino you’ve chosen has the necessary banking methods, and always read the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything.

Another important factor you’ll need to look out for is whether or not the casino is licensed with a legitimate authority such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or the UK Gambling Commission. There should also be a certificate of approval from a licensed third-party testing agency such as eCOGRA. This will assure you that the games you’re playing are completely fair and that they’re random. By following the aforementioned steps, you can be sure that you’ll have positive gaming experiences.

How to Get Started

If you’re looking to get started, the process is quite simple. There are plenty of online casinos available in Canada that’ll provide you with a vast selection of slot games that can be played instantly. These games use Flash Streaming technology as well as HTML5, that’ll replace the Flash technology by the end of 2021.

Before trying to access a game, ensure that the browser you’re using canopen the game, browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are great options as you’ll run into no issues with them.

What this means for you is that you’ll be able to access a slot of your choice from any mobile device or desktop computer, regardless of where you are in Canada.If you wish to play slots instantly,find a casino, we’ll recommend a few below, sign in, go to the games section, select the tab labeled as slot and find the game that you’ll want to play, it’s that easy. Slot games generally load without any prompts if you’re using the correct web browser.

We recommend the following casinos due to their great slot selections and bonuses.

  • Jackpot City – This casino features a 100% deposit match up to CA$1600
  • Spin Palace – This casino features a 100% deposit match up to CA$1000
  • Ruby Fortune – This casino features a 100% deposit match up to CA$750
  • Royal Vegas – This casino features a 100% deposit match up to CA$1200
  • PlayAmo – This casino features a 100% deposit match up to CA$1500
  • Betway Casino – This casino features a 100% deposit match up to CA$1500

The casino mentioned is great for beginners as they provide you with enough bonus credits to keep you playing for a long time.

Rules & How to Play

As with any casino games, with slots, there are rules in place along with a variety of mechanics to “spice” things up. Below you’ll find all the information that’s relevant to slot machines.

How to Start Playing

When getting started, you’ll need to choose a slot that appeals to you,you’ll then open the game, which can be on any device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. If you’re using a desktop, the game will have a border with a much larger background, but if you’re using a mobile device, then the screen will be filled with the reels of the slot you’ve selected along with operating buttons that allow you to spin and place the maximum bet. The bankroll is usually located at the bottom left corner of the screen, but this depends on the game you’re playing.

Before placing any bets, it’s important to check out the paytable of the game you’ve chosen. This will give you a clear indication of the value of each symbol, so you can be on the lookout for the high paying ones.

This is when it’s time to select the amount you’d want to bet, along with the number of paylines you’d want to use, it’s usually best to use all of the available paylines. If you want to use all of the paylines simultaneously, all you’d have to do is use the button labeled as ‘max bet’.

To spin the reels, click on the button labeled as ‘spin’, and if you found any success during the round it’ll show up on your screen with the amount you’ve won.Most games will present you with an additional offer to gamble, and this would give you the chance to win even bigger prizes.

That’s all there is to it, playing slots is easy and you’re able to play for as long as you’d like, as long as you keep track of your bankroll.


If you’re familiar with any gambling game, you’ve probably heard about wilds before. This can be associated with a wild card, which is a card that can be used as a substitute to complete a hand and win. And when it comes to playing slot games, it means the same thing.

Most games feature wild symbols to allow players to get a win by completing a winning line. This happens when you have everything you need except for the final piece of the puzzle, this is what makes the wilds symbol so useful, as it can stand in for any missing symbol. If a game features wild symbols, it will be a huge advantage for you, so be sure to look out for them while you’re playing.

There are two kinds of wilds symbols in slots, dynamic or static. If it’s dynamic, this means that it triggers a chain of other events such as a bonus round. And if it’s static, it just acts as a substitute for another symbol.


The scatter symbol is a unique feature that behaves differently compared to other symbols asit doesn’t have to emerge on the winning line for you to win. As a matter of fact, no matter where it shows up on the screen if it’s there, it likely means that you’ve won.

With the scatter symbol, you won’t just be winning coins. The purpose of scatter symbols isto transport you to a bonus round which means that you could capitalize on a huge multiplier, free spins, or even a progressive jackpot. The amount of free spins obtained depends on how many scatter symbols you’ve hit in the previous game.


Multipliers have been a popular feature in the majority of online slots. This feature presents you with the opportunity to multiply the total of your prize by two, three, four, and sometimes it can even go up to fifty.Multipliers are an exciting feature that pops up on the odd occasion, and the best thing about them is that they’re able to transform a small bet into a huge win.

Multipliers are usually found on bonus levels where they’re accompanied by free spins; however, in some titles, they’re present during the regular round. There are times where wild and scatter symbols behave as multipliers,this means that they’ll increase the total of your winnings by an even larger amount. Furthermore, it’s not just the pay line that’s affected by the multiplier, but it also has the potential to increase your entire bet for that round.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are offered in most high-end slot titles and they’re generally unlocked when you land on two or more scatter symbols. These rounds provide you with the chance to boost your winnings and it usually provides a change of scenery too.

These special rounds come in a variety of forms, they’re usually available as mini-games, free spins, and additional gambling options. The only downside to them is that they’re quite uncommon, and you could play up to 30 rounds without seeing it.

Variations of Slots

Like most casino games, slot games come in a variety of forms, and below we’ve listed the most common variations along with a short description.

3 Reel Slots

3 reel slots are an assortment of slots, also known as the traditional or classic slot, that features 3 reels and a single pay line. These slot games have fallen out of favor to the more popular 5 Reel Slot. Most online casinos don’t offer 3 reel slots, and most have been removed from land-based establishments.

5 Reel Slots

5 reel slots have become the industry standard and are often found in land-based casinos, these slot games feature 5 reels with 1 to many paylines that move in a variety of directions. To win, you don’t need to have identical symbols on all the reels, and this is what has made them so popular. These slot games also feature wild and scatter symbols, which adds to the overall excitement of the game.

Multiplier Slots

This online slot operates according to how many coins you’ve wagered. It features more than one pay line and the amount you manage to win depends on how much you’ve bet.

Bonus Multipliers

This type of slot game encourages players to place maximum bets at all times due to the potential amounts that can be won. When a winning combo is hit, this game will give you more than what you’ve initially expected.

Multiple Payline Slots

These slots feature a variety of paylines and the larger the bet, the more paylines are activated. This means that your chances of winning are higher.

Progressive Slots

Arguably the most popular slot available in the modern era, progressive slots or jackpots feature huge jackpots that could often exceed CA$1 million. All progressive jackpots are linked, and the jackpot grows with each bet that’s made.

Bonus Slots

Bonus slots provide players with more than what they’ve expected, with benefits ranging from mini-games, potential jackpots, extra money, or free spins. This slot is gaining more popularity as time goes on, and they’re perfect for those looking for something special.

Effective Slots Strategies

Most games have a variety of strategies that can be used to gain an advantage over the house. Unfortunately, with slot games, there’s very little that can be done; however, we’ve provided you with a list of tips that could easily be implemented to assure your safety and potentially increase your winnings.

Try to Bet on the Most Paylines

By increasing the number of paylines you’re wagering on, you’ll be increasing your odds of winning. It’s also best to keep the paylines at the maximum number and decrease the size of your bet if you’re on a tight budget.

Check Out the Rules Before You Get Started

Some slot games require a minimum betting amount to qualify for a jackpot or a bonus. Read the rules to avoid disappointment.

Use the Available Special Features

The majority of slot machines are equipped with additional features such as quick play and autoplay, make use of these to get the most out of the time you spend on the casino.

Our Final Thoughts

Slot games have become the cornerstone of online casinos and most feature a variety of bonuses, multipliers, and special rounds. The key to success with any slot is identifying its volatility and the RTP rate, by doing this, you’ll have some kind of idea as to how successful you could be. Overall, there are good and bad varieties, and you’ll need to decide for yourself which one you’d prefer.

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