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Bitcoin debuted as an official currency in 2011 and has since become the currency of choice for tech-savvy Australian gamers. These days, there are many other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Doge and others but Bitcoin was the original and first cryptocurrency in the world. As such, many online casino operators have recognized bitcoin as an official currency to trade with and have made sure to support Bitcoin transactions. There are even a few online casinos that cater exclusively to Bitcoin owners while others have added it to their available banking methods alongside traditional options like e-wallets, bank cards and wire transfers.

The Top Best Bitcoin Casinos in Australia

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Bitcoin Gambling Unpacked

Many people, especially those accustomed to traditional cash, have asked what Bitcoin is exactly, where it came from and are still baffled by the prospect of bitcoin casinos.

In simple terms, Bitcoin is a virtual decentralised currency. This means that bitcoin, as a currency, is composed of ones and zeroes and can never be seen. It also means that the transfer of Bitcoin does not belong to one party or take place at one central place but rather has the required transaction admin done across a network of different miners. As such, bitcoin offers Australian players unparalleled anonymity, security and tax freedoms.

Bitcoin was first met with suspicion as it exists completely outside of traditional banking channels. However, as the virtual currency has increased in value, so too have its users with an estimated 28,5 billion bitcoin wallet owners today.

Casino operators realised a few years ago that many of their players were making use of bitcoin and identified that there was a gap in the market. Casino operators began working on supporting bitcoin transactions to set themselves apart and attract more players from within the bitcoin group. Currently, there are many great online casinos in Australia that support Bitcoin payments but still, it is not all casinos. It is for this reason that we have shared a list of top-rated bitcoin casinos above.

Casino Games at Bitcoin Casinos

Many Australian players who own bitcoin and are considering using it to fund their gaming accounts are a bit sceptical. However, if this sounds like you then there is no need to worry. You will still have access to all of your favourite slot and table games titles and receive gaming credits that are proportionate to your deposit. The list of casinos that we have provided support bitcoin transactions in addition to other traditional banking methods.

On the other hand, there are bitcoin casinos that cater to the cryptocurrency gamblers in Australia exclusively. These bitcoin casino sites have gone so far to bring players what they are accustomed to that they have gone into partnership with the same software providers that service other casino sites.

Not only are the games very similar, but bitcoin online casino providers have also made sure their sites render seamlessly to mobile devices for Australian players. Regardless of whether you have an android, iOS or Windows-powered device, you will be able to access the bitcoin casino of your choice. As is the case at traditional online offerings, Bitcoin casinos make use of HTML5 technology. This means that there is no need to download any additional software or application to play games at a bitcoin casino. All that you are required to do is make your first deposit and you will be ready to play.

If you would prefer a dedicated mobile application, bitcoin casino operators have worked on developing user-friendly and comprehensive apps. Bitcoin casino operators have assured players that their online gambling experience will be identical and as premium as mobile experiences with other casinos.

The Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos

As one of the more recent, and still developing trends, of the online casino industry, Bitcoin is rising in popularity. Initially, trusted and world-renowned financial advisors were doubtful whether Bitcoin would ever be worth anything or take off. Bitcoin has since proved these naysayers wrong and has become so successful that there are bitcoin versions of many internet services these days. Online casinos are included and our team of experts have reviewed a few bitcoin casinos to ensure that our readers are signing up with the best operators.
In addition, Australian players who gamble at bitcoin casinos can expect to enjoy the following perks and benefits:

  • Instantaneous and Secure Banking Transactions
  • Bitcoin casino games usually have a lower house edge
  • Low transaction fees, if any are included.
  • Players can enjoy their favourite games and transact with complete anonymity
  • Secure exchanging of funds and tax freedoms
  • Bitcoin casinos will award players for making deposits into their gaming accounts. Before you sign up for a bitcoin casino, ensure that you are getting the best welcome bonus possible.

Registering a Bitcoin Casino Account

While setting up an account at a Bitcoin casino is by no means difficult, it is different from the process required to sign up for a traditional casino. With that in mind, we have shared the simple steps that you will need to take to get your bitcoin casino account up and running. Thankfully, the procedure is very similar to signing up for an e-wallet as you can see below:

Step 1

The first thing that you will need to do is set up a bitcoin wallet. This can be done on sites such as or any other site that is recommended to you and is trustworthy. There are currently many different types of bitcoin wallets and you can use either hardware, software or an online wallet such as the one we have suggested. We recommend that you conduct personal research on each option, consider your needs and make a decision based on what suits your ends best.

Step 2

Once you have successfully set up your wallet, it can now hold bitcoin value. There are many ways to acquire bitcoin such as being gifted value by friends or family, earning it for a service rendered or exchanging for it at a trusted exchange site. The good news is that bitcoin can also be used for many other things besides gambling For those who already have bitcoin and a bitcoin wallet, step one and two can be skipped and we can go into step three.

Step 3

Once you have a BTC wallet and bitcoin value assigned to it, all you need to do is find a bitcoin online casino or a traditional online casino that supports bitcoin transactions. Depositing is a very simple process and will require you to select the BTC option and transfer value from your bitcoin wallet balance to your online casino gaming account. The upside is that since there is no middle man and the blockchain is built to keep transactions private, your credits should reflect almost instantly.

Our expert team has also suggested that players who are new to Bitcoin conduct research on how to keep their BTC safe and secure.