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Roulette is known by many names but is considered to be the Queen of any casino, online sites included. This game has been around for hundreds of years and has been played in various regions of the world. It’s not hard to see why Australian players have shown a strong fondness for the classic table game which involves a small ball, a rotating wheel and lady luck herself. Each segment of the wheel has a number and the aim of the game is to correctly guess where the ball will land. Once Australian players have indicated their preferred bet or guess, the croupier will spin the wheel and drop the ball. The very definition of letting the good times roll.

Your success in Roulette is based entirely on whether or not you bet on an individual number or even a range of numbers, of the right colour, and whether the ball will land on an even or odd number. The name Roulette is a French moniker for the word “little wheel” while the excitement and earnings to be had from playing this game are anything but. The game has been around for so many years that it has become a symbol for the casino gambling industry and is one of the most popular and iconic casino table games in the world. Thus, it should come as no surprise that there are many Australian players who have fond memories of this game and continue to play it at least once during every gaming session.

While traditional roulette has been around for centuries, online roulette hasn’t even celebrated its first century. This newer and more technologically advanced medium could leave a few confident land-based roulette players at a bit of a loss. If this sounds familiar, then this one's for you. We’ve provided background on the game, some tips on how to play, explained the different variants and have delved into mobile online roulette to provide you with nitty gritty to ease your transition into online roulette gaming.

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While the game might sound simple, there is more to Roulette than what meets the eye. Many Australian players hold it in high esteem for being the ultimate game of chance. There are a large number of variables and aspects that you can opt to place a wager on despite being at the complete mercy of scientific principles and natural forces such as trajectory, gravity, force and even speed, which is one of the greatest appeals. In less than a minute, players can win big or lose their entire wager, making it a perfect option for those who prefer instant gratification. In many ways, it can be considered the biggest adrenaline rush at Australia’s top casino sites and at offerings in other regions of the world.

The History of Roulette

Roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal in 1655. Pascal was a French physicist, inventor and mathematician who was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine or an independent continuously spinning wheel, if you will. Most people with scientific knowledge are well aware that this is not possible but Pascal was determined and curious to try it anyway. Unfortunately, but as can be expected, he did not succeed at building the machine but instead ended up inventing something which has inked his name in history books: Roulette.

According to several history books and literary references, roulette had grown popular in Paris and was mentioned in records of the year 1796. The first version of the roulette wheel included both a double zero and zero segment which resulted in players losing more often than not. As such, two Frenchmen created the first single zero wheel in 1843 which was used to attract more business for casinos by offering a lower house edge.

Roulette was later adapted by the US, brought over by French immigrants who were keen to experience the new world. Soon after the wheel hit American shores it became very popular in Louisiana. The first versions of American roulette included 28 numbers, two zeros and an eagle symbol. What some might have viewed as a patriotic symbol was setting them back quite a bit as it increased the house edge by a whopping 12,9%. Once players figured this out, the symbol was done away with. However, casinos in the US were adamant to have an extra edge and instead opted to add two zeros instead of the single zero that is seen in the European variant. The extra zero is responsible for giving the casino a higher house edge and is the main reason that many players would prefer to play European Roulette instead.

The Different Variants of Online Roulette

Now that you’ve got a bit of the background of where the variants originated and why, we will share a few more of the details of these slight differences that you will see online.

French Roulette 

When we talk about French Roulette, we are making reference to the version of the game that was created back in 1843. This version, compared to all others, is always preferred because it favours Australian players more. There is only one green zero slot on the wheel and if the ball lands on it, players who placed 50/50 bets, such as black or red and even or odd, do not lose their wagers. Depending on the rules in use, the wager is subject to La Partage which means that the bettor will receive 50% of the chips wagered on 50/50 outcomes back. Alternatively, the operator could play with the En Prison rule. In this case, the bet you placed will be locked into place for yet another spin. If the odds are in your favour you could win in the next round but if not, there’s always another day. 

It is important to note that French roulette is not as readily available as other variants. This is because French roulette favours the player more than the casino, resulting in operators incurring significant losses over time.

European Roulette

European Roulette is only slightly different compared to the Original French version but has become the most played version of roulette in land-based and online casinos alike. This is due to the house edge on this variant being reasonable enough for both operators and players. In this game you will see 36 numbers, split into groups of 12 with a single green zero in place. While you might think this means that you have 35/1 odds of winning, this is actually 36/1 because of the zero segment. This extra number is what gives the casino an extra edge. Some players have even placed wagers on the zero segment itself hoping to bring the odds back to 35/1 but if the zero does come in, all other bets will be lost.

American Roulette

Americans are known all over the world as a nation that strives to do things bigger and even better. Well, when it comes to the American roulette wheel, bigger is true but not necessarily better. American roulette has added a second green zero section in addition to a double zero. 

From the American casino perspective this is great but the odds for Australian players who choose American roulette are always worse. In this case you will still get 36 numbers to choose from but the two zero segments do get in the way. This makes your odds of hitting your bet 37/1, which is a large disadvantage. In addition, the number layout on the American wheel is not the same as the European variants.

In addition to these three basic variants, Australian players can expect to see many unique and revolutionary online variants of the classic game which include multi-wheel, Double-ball, Mini Roulette and even video roulette. These variants are exclusive online offers that have attracted many players over the last few years.

Online American Roulette, European or French?

CasinoTop has provided you with the basics of each variant as well as how each game affects your odds of winning. We’ve pointed out how odds are specific to a particular game. A rule of thumb is to play the online games or variants that have lower house edges as this increases your chance of walking away a winner. However, keep in mind that even American roulette offers better odds in comparison to other casino games.

Here are some of the odds for specific bets to get you started:

Inside bets, which are defined as single number bets, offer a payout ratio of around 2:1
If you choose a 50/50 bet, which is either odd or even, red or black or high or low, you have a winning ratio of 1:2 or an RTP of 48,6%

Playing Real Money Online Roulette in Australia

As one of the most exciting games at online casinos, it only makes sense that Aussies will want to have real money stakes. Playing for real money will entail having an online casino account which you will fund with your Australian dollars to receive gaming credits. Once the credits have been loaded, players can begin playing online roulette or any other game of their choosing. One of the benefits of playing online roulette and other games is that you will be privy to exclusive online bonuses when you make your first deposit. This special deal is known as the welcome bonuses and has led to many new players getting luck with online games like Roulette.

Online Roulette On-the-Go

For all those aussies who live life on the move, online operators have created something unique and convenient just for you. Mobile real money roulette is one of the most popular online casino games played in Australia and it’s not impossible to see why. In addition, players are welcome to choose from hundreds of great online casino sites, with the very best of them recommended above, that have tailored their games to suit mobile devices and players perfectly. The best of these sites will also make it possible for you to play in your native currency, taking all the stress and math out of the equation.

Certain online casino operators have taken the mobile experience a step further and have spent thousands of dollars on developing comprehensive and beautiful apps while others have sourced the best gaming titles from reputable providers who specialize in mobile technology. These games can then be enjoyed directly from your mobile device’s browser with no need for any downloads to take place.

Online Roulette Tips and Guidance

Online roulette is one of the few purely luck-based games for Australian players to enjoy. This makes it a great option for beginners as practice doesn’t increase your odds. Some players have suggested that the outcome of the game can be calculated or estimated based on previous rounds but this is simply not the case. Since the game is so random and has attracted many new players because of this, here are a few tips to make you feel more comfortable at virtual and real-life roulette tables.

Manage Your Bankroll

And by managing your bankroll we mean set a budget. Online roulette is loads of fun and it can be easy to spin the wheel over and over with the excitement never diminishing but don’t exceed your budget. If you lose and you’re at the end of your budget simply take a break and try again next time. Losses cannot be chased.

Set a Limit

Besides setting a monetary budget, set a time limit. This is especially helpful if you favour low-stake games. The urge to keep spinning the wheel might be strong but your willpower to stick to your time limit should be stronger. Without this, you could spend hours that you never intended to play this game.

Go European

If and when possible, always choose the European variant of roulette. This is because the odds for this variant are far more favourable. If French roulette is an option we would suggest that you choose this game. However, French roulette is hard to find because operators are at a disadvantage.

Study the Rules

Before you begin your online roulette gaming session, ensure that you know the rules of the variant you’re intending to play. Different variations come with slight changes to the basic rules and ignorance relating to this could lead to losses. It’s fortunate that the rules of the game are very simple and easy to understand so it does not require many hours of study.

Play a Trial Round

The vast majority of online Australian casinos these days have included free to play games. While it might not be as exciting, it’s certainly worth a try. Playing for free gives you the freedom to learn the ins and outs of the game without any serious consequences. Once you’ve got the hang of it and you feel comfortable enough to wager your cash, you’re more than welcome to migrate to the real money version of the game.

How to Make the Best of the Online Roulette Experience - CasinoTop

How to Make the Best of the Online Roulette Experience

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned player, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to have the best possible online roulette gaming experience. The first thing to remember is that just because you’re playing at Australian online casinos doesn’t mean that the game is governed by French or European rules.

We recommend that you always do some digging to check which variant of the game you’re playing and which rules are being followed. Following this advice will allow you to ascertain which roulette strategy you would like to try and how much you’d like to bet on each spin.
On the topic of strategies, keep in mind that each variant offers slightly different odds from each other and their real-life counterparts. However, rest assured that the outcome of the game is 100% random and is determined by RNG technology. If you can afford to, the best way to ensure even a small success is to bet on many numbers if you favour inside bets with online roulette.

Playing on the outside brings more favourable odds of 50/50 regardless of where you bet on red or black, even or odd etc.

Online Roulette Jargon for Aussies

Since we have pretty much covered the basics, we can now move on to the smaller details and nuances of the game. There are a few terms and concepts that will be used when playing online roulette. We suggest that you either learn these or read through them below to ensure that you have a better understanding of what bets you are making and what is required of you.


While other table and card games will have dealers, live online Roulette will have a trained and professional croupier. The croupier is responsible for taking bets, spinning the wheel and dropping the ball.

Black Bet

As its name suggests, a black bet is what we call a wager that is placed on whether or not the outcome of the spin will result in any black number

Corner Bet

If you’ve had a look at the roulette table, you might have seen that there are four numbers in each corner. A corner bet is any bet that is placed on one of the four numbers.

Column Bet

Again, this bet has been named based on the layout of the roulette table. The numbers are arranged in such a way that there are three columns to bet on and includes the entire range of numbers within that line.

Double Zero

This term is exclusive to American roulette and refers to the double Zero slot that has been added to the wheel.

Five Number

Another term which is exclusive to American roulette, five number bets refer to a wager that is placed on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

Dozen Bet

This refers to a bet that is placed on the outcome occurring within a group of 12 digits or numbers

Inside Bet

This is a bet that is placed on the innermost section of the roulette board or table

Outside Bet

An outside bet is the opposite of an inside bet and refers to a bet that is placed on any outcome situated in the outer portion of the table.


This term is solely used in French roulette and makes reference to a bet that is placed on 5 individual numbers

Split Bet

A split bet refers to a wager that is placed on two numbers that are adjacent to each other on the roulette wheel. The croupier will typically place your chip on the line between the two numbers to indicate this.

Tiers du Cylindre

As you probably guessed, this is a French roulette term that means a player has placed a bet on the 12 numbers that are opposite zero on the wheel

Voisins du Zéro

This is another French roulette term that is used when a player places a bet on the half of the wheel that the zero is in. This includes 0, the seven numbers to the right of it and nine numbers to its left.


The CasinoTop team receives questions for Australian players every day regarding different aspects of online casino gaming. Naturally, there are a handful of questions that are asked more often than others. The team has compiled a list of these questions, and their answers, to help you begin your online gaming experience.

From an odds perspective, French Roulette’s rules make this variant the most favourable for players. However, it is not easily found online or in real-life anymore. The second best option is European roulette. The wheel is structured in the same way as French but has slight rule differences. This variant doesn’t improve your chances of winning but has better odds. The least sought-after variant for Australian players is American Roulette due to decreased odds and the extra double zero slot on the wheel.

There are three variants of online roulette that are based on real-life games. However, the virtual world has allowed gaming developers more flexibility to create multi-ball, multi-wheel and even video roulette games.

Despite all the strategies that are in use today, there is no guaranteed way to win online roulette. This is because roulette has always been a game of chance. However, strategies could be fun to use and “debunk” in a way. In other cases, you could try to use a strategy to win but remember that is a game of pure chance after all.

Yes, many online casino sites in Australia have adapted their offerings to include free to play titles. You might be required to sign up first but will still be able to play even if you have not made your first deposit as yet.

Yes, online roulette is free if it is played at a reputable online casino site like the ones we recommend above. Casino operators who receive licensing and certificates have employed random number generators, which are used in online slots, to ensure random and fair results every time.