Will Australians be Allowed to Play the 2021 WSOP Tournament in Las Vegas?

By Matilda Karen

The World Series of Poker is the most prestigious poker tournament in the world as it provides the best poker players with a platform to showcase their skills. The tournament has made a triumphant return in Las Vegas following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this is the first time in over 50 years where the WSOP tournament hasn’t been broadcasted live in Las Vegas.

2020 saw the WSOP being broadcasted online without a live audience which had taken place on several online poker websites and had concluded in final tables. The said tables were played in the United States and the Czech Republic, with the final round played in Las Vegas at the start of January 2021. The year itself was highly unorthodox; however, the traditional WSOP tournaments didn’t happen in Las Vegas simply because it wasn’t possible as most of the world had been placed under extreme lockdown due to the pandemic.

The good news is that the WSOP tournament is set to return this year as the executives had announced that the tournament will be taking place in Las Vegas later this year, which is different from the summer tournament that usually takes place in Nevada. The WSOP tournament is set to take place from 30 September to 23 November 2021, with 88 live tournaments and gold bracelets up for grabs.

There will be plenty of highlighted events from Event 4 aka The Reunion with its $5 million guarantees to Event 70 aka Crazy Eights with an $888,888 grand prize. The WSOP main event will take place between 4-17 November with four starting days.

More Information

Furthermore, there will also be an international WSOP Online series that will be available via Natural8 and its GGPoker website. This online tournament will take place from 1 August 2021 to 12 September 2021; however, the official schedule for all 33 events is yet to be released.

There will also be a WSOP European tournament that will be taking place at King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. There will be 15 gold bracelets up for grabs, along with a WSOP Main Event that has a grand prize of €10,000 grand prize. All of this will take place from 19 November to 8 December.

There are plenty of options for players around the world to participate in a tournament during 2021. However, the goal is for poker players to partake in the Las Vegas WSOP tournament, so, the question is, will Australian players be able to make it to Nevada this year? – Probably.

Contingency Plans

Due to how fickle everything is at the moment, there’s no guarantee that there won’t be another spike in COVID-19 cases in the US. If there is another surge, this will force the state of Nevada to change how it will present the tournament. Assuming that everything remains the same, the state has to be prepared for a surge in cases or even a new variant of the virus.

The organizers of the event are optimistic that there’ll be no dramatic changes in their plans; however, there are contingency plans in effect to attempt to counter whatever happens before or during the tournament. At the moment, everything seems to be in order and plans are progressing as normal.

Traveling from Australia to America

From the start of July 2021, Australia is allowing some of its citizens to fly to particular countries. However, the catch is that citizens will need to be aged 50 or younger and they will need to be able to prove that they’re traveling for business, for compelling reasons, or that it’s due to a dire situation. This will allow them to be vaccinated and leave the country. WSOP players will be able to have an easier time verifying that traveling is for work and will likely be allowed to travel.
Traveling to the US might not be much of an issue as the US Embassy website for Australian citizens has stated that the only requirement to enter the country is a negative COVID-19 test that had been taken three days before the flight. If the person has had COVID, they will need to provide a medical certificate stating that they’ve recovered at least 90 days before the travel date.

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