WSOP Europe 2021 Dated for November in Czech Republic

By Matilda Karen

It seems like WSOP's limit has been reached due to the global pandemic. Due to the spread and its unpredictability, all live events that were set to be hosted by WSOP had to be cancelled last year. The WSOP officials, on the other hand, have agreed to play both live and online poker this year. The European WSOP is the nearest live alternative for golden bracelets for Australians in 2021.

Online Poker

The WSOP revealed a mix schedule for online and live poker on April 1st of this year. Due to the fact that many people remain unable – or unwilling – to leave their homes and native nations, events will be held online for international and US players.

The first portion of the WSOP online was geared for players from the United States. For players in New Jersey andNevada, it began on July 1st. The 33-tournament series came to a finish on August 1st. In mid-August, the latest WSOP location in Pennsylvania will host an extra eight golden bracelet tournaments.

GGPoker and their sibling website Natural8 are once again hosting action for players residing outside the United States. The 33 tournaments began on August 1 and will end on September 12. Players from Australia will not be permitted to play;however, they are permitted to go to other adjacent countries and join online from those locations.

Rozvadov or Las Vegas

Australians will get access to a variety of live WSOP tournaments this year, barring a pandemic.

The WSOP held its Las Vegas event considerably later than normal in an attempt to avoid any Covid-19 outbreaks in the summer. The series will run from September 30 through November 23, with a total of 88 tournaments. The expectation is that large numbers of WSOP players will show up for the famous series.

When returning from the United States to Australia, travellers will be required to subject themselves to a 14-day quarantine period in order to ensure that they do not bring the Covid-19 virus back to Australia and expose other people to it.

A European WSOP tournament will be available as an option if that journey sounds too far or unsafe.

It will be held, like in previous years – with the exception of 2020 –in the Czech Republic’sRozvadov, at King's Casino. It is close to the border of Germany and is central to numerous cities, being a mere one and a half hours from Prague and two hours away from Munich. People can either use the King's transportation service or get a rental vehicle at the closest airport.

The 2021 European WSOP tournament will take place from November 14 to December 8. And, unlike the majority of previous WSOP series, all 15 golden bracelet events will have prize pools. These guarantees will total more than €11 million.

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WSOP Schedule

The schedule for the golden bracelet events was just released by King's Casino, which did so before the WSOP official press release.

  • 19-22 November – €350 (€300K GTD)
  • 20-23 November – €550 (€200K GTD)
  • 21-25 November – €1,350 (€600K GTD)
  • 24-25 November – €2K (€200K GTD)
  • 24-30 November – €550 (€1M GTD)
  • 25 November – €1K buy- (€150K GTD)
  • 26-27 November – €1,650
  • 26-27 November – €2,500 (€200K GTD)
  • 27-28 November – €5K (€150K GTD)
  • 29 November – €1,100 (€200K GTD)
  • 29-30 November – €25K

Earlier Events

For poker players in search of even more action and some extra time to spend in Europe, the first international live WSOP series ever since the Covid-19 pandemic will take place at King's Casino this month. The tournament will take place from the 12th to the 14th of August, with a total prize pool of over €3.5 million. WSOPC golden rings will be awarded at each tournament.

This is a quick summary of the schedule:

  • 12-16 August: €200 (€300K GTD);
  • 17-18 August: €440 (€50K GTD);
  • 18-23 August: €330 (€400K GTD);
  • 24 August: €250 (€20K GTD);
  • 25 August: €250 (€10K GTD);
  • 25-30 August – €250 (€500K GTD)
  • 29-30 August – €660 (€100K GTD)
  • 30 August – €550 (€50K GTD)
  • 31 August-1 September – €550 (€50K GTD)
  • 1-2 September – €440 (€50K GTD)
  • 2-6 September – €550 (€500K GTD)
  • 5 September – €440 (€10K GTD)
  • 6-7 September – €440 (€50K GTD)
  • 7 September – €1,100 (€50K GTD)
  • 7-8 September – €2K (€200K GTD)
  • 8-9 September – €3K (€300K GTD)
  • 10-14 September – €1,700 (€1M GTD)

From when the WSOP ends and the and the European WSOP starts, King's Resort will hold offerdays of German Poker, which will feature a Main Event featuring €300K GTD and many side events from September 16 to 19.

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