Reza Shojaei

Reza Shojaei

Reza Shojei is a Norwegian businessman who heads a privately-owned company called Value Marketing, based in Malta and with an office in Oslo. He started off in publishing back in 2007 and is still involved in various magazine publications today. His business experience is vast and wide having also headed up a company specializing in the areas of field marketing, promotions and face to face sales. In late 2017, Value Marketing changed direction and went from providing marketing services to the field of online casinos. Reza created an affiliate company called CasinoTop and together with his team, he is passionate about working to find serious and safe online casinos so that Canadian gamblers can feel secure and well informed. Reza has a team of experienced and serious writers and prides himself on being the leader in online casino news and information.

The Ultimate List of the Top 10 Largest Casinos in the World!

May 13, 2020

Get ready to discover ten of the largest gambling casinos in the world. Since we are about to delve into talking about the actual size of these establishments, we must mention that some of these gambling spots could easily pass as royal palaces! Our experts have rolled out the measuring...