Bao Casino Produces Two Big Winners in One Month

Bao Casino is currently one of the hottest and most in-demand online casino destinations for Canadian players, as well as players from many other countries around the world. Bao Casino is one of the newest options for Canadians, having only launched earlier this year (2019).

However, despite its relative newness, the casino brand has already managed to attract a significant following, thanks to its absolutely massive range of games (1400 and counting) curated from dozens of top software providers. We recently reviewed this exciting new casino, highlighting plenty of its features and offerings, and we highly recommend reading it.

If you’re new to how online casinos operate, announcing significant winners is a huge part of any casino operator’s PR campaign. This makes complete sense, since players will tend to gravitate towards online casinos that produce winners. The more winners an online casino is able to produce, the more people will want to play there, in hopes of being counted amongst those winners at some point.

Not One, But Two Winners at Once!

Of course, announcing winners is nothing new for any online casino, in fact, they do it every day. But how often does an online casino announce two big winners in one go? We can tell you, not all that often. Well, trust Bao Casino to be the ones that announce two winners in one go, as it fits right in to their quest to be different from just about every other casino site out there.

Actually, we can’t exactly say we were all that surprised either, given that this casino feature well over a thousand different slots and casino games. Finding two big winners in a row, right in the same period of time probably isn’t that much of a stretch for Bao Casino. By our own account, wins at Bao casino happen frequently and, with their fast payout options, winners like the two we’ll be looking at in a minute, get to enjoy their hauls quite quickly.

Lightning Sometimes Does Strike Twice

Interestingly, when Bao Casino announced their two big winners, they were from very different areas geographically. One often finds that with certain casinos, winners tend to come from the same location more or less, or at least the same continent. However, in this case they weren’t even in the same hemisphere.

Our first lucky big winner hails from Russia and happens to be a huge fan of NetEnt’s Roman Empire-themed slot Victorious. This slot is ideal for history buffs or those that simply love a good, solid, action-packed adventure slot. The game is chock-full of great Roman Empire related iconography and imagery. We’re talking about golden wreaths, impressive golden eagle standards, fierce Roman legionaries, and even the emperor himself (Julius Caesar maybe?).

Our lucky Russian managed to aggregate an impressive CA$23,364.90 in wins, with a highlight round that saw him land CA$15,120.00, which really helped to push his total win up significantly.

When asked about his win and his overall experience of Bao Casino, he had this to say: “I was lucky and won a lot at Bao. Support was fast and friendly with fast verification and answers. The casino also increased my withdrawal limits so I could get my winnings faster.”

Our second lucky Bao Casino winner hails from Malaysia in the Southern Hemisphere. This player, who also prefers anonymity, enjoys playing Reactoonz, one of the most popular animated slots from Play ‘n Go, which is a big hit in Canada too. Our plucky Malaysian managed to net an incredible €12846.02 (he chose to play in EUR), which works out to about $18,615.55 CAD. A highlight round for this player saw them net a nice $11,822.73, thanks to a few choice bonus rounds to boost the winning total.

With so many incredible slots to choose from at Bao Casino, including the ones that these lucky players won on, we’d venture to say that this casino may be the ideal jumping off point if you are looking to emulate these players luck and overall chutzpah. Who knows, maybe we’ll be writing about you one of these days.

Audrey Molly Photo Audrey Molly

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