BCLC Report: Online Gaming Potential

The Canadian gambling industry has performed extremely well for the last few years. Certain regions have been known to do better than others with British Columbia being one of the biggest contributors to the country’s overall industry revenue each year. According to a report filed by the BCLC, the industry has consistently noticed the increased popularity of online gaming in the last three years.

Land-Based Location Revenue Results

The brick-and-mortar locations in British Columbia have enjoyed success and popularity for many years. However, the revenue generated from the casinos in the area has been taking a slow and steady dip since players have opted to take their experience online.

According to the report, the revenue generated by land-based establishments can be divided into two segmental ranges. Table game and slot revenue. Table games generated 2,3% less revenue, totaling CA$417 million for the year while slot revenue was down by 8,1% contributing CA$1.83 billion when the report was concluded.

Online Gambling Results

While traditional gambling locations were experiencing a decline that began before the onset of the global crisis in 2020, online gambling revenue experienced an impressive 19,5% increase. The BCLC’s Playnow online site managed to generate CA$179 million for the same12 months. The majority of this revenue was accrued before the global crisis struck, showcasing the independent growth and potential of the sector in the country.

The success of the site has been attributed to the revamp of the sports betting platform that saw improvements made to deposit capacity, live dealer solutions, appearance, and the registration process in place.

British Columbia Relies on the Online Gaming Industry

The online vs. traditional war that is being waged in Canada’s online industry is not all bad. What was expected to be a crisis of devastating proportions this year when land-based locations were closed down to protect the safety of guests and employees, has been largely avoided. Land-based performance did experience a sharp decline due to circumstances that led to a 2,2% decrease in revenue, the online sector grew to great new heights leading to an impressive net revenue of CA$2.53 billion for the BCLC.

The success experienced has been closely linked to the improvement of online services for the Playnow site. Considering that the shift from land-based experiences to virtual ones was already in play before the global crisis, the site was started as a means to ensure that Canadian players have a legal, legitimate, and trusted choice. The sector is expected to continue its current growth trajectory.

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