Best Strategies and How to Play Atlantic City Blackjack Online

As the name suggests, this variant of Blackjack started at casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. While there are quite a few variants of blackjack available at online casinos in Canada, this one is not as strict as the others. The game is somewhat unique and we will provide all the details on how to play it as well as what it offers. It is best suited for players that want to start playing blackjack, given the more laid-back approach.

Our team of experts have put together a great guide to help you excel when playing Atlantic City Blackjack from the comfort of your home or wherever you find yourself if you want to enjoy the game on a mobile device.

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Atlantic City Blackjack: How To Play

Even though the rules and characteristics of the game are somewhat unique, it is still based on the classic version of blackjack. You must familiarize yourself with what the game is in its most basic form before jumping into any of the other variants. Once you have done that, we have put together a step by step guide to help you through Atlantic City Blackjack.

Step 1

Making Your Wager

All blackjack games have the same objective, to get the closest number to 21 while also not exceeding 21. The first step is simple, when you open up and arrive at the Atlantic City Blackjack table you will need to place your bets and then press the deal button. Once completed you will be offered to make an insurance bet if the dealer has an Ace or 10 facing upward.

Making Your Wager
Step 2

Make A Decision

Now you will decide on your next course of action. Whether to double the bet and receive another card, but not being able to accept an additional card later on. Spilt the hand you have so that you end up with multiple hands. You could also stand and continue the game with the hand that you were dealt with. Finally, you could choose to hit and accept additional cards to build your hand.

Blackjack Hit
Blackjack Hit
Step 3

Finalize Your Han

You have now gone through the decisions needed to get the hand that you want. It is time to allow the dealer to play their hand to find out if you have won the round. All hands need to stand on 17 and your hand needs to be 21 or under.

Step 4

The Dealer’s Turn

Once you have finalized your hand, the dealer gets a turn to flip the overturned card and build their hand. The round will be complete if the dealer has lost to your hand, won against your hand or gone bust. Afterwhich winnings or deductions from your bankroll will be done.

Atlantic City Blackjack’s Special Rules

You have a basic idea of how the game works when you sit at the virtual table. However, you still need to know the details about what makes Atlantic City Blackjack has to offer. Here are some of the specific rules and special characteristics to help you along your gaming journey and there are similarities to other variants as well.

  • Insurance bets will still be available as with all other variants. Not all the rules have been thrown out of course.
  • An ace in the dealer's hand will be counted as 11 to make up soft 17 and all hands worth 17 the dealer will stand.
  • The majority of Atlantic City Blackjack variants are dealt from 8 decks.
  • Players only receive one additional card for an ace and there is only one opportunity for players to split an ace.
  • You can decide to double your bet during any hand, even after splitting.
  • A card with the value of 10 or an ace after the dealer has looked to see if they have blackjack signifies that a later surrender is available.
  • If you receive two cards with the same value then you will be able to split your hand a maximum of three times.

Get Your Free Reference Charts for Atlantic City Blackjack

If you are familiar with the standard version of Blackjack, then the strategies used can also be applied to the Atlantic City version. The minor details that are included are what makes Atlantic City Blackjack different from other variants and also changes the statistical changes in the strategies used. Though, the outcomes do not change vastly.

Once you have played a few games and also practised the free games available at online casinos, then it will seem less complicated. It might even become second nature to you if it’s a game you come to love playing. For experienced blackjack players, Atlantic City is less challenging but still fun to play and try out. Below we have included some guides to help you with some of the general rules of blackjack.

Splitting Pairs

Splitting Pairs

Learn about the opportune moments to keep your hand or split pairs to two hands for maximum benefit during gameplay.

Soft Totals

Soft Totals

Learn to use the Ace card to its maximum potential and flexibility.

Hard Totals

Hard Totals

Find out about the best moves you can make when you are sitting with a stiff hand.

Late Surrender

Late Surrender

Learn to use the surrender option at the right time to make it worth your while.

Comparison of Atlantic City Blackjack and Other Versions

In all honesty, when you look at how the games differ from each other, there isn’t much that sets them apart when it comes to the rules. Atlantic City Blackjack however has become extremely popular and many online casinos make versions of this game with options from many different software providers as well. Atlantic City Blackjack is even available as a live casino game to get you back in touch with the time you spent at the table at your local casinos. On the other hand, it could prepare you when you do play it live at a land-based casino. Below we have the comparison listed by game variant.

Blackjack Variants Player Win (payout) Player Blackjack (payout) Live Dealer Mobile RTP
European 1/1 3/2 Yes Yes 99.6%
Surrender 1/1 3/2 No Yes 99.65%
Switch 1/1 1/1 No Yes 99.87%
Atlantic City 1/1 3/2 Yes Yes 99.6%
Perfect 1/1 3/2 No Yes 99.58%

What Sets Atlantic City Blackjack Apart?

If you have become accustomed to traditional blackjack then you will find that Atlantic City Blackjack will favour you if you have a grasp on the basics and a bit of strategy. However, the ability to force the dealer to stand even when they have a soft 17 and the option to surrender gives Atlantic City Blackjack its unique flare.

With the surrender option, you may lose some of your money, but at least it's not all of it as you receive a partial refund if you believe that the dealer is about to win the hand. This makes it more enjoyable and players turn the game into something more fast-paced. Once they surrender they are able to move on to the next hand to keep the fun going.

Other Variants of Blackjack to Enjoy

Whenever you visit an online casino, there are plenty of blackjack options to choose from. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular variants available at online casinos in Canada. It's completely up to you to make the choice and what suits you best.

Blackjack Switch

Before the game starts you will have the opportunity to switch cards between hands with the possibility of building a better hand.

Perfect Blackjack

This variant comes with many side bet options as well as the potential for high payouts and allows you to take advantage of wagers across several hands.

European Blackjack

In this version of the game, the dealer won’t be able to check their hole card to build a better hand. However, this variant is said to come with higher risk but also better and higher rewards.

Blackjack Surrender

In this game, if you feel as though you might lose to the dealer, you are able to place a surrender bet that gives you back 50% of your wager and lets you move on to the next hand.

Atlantic City Blackjack From Different Software Providers

Even though Atlantic City Blackjack is a variant on its own, there are also versions of the game that differ when looking at the different providers at an online casino. Here are some of the most popular versions of the game that we have found and for you to check out.

Microgaming Logo

This version is set with an RTP of 99,64, which is better than some slot games which shows that there is more of a chance to win when you have a strategy on your side and allows you to 2 splits per hand and uses 8 decks to cover the game.

Cryptologic Logo

Here we have a version that allows 1 split per hand and brings players an RTP of 99.5%. This still goes to show that blackjack is won by players more often than any other game at an online casino and makes use of 8 decks as well.

WGS Technology

Another version of the game that allows players 2 splits per hand and has the highest RTP of 99.67%. The game uses 6 decks so it increases the chances of players building a winning hand with fewer possibilities in the deck.

Atlantic City Blackjack on Mobile

Basketball Mobile Betting and AppsWhen you are moving you still want to keep yourself entertained when you have a chance. Software providers are aware of the fact that many more players are choosing to play on the go using their smartphone or tablet. So, what software providers and online casinos have done is make the games fully optimized to function without any issues on a mobile device.

There are many versions of Atlantic City Blackjack out there and as a player in Canada, you will have access to a massive selection. So, wherever you are and want to try and win a little or even practice, you can do so on a fully-mobile version of Atlantic City Blackjack.

The games and their variants should be available through the online casino’s app, if they have one, or directly through the mobile webs browser on your chosen mobile device. The graphics and functionality are nothing short of amazing in their scaled-down forms. In most cases, when playing on the app, the free versions might even work when you are not connected to the internet, so you can keep practising.

Tips for Playing Atlantic City Blackjack

Whichever blackjack strategy you are used to, it's safe to say that you would still be able to use it while playing Atlantic City Blackjack. While playing you will identify what needs to be adjusted in your strategy and you shouldn’t have trouble adapting. The basic rules are all the same and you should get the hang of it in no time. Here are a few things to remember when you play Atlantic City Blackjack:

All 17s Must Be Hit By The Dealer

All 17s Must Be Hit By The Dealer

The dealer has to stop and stand when they reach 17. It could affect your hand when you are holding 17 or 18, but remember to keep pushing for as close to 21 as possible.

Watch Out When You’re Splitting Aces

When you split Aces, you will receive only one card for each of your hands, of which there are two. If you draw cards that are too low, then splitting the Aces could have been the wrong move for you. This has a lot riding on luck and less on strategy.

Insurance Bets are Not Recommended

Even though it is an option while you are playing, it doesn't make it a good decision. Across the different variants, an insurance bet never amounts to what players would call a good bet. The surrender version is something that you should rather consider, with caution.

Surrender With Caution

Surrender With Caution

Make sure you read up on your strategies before jumping into the game. The late surrender is there to help but needs to be used in extreme cases and not out of convenience. You don’t want to surrender money and a decent hand when you could have won with it.

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