Playing European Blackjack Online – Gameplay, top Tips & Where to Find the Best Games

European blackjack is one of the most unique variants on the market today. This variant is considered to be the original game that the blackjack you know and love has evolved from. It is very similar to standard blackjack with regards to rules except for a few minor changes. Here at CasinoTop, we have scoured the internet for the best online casino sites for European blackjack and have shared them with you. However, before you hit the tables it would be ideal to first read this guide and understand the game extensively.

  • Allows you to take a more cautious approach to online gambling
  • Players can make use of other blackjack strategies that are accustomed to
  • The rules do not vary greatly from traditional blackjack games
  • Brings players an authentic European gambling experience
  • Offers players more excitement by introducing more risk

The Best Casinos European Blackjack 2021

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$ 12,000 Bonus
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CA$ 1,000 Bonus
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Win Rate 97.46%
CA$ 1,600 Bonus
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Win Rate 97.89%
CA$1000 Bonus
Payout Speed 1-3 Days
Win Rate 96.5%

How to Play European Blackjack

Since European blackjack does not stray too far from the standard variation’s rules, the gameplay remains more or less the same except for small alterations. Below we have provided a step-by-step guide to show new and seasoned alike how to go about playing European blackjack.

Step 1

Choose a table

The objective of the standard game is exactly the same for European blackjack. This means that players will be required to build a hand that is either equal to a total of 21 or as close to it as possible. Once you understand the objective you will be required to find an online game or land-based table that suits your needs. Players will place their bets and the hands will be dealt.

Making Your Wager
Step 2

Make A Decision

Once you have received your hand, take a look at your cards and calculate your total. Depending on the strategy you are using or your gut feeling, you will need to decide on your move. In this instance, you can make one of four moves:

  • Hit to receive another card
  • Stand to leave your hand exactly as it is
  • Double your wager
  • Split your hand into two
Blackjack Hit
Blackjack Hit
Step 3

Conclude your turn

Once you have built your hand up as much as you can and the total is as close to 21 as it can get without exceeding the number, or is a perfect 21, you can conclude your turn and click on the option for stand.

Step 4

Check Your Results

Once all players have had their turn, the dealer will flip over their concealed card. If the value of their hand is a soft 17 or higher, they cannot hit but if it is below they can hit as many times as is required. If your final hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s you would have won the game.

European Blackjack’s Specific Rules Online

Regardless of the blackjack variant you are playing, there will only ever be slight changes to the traditional rules. However, each variant does present players with something unique that sets it apart. As such, we have shared a few of the unique aspects of European Roulette with you so you can place a more educated bet. In addition, we have shared a few other noteworthy aspects of European blackjack with you below:

  • Dealers cannot peek for blackjacks if they are showing either a 10 or an Ace
  • The dealer will stand on a soft 17 and always hits on 16
  • If the dealer has blackjack, you will lose the entirety of your wager
  • You are now allowed to split on double fours, fives and ten cards
  • Players are allowed to double down after they’ve split their hand
  • Surrender is not allowed
  • Aces can be split up but you receive two extra cards

Free Reference Guides for European Blackjack

Similarly to how the rules of blackjack maintain the same structure across variants, Blackjack strategies are followed in the same way except for a few minor adjustments based on the variant you’re choosing to play. While these adjustments might be small and seasoned players could understand them right away, new players might need more time to adjust to the nuances. As such., we have provided reference charts to help new players make the right moves at the right times.

In time, most players get used to the rules and strategies that needed to win but for those just beginning the blackjack journey, we suggest making use of our free charts to help you along.

Splitting Pairs

Pair Splitting

Find out what happens when you split your pair into two separate hands.

Soft Totals

Soft Totals

learn how to make the most of the flexible value of an Ace.

Hard Totals

Hard Totals

Discover the best moves when you have an inflexible hand.

Comparing Other Blackjack Variants to European Blackjack

Now that we’ve covered basic gameplay, reference charts and told you a bit more about European blackjack, we can move on to more specific details such as potential payouts, RTPs and live dealer functionality at our top-rated online casinos in Canada. For comparison purposes we have shared the details of all variants so you can choose the variant of blackjack that suits you, your skill level and your bankroll best:

Blackjack Variants Player Win (payout) Player Blackjack (payout) Live Dealer Mobile RTP
European 1/1 3/2 Yes Yes 99.6%
Surrender 1/1 3/2 No Yes 99.65%
Switch 1/1 1/1 No Yes 99.87%
Atlantic City 1/1 3/2 Yes Yes 99.6%
Perfect 1/1 3/2 No Yes 99.58%

Other Variants of Online Blackjack to Try

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is one of the most exciting and fun variants of blackjack. This is why it is favoured by Canadian players who enjoy greater risks. In this game you will be allowed to place a side bet on the first two cards you will be dealt.

Blackjack Switch

In this interesting variant, players are dealt two different hands before the game begins. These cards are then kept aside. Once the official game begins, players can swap cards out cards from these two hands.

Blackjack Surrender

This version of Blackjack is a perfect example of quitting doesn’t always result in a loss. In this variant, players can fold on an unlucky hand and receive 50% of their initial bet back.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City blackjack is favoured by players who are looking for a lower house edge. This is achieved by altering the traditional rules and making the game more favourable for players.

Playing European Blackjack on-the-go

Online gambling has taken Canada by storm and the introduction of mobile-enabled gaming has only added to its ongoing growth. As a Canadian player who is keen to try European blackjack, you will be faced with many great ways to play and have a stellar online and mobile experience. Online casino operators have invested a significant amount of their resources to ensure that their desktop games, such as European blackjack, render seamlessly to mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads.

In addition to this, the best online casino sites in Canada will offer players an opportunity to play their favourite games for free. These free games, or fun modes of real money games, allow players to discover the game, learn how it works and hone their skills without the added pressure and risk.

We suggest that our Canadian players take advantage of the free games and the mobile offerings that are provided by operators. While European blackjack is a game of chance to a certain extent, practice can help you perfect the strategy you intend to use.

Strategies and Tips for European Blackjack

While many of the strategies that seasoned players suggest for blackjack can be used on all variants, there should be a slight difference in the way you follow these through. Regardless of whether you have found a strategy or method that works well for you and has been tweaked accordingly or not, the following tips will help you hone your strategy and hold onto your bankroll for longer:

All 17s Must Be Hit By The Dealer

Play Carefully

European blackjack does have a house edge that’s a bit higher than other variants but this does not mean that players should take unnecessary risks. The only way to win at blackjack, across variants, is to know when to bet big and which moves to make.

Carefully Consider Doubling or Splitting

Before splitting a strong hand, look at the dealer’s exposed card and ask yourself whether the dealer could have received a blackjack. If the answer is yes, it would be best not to split your hand. The opposite is true if the dealer’s exposed card is unlikely to lead to a total of 21.

Insurance is Not the Answer

While it might seem very attractive and it beats losing your whole wager, insurance is not a good option. This is not specific to just European blackjack but is true for all other variants of blackjack too. Insurance is not the answer.

Surrender With Caution

Try Different Strategies

As we mentioned before, Canadian players who memorize the reference chart are likely to succeed in blackjack as you will know when to make the correct moves. Reference charts are great for online European blackjack games whereas card counting is the preferred strategy at land-based casino venues.

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