Blenheim Man Wins $70 million on Lotto Max

The one in 33,294,800 chance of winning the Lotto Max jackpot, made it the hardest and most unlikely one for anyone in Ontario, Canada to win. That is until Adrian Olmstead, from Blenheim, decided to purchase some tickets at his local gas bar at the corner of Chatham and Marlborough streets, in Blenheim, Ontario. The 44-year old father could not believe his luck when he realised that his ticket was the winning one and that he was $70 million, richer.

Gas Bar

The store where the winning ticket was purchased, will also benefit, the vendor who sold the ticket, receives a small percentage of the winnings. Not to mention, the influx of want to be millionaires, who are hopeful that they can strike it lucky too if they buy a ticket at the gas bar. The store manager, Tony Boutros, has no recollection of selling the winning ticket, for the April 2020 draw. He is, however, excited at the prospect of being the preferred vendor in the town, now. Many other patrons felt that they could have also done with a piece of the very big cake, but nobody seems to be jealous, as everyone is aware that it is all in the luck of the draw.

The Future

Olmstead, who told the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, that he started shaking after he realized that he was the big winner. Even at the ceremony, where the blown-up cheque gets handed to the winner. He said that he intends to buy property, an RV, a good fishing boat as well as a fast car. The rest of the money he will invest and ensure that his family is provided for, while still teaching them the value of money. This money will enable him to look after his grandchildren, as well. Olmstead said his head was spinning so fast when he heard that he had won, that he needed to call and tell his mom immediately, just to compose himself. There is nothing like a mother’s calming voice to keep you grounded.

Providing Security For His Family

After doing all that, Olmstead says that he does not know what the future holds, but that he is happy and content to know that he will be able to provide for his family and keep them safe and happy. For now, he has not even begun to think about where and what the future holds for them.

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