CA iGaming Venture Bets on Success

During the recent trying times of 2020, many people all over the world took to developing different, and socially-distanced, pass-times such as baking, crafts, and online gambling. The increased success of the gambling industry as a whole can be attributed to recent closures that forced land-based casinos to move their offerings online and the recent legalizations of sports betting in several American States. Canada, however, will not be left behind. Influencer interactive Incorporated believes they have the recipe for success.


Influencer Interactive Inc., a Canadian company, has launched Blitzbet. Blitzbet has been described as a comprehensive and informative online gambling platform that offers gambling, sports betting, and related content to enhance the experience and keep players updated. The sportsbook has been listed on the Canadian Securities exchange and provides North American and International major league sporting events as well as a wide variety of traditional casino-style options. The company has identified the varied and diverse offerings as one of the core features that have prompted players to choose Blitzbet as their primary gaming destination.


Influencer Interactive incorporated has enlisted the help of one of the most influential and exciting media celebrities to gain market share. Dan Bilzerian, popular poker celebrity and massive media influencer, has signed on with Blitzbet, bringing his 52 million social media followers with him. Blizerian, who is the poster boy for excess with piles of money, luxurious cars, and a new beauty on his arm every week, might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the target demographic for Blitzbet is men aged 20-40 and Bilzerian is a perfect fit for what lures these customers in. Having the dynamic and magnetic influencer onboard has aided the company in customer acquisition, that other gaming companies spend millions on annually while keeping Influencer Interactive’s acquisition marketing costs per customer at almost zero.

Expert Advice

Blitzbet also makes use of a sister brand,, that offers up their professional analysts such as Nick Kypreos and others, to deliver talks and tips for sporting teams and their players. What makes this such an effective tool is that all of the advice and content on offer at Blitzbet is free. With the vast majority of gamers turning to online offerings such as this, there is little doubt that the global market’s profit is going to increase from it’s $60 billion per annum, with Canada showing strong growth prospects for their industry revenue moving forward.

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