Canada Considers Legalizing Single-game Sports Betting

With bettors all over wanting a piece of the sports betting action, Canada wants to consider single-game sports betting. Allowing Canadians to bet on a single match at a time, instead of betting on tournaments or multiple sports matches.

Many players within the borders are reaching out to neighboring locations to place their single-game bets. This has an adverse effect on the gambling revenue for Canada. Business and money are pouring into the pockets of those companies and states outside the country and Canadian officials want to see this change.

International Betting Options

Across the border in the United States, there are many states that have changed the betting laws to accommodate for single-game betting. Which offers players more options and more frequent betting options. Instead of having to predict and bet on the entire tournament, players can bet on sports matches and the outcome of games happening now.

New Jersey was one of the first states to introduce the change and has recorded nearly half a billion dollars being pulled in from tax revenue in only 18 months. Even more states have embraced the change and brought the number to nineteen states offering single-game betting.

In the UK, single-game sports betting has also been at the forefront of gambling for quite a while and offers players so many more opportunities to bet on their favorite sports matches. There is a growing concern related to gambling in the UK, with so many options available as well. Warnings against expanding the betting options have been raised as well.

The Motivation for Single-game Sports betting

Members of parliament have cited that there could potentially be job losses in casinos if the laws are not changed. Revenue that would have benefited Canada will now be spread across other gambling markets.

One of the members of the parliament, Brian Masse, has also said that the laws need to change before it is too late. The American view on single-game sports betting is what these politicians would like to see in Canada very soon.

A Positive Outlook

There are mixed feelings regarding the change from within the country as well as internationally. However, politicians such as Brian Masse and Kevin Waugh are positive about the laws being changed. Both members of parliament have introduced private member bills but were stalled.

Even though the bills are still being investigated or have not yet been considered, the members of parliament still seem confident that it will pass opening up a new revenue stream for the country and extended gaming options for Canadians.

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