Canadian Gambling Market Trends

Gambling became legal in Canada in 1985. This industry has become a huge revenue earner and rakes in approximately €12.4 billion per annum. During the years 2015 to 2020, Canada suffered a sharp decline in the gambling industry, because of this there was very little spending money for leisure and entertainment which resulted in even further stress on the gambling market in Canada. With all the positive changes that came about in the online gambling platform, such as the easy and convenient apps that are now available on mobile devices, online gambling is now gaining more popularity in Canada.

On The Go Connectivity

Since there are so many more online casinos these days, Canadian players are spoilt for choice, as these new online casinos offer so many options at their finger-tips. The online option is more attractive to players, as they prefer them rather than having to travel to land-based casinos. With the faster 4G and 5G options on offer, the speed with which connectivity is reached is also a definite plus for people on the go. In addition to this, favourite games can be easily accessed by players no matter where they are as long as they have internet access.

Favourite Gaming Options in Canada

One of the most enjoyable and popular sports in the country is horse racing, apart from ice-hockey. With over 44 race tracks across the country, sports betting also allows for fans to bet on any race they wish to. The online gambling platform offers players to bet on other preferred favourites, such as Hockey, Lacrosse and when it is football season, then that too is an exciting option. Canada has the best players in the sport of Lacrosse and having this as an option for betting on, further expanding the online betting options.

Anticipated Growth Moving Forward

Technology is playing its part in the much-anticipated growth of the gambling sector in Canada. Experts believe that the future looks promising, as advancement won't stop here. VR technology is another exciting addition to the online experience and will allow Canadians access to a bigger online gambling platform. The future looks bright as all these can be accessed from the comfort of players’ homes.

With all of these developments, people will start spending more money on gambling sites and in turn, the economy will also start growing again. Over the next five years, economists predict that the online industry will grow and boost the country even further.

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