Atlantic Canadian Wins $18, 2 Million Lotto Jackpot

Winning the lottery or even matching a few of the lucky numbers is a dream for many out there. At the beginning of September, a lucky lottery ticket holder chose the numbers that matched every number drawn.

The jackpot winner is yet to be announced and the winning prize has not been claimed as yet. With very little information provided by the Crown Corporation, the Lottery operator, all that is known is that the ticket was purchased in Atlantic Canada.

Claiming the Jackpot

The lucky winner has 12 months from the announcement of the draw to claim their prize. The Crown Corporation has urged players in the region to come forward and claim the prize as soon as possible. Unclaimed prizes will be redistributed to fund future lotteries. All the winner has to do is call the Crown Corporation and further details will be provided.

Given that the lucky winner has not yet stepped forward, the winner could have come from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The winner could even have come from the easternmost province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The closer to the due date, the Crown Corporation will release more details about the winning ticket, in order to catch the winner’s attention.

The Winning Jackpot

The prize was set at CA$18,243,990.50 and with such a huge prize, all lottery players were extremely excited. Wanting to make a claim on the winning jackpot, ticket sales prior to the draw sky-rocketed.

Lady luck certainly had quite a huge influence on the winning ticket. It is quite rare for one ticket to match every single number drawn. Whoever the ticket holder is, their lives are sure to be changed forever.

Getting a Piece of the Pie

Lotto 6/49 is one of the most popular lottery games in Canada. Head over to your local retailer and you can purchase a ticket and play the odds. The cost of the ticket will be $3 with added extras at a cost of $1. You can choose to play Quick pick or select your numbers from a field of 1 to 49.

Whichever strategy you choose to employ when playing the lottery, you always have a chance of being a big winner or even walking away with a small piece of the pie. At such a small cost, there is nearly nothing to lose when trying your hand at a life-changing opportunity.

Blenheim Man Wins $70 million on Lotto Max

The one in 33,294,800 chance of winning the Lotto Max jackpot, made it the hardest and most unlikely one for anyone in Ontario, Canada to win. That is until Adrian Olmstead, from Blenheim, decided to purchase some tickets at his local gas bar at the corner of Chatham and Marlborough streets, in Blenheim, Ontario. The 44-year old father could not believe his luck when he realised that his ticket was the winning one and that he was $70 million, richer.

Gas Bar

The store where the winning ticket was purchased, will also benefit, the vendor who sold the ticket, receives a small percentage of the winnings. Not to mention, the influx of want to be millionaires, who are hopeful that they can strike it lucky too if they buy a ticket at the gas bar. The store manager, Tony Boutros, has no recollection of selling the winning ticket, for the April 2020 draw. He is, however, excited at the prospect of being the preferred vendor in the town, now. Many other patrons felt that they could have also done with a piece of the very big cake, but nobody seems to be jealous, as everyone is aware that it is all in the luck of the draw.

The Future

Olmstead, who told the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, that he started shaking after he realized that he was the big winner. Even at the ceremony, where the blown-up cheque gets handed to the winner. He said that he intends to buy property, an RV, a good fishing boat as well as a fast car. The rest of the money he will invest and ensure that his family is provided for, while still teaching them the value of money. This money will enable him to look after his grandchildren, as well. Olmstead said his head was spinning so fast when he heard that he had won, that he needed to call and tell his mom immediately, just to compose himself. There is nothing like a mother’s calming voice to keep you grounded.

Providing Security For His Family

After doing all that, Olmstead says that he does not know what the future holds, but that he is happy and content to know that he will be able to provide for his family and keep them safe and happy. For now, he has not even begun to think about where and what the future holds for them.

Ottawa Grandfather Wins $8, 5 Million in Lotto Prizes

Introduced in Canada, on June 22, 1982, the 6/49 Lotto was the first lottery game to allow the purchaser of the ticket to select their numbers. This game was one of three lotto games available in the Canadian state. Prior to this new way of doing things, the lottery tickets were purchased with pre-printed numbers on them.

This game has 3 draws per week, on a Tuesday, Thursday, and a Sunday. The 68-year-old grandfather who won $8.5,539,083.70, is an avid purchaser of lottery tickets and as was customary for him, the winning ticket was bought on one of his trips to the local gas station, while filling gas.

Still No Plans

The winning ticket was bought by Joseph Anokye from Ottawa, who bought the ticket at the Canadian Tire gas station on Ogilvie Road in Ottawa. He still has no idea how he is going to spend his fortune but is keen to spend some of it on people he says he cares a lot about. As for the bulk of it, Anokye intends investing it and does not seem to be in any hurry, as he is still working every day as per usual.

Procedure after Winning

In Canada, the process when someone wins is that you can collect your winnings up to $1000 at the OLG Prize Centre, but that is also only by appointment. In Anokye’s case, a picture is taken of the winner, with a huge cheque, to commemorate the day. In Canada, the store, where the ticket was purchased, normally also gets a small percentage of the winnings as a prize.

A Bit of History

The largest 6/49 lottery won thus far was on October 26, 2005. The winning ticket won a prize of a whopping $54.3 million, the ticket was purchased by 17 oil and gas workers from Camrose, Alberta. The lottery is played, by choosing 6 numbers from 1-49.

Alternatively, you can also play the “ Lucky Pick”, which means the system will pick six random numbers on your behalf. One ticket costs $3.75. The name of this lottery is derived from the fact that the game requires the player to choose 6 numbers up to number 49, hence, 6/49 lotto, there is also a bonus ball, but that one is not selected by the players. Like basically all games of chance, luck is always in the draw.

Lotto Max Winner Claims Massive Prize in Canada

September 8, 2020, will be etched in the minds of the winning couple from Timiskaming District, for the rest of their lives. The whole country waited in anticipation for the large draw, which had rolled over several times, the weeks preceding the draw. James Wickman, was hopeful, that he was the bearer of the winning ticket, when he heard on the radio, that the winning ticket had been purchased in his hometown. When he arrived home and checked it, he was overjoyed to share the good news with his wife Eerikka, who at first refused to believe him.

The Road Trip

Mr. Wickman, a retired gentleman, accompanied by about 22 extended family members, took to the road. It was an exciting 10-hour trip, which ended in Toronto, where Mr. Wickman received his prize. The ceremony was filled with many emotions as the family, the couple who are expecting their 12thgrand-child, realized that they would all be living a very different life, moving forward, because of the CA$65 million prize their relative had just won.

Back Home

According to the rules of the lottery, as implemented by the Crown corporation,the store where the winning ticket was bought, also gets a small percentage of the winnings. That means that the Canadian Tire Gas Bar on Front Street in Hearst will get a one-percent piece of the pie.

Ways To Verify That You Are A Winner

Mr. Wickman went home and used his OLG (Ontario, Lottery & Gaming) mobile app, to confirm that he was, in fact, the winner. Upon scanning the ticket, the App immediately sends a message of congratulations to the winning MAX Lotto ticket holder, confirming the win. Another step that Mr. Wickman took to be 100% certain of his win and also to prove it to his wife was to go through the verification process, which once again sent a message of Congratulations, making double sure that he was the winner.

Plans On How The Winner Will Spend The Money

Mr. Wickman and his wife plan to use some of the money to invest in a new house as well as a new vehicle. As for the rest, it will go to improving the lives of all their relatives, who joined them on their road trip. Mr. Wickman remembered that he had won a much smaller prize way back in 1972, then it was an amount of CAD$5000, not a bad prize, but nothing compared to the latest one.

Couple Wins Lottery Jackpot Twice in 7 Years

The lottery is played by millions around the world. A simple form of gambling, enjoyed by people of varying ages, creeds, and nationalities. For many people, winning the lottery is a once in a lifetime experience. Lotteries have been made even simpler, with options for players to purchase their tickets in person or online.

However, winning twice is certain to put a smile on one's face. For the couple Raymond and Gaye Lillington from Dingwall, Nova Scotia, this is exactly what happened. A once in a lifetime occurrence, twice, making them feel luckier than ever.

The First Triumph

The Lillingtons had purchased a lottery ticket in 2013, as they usually did, to try and cash in on the jackpot. They bought the ticket at a local retail store, the Cabot Trail Food Market. The next thing they knew, their tiny piece of paper, had won them CA$3.2 million. Given the popularity of lotteries in Canada, they never thought that they would be the ones to win a large jackpot like this.

Second Time’s a Charm

Seven years later, continuing to play the lottery on August 15, the Saturday draw was done and to the couple’s surprise, their numbers were displayed. The Crown Corporation told residents that they would need to make contact to claim their winnings. The Lillingtons were excited and reported their lottery ticket with haste. The big win was made up of just over CA$17 million, from the Lotto 6/49 draw, a fan favorite for avid lottery players in Canada, since 1982.

What made the experience even more surreal for them, was that the latest lottery ticket was purchased at the same retail store, like the one in 2013. Winning 2 jackpots within seven years really has been life-changing for the couple.

CA Lottery and the Future

The first win had already set the Lillingtons up for retirement and the ability to live comfortably for the foreseeable future. Mr. Lillington has said that he will be using the latest win to help his kids and grandkids. He will also make sure to assist the community in his hometown.
With news about big wins such as this, it makes sense why so many people opt to play the lottery. It costs you minimal effort and cash, with a chance to become a multi-millionaire. Even though the Lillingtons were in shock, their big win and stroke of luck has changed their lives forever

Massive Win on Wazdan's 9 Lions at King Johnnie

A group of gaming enthusiasts came together in 2010 and established Wazdan. Since then the company has developed over 100 slot machines, enjoyed worldwide. One of the company’s most outstanding achievements is that they were the first game developers in the world to introduce a unique Volatility Level in their games. Other features that the company uses are Energy Saving Mode as well as Double Screen Mode, which makes their games unique on the slot gaming platform. It is clear from the graphics and the trademark features, that Wazdan ranks amongst the most innovative developers in the world.

More About 9 Lions Slots

Thousands of players worldwide enjoy playing this slot machine, as not only does it offer bonus spins, but also allows the players to block certain symbols in an attempt to collect winning symbols on the next spin. The graphics and beauty of the mystical creatures along with the pleasant music in the background, make this slot a favourite and an award-winning experience.

Lucky Winner at King Johnnie

One mega winner, last month at King Johnnie in Canada, won €60,000 on the 9 Lions slot machine. The player hit the x1000 bonus, after betting just €60. The 9 lion slot machine is unique in its design as it replaces the more popular reels and paylines with 9 different symbols. When the desired number of the same symbol appears anywhere on the field then the player wins, their original bet plus a bonus. This is exactly how the player at King Johnnie, hit the maximum bonus when the 3 dragons usher the winner into the temple to select one of three dragon eggs, each containing generous rewards. In the case of the current winner, lady luck was on their side and the maximum reward was paid out.

The Future

Andrzel Hyla- Head of Sales at Wazdan, was pleased that the player was playing one of the company's much enjoyed and innovative slots when they hit the jackpot. This is the second such win on the loved 9 Lions slot machines in the last few months. Another player went home with a €20,000 reward at Playamo Casino after playing one of the 9 Lions slot machines there. The company is excited to see and believes that there will be more such happy winners after they chose to play one of their games.
Wazdan’s main motto is "Freedom of Choice" and if the last couple of winnings are anything to go by, then it is clear that many gamers will choose Wazdan.

Did LottoMax Crown a Winner at CA$55 Million?

The year 2020 has been a rough one for everybody, but thanks to a multi-million dollar jackpot from LottoMax, Canadian players have the chance to significantly improve their year, and change their life.

LottoMax, one of the most popular lottery games in Canada, has been the talk of the town recently as its Main prize jackpot has reached an unprecedented CA$55 million. With lotto tickets as low as CA$5, players all over Canada have been scrambling to lock down their tickets for a chance to win the life-changing jackpot. Players are hoping that the time to win is now as the LottoMax Main prize has been left untouched for several draws now.

Main Prize Continues to Grow

In August, the LottoMax Main prize was sitting comfortably at CA$50 million, but as of 1 September, that pot has grown to a whopping CA$55 million. The last draw for the Main prize took place on 28 August 2020. Unfortunately for many, no one won the grand prize and the jackpot continued to grow.

In addition, two Maxmillion prizes have become linked to a LottoMax ticket. According to reports, one lucky ticket was sold in Quebec, while the second one remains unknown. The next LottoMax Tuesday draw is expected to include four Maxmillions prizes on top of the grand prize.

Changes to LottoMax Game Conditions

There are also some changes in game conditions heading to LottoMaxfrom 23 October 2020. The new changes meant that once the amount of the LottoMax gaming pool exceeded CA$50 million, Maxmillions prizes would be funded by the 7/7 Main prize pool if the Main prize was not won. Typically, the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation funds lottery payouts, but the change was put in place as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming corporation wanted to monitor the impact of two weekly LottoMax draws for the next 12 months.

Main Prize at CA$60 million

As of right now, the LottoMax Main prize is up for grabs, but has increased to a staggering CA$65 million and approximately eight CA$1million in Maxmillion prizes. The next draw will take place on Tuesday, 8 September at 10:30 pm ET. Despite the growing excitement, your chances of nabbing the jackpot sits at about 1 in 33,294,800. But, considering how this year has gone, anything is possible. Millionaire hopefuls can buy tickets in-store or online.

The Six Biggest Online Casino Wins of 2019

As we move firmly into 2020 and await the first big wins of the year, it’s always worth reminding ourselves what a phenomenal end to the decade 2019 proved to be for online casino players. Here, we will take a brief overview of the prizes that made all the headlines in 2019, with a round up of not only just how many dollars were pocketed by individuals around the world last year, but also take a look at the stories behind the massively life changing moments when the online video slots went truly bananas and started spewing out virtual coins like there was no tomorrow. So, without further ado, let’s reveal all in reverse order, from the lowest to highest…

CA$3.65 Million Won on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune

As summer turning into fall, one very lucky British online casino player managed to rake in a whopping CA$3.65 million at Gate777 Casino. The life changing win came on 19 September 2019 and was reported based on a bet of just CA$0.55 – that is just phenomenal, we’re sure you’ll agree, but that’s exactly what can happen sometimes when a progressive jackpot slot decides to gift you with the top prize out of nowhere.

Mega Fortune is one of NetEnt’s most popular jackpot slots and it’s not hard to see why when such an amount of cold hard cash can be had with a single spin. Unfortunately, the player who managed to channel all the luck in the world into that fateful day decided to remain anonymous. So, all we know, from the online casino itself, is that the player in question was a regular at Gate777 Casino, so he or she fully deserved to grab this astonishing win.

In terms of the multiplier this bet received, we’d say it was one of the best returns ever seen, so it just goes to show that lady luck can sometimes be smiling down on you. Not bad, eh!

The Six Biggest Online Casino Wins of 2019 Banner 01 - CasinoTopCA$4.92 Million Won on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams

Our next big winner of 2019 came earlier in the year – on 13 March, to be precise – and fell the way of a 65 year old woman from one of the Scandinavian countries. Playing at popular Swedish brand Betsson Casino, the lucky punter decided to go for broke on NetEnt’s remix or extension of the aforementioned jackpot video slot, called Mega Fortune Dreams. And boy did it pay off for her – she ended up pocketing an amazing CA$4.92 million, which is really something. We mean, what would you do if you won that kind of cash in a single day?!
Again, the bet level was astonishing low given how much she reaped in prize money. Word from the casino managers was that she initially wagered the equivalent of only CA$4.53 each time on Mega Fortune Dreams. After a few rounds, the Wheel of Fortune bonus round kicked into action. And she managed to get through all of the outer rings of the feature to land the jackpot prize lying in the very centre of the wheel – that takes some skilled hand eye coordination!

The Six Biggest Online Casino Wins of 2019 Element 01 - CasinoTopIt just goes to show that if you’re determined enough, you can sometimes tip the odds in your favour. So, CasinTop Canada congratulates the 65 year old, who must surely be retired by now!

CA$5.52 Million Won on Blueprint Gaming’s Mars Attacks!

Next, we head over to Northern Ireland, where luck itself is created if you believe the stories of leprechauns and four leaf clovers on the island. This time a massive CA$5.52 million was won by a 33 year old male hailing from the town of Newcastle in County Down. Sean Doyle was playing at popular (and somewhat controversial) Irish brand Paddy Power at the time of the win.

Sean’s game of choice that was played from his smartphone was Blueprint Gaming’s jackpot slot based on the movie Mars Attacks! He was happily spinning away when the jackpot launched out of nowhere and he reported said that when the total surpassed one million, he switched off his phone, not having the courage to see anymore or believe it was really happening. In fact, he’s quoted in one of Northern Ireland’s newspapers as saying: “I couldn’t look. When I got home, I couldn’t believe my eyes after I saw the final amount!”

With so much moolah at his disposal now, Sean vowed to help out his family whenever they needed it and he reportedly even turned up to work as normal the next day. What a gent!

CA$8.16 Million Won on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah

The next three, and highest wins of the year, all came courtesy of Microgaming’s now legendary Mega Moolah online progressive jackpot slot. This one is the current world record holder and it shows no signs of slowing down as the game ages. The lowest, but still no less awesome, of the three Mega Moolah jackpots here came to a player who wished to remain anonymous. However, there’s more than a hint (because of currency) that the player was in fact Canadian.

Over some 60 days of the best hot streak of their life, the Canuck player hit the jackpot three times. But this final one came on Star Wars Day, otherwise known as May the 4th, and was won at the appropriately named JackpotCity Casino. So, truly the Force is strong in this one.

This goes to show that Canadians win the jackpots sometimes, which gives us plenty to hope for in 2020. And Mega Moolah is always worth a shot because of its astronomical prizes!

The Six Biggest Online Casino Wins of 2019 Banner 02 - CasinoTop

CA$12.94 Million Won on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah

This time, we pop across the border to the United States. Early in the year, on 5 March 2019, an unsuspecting player was casually playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah at Luxury Casino. At least we think that the player came from the US, seeing as the money was won in US Dollars, but there has been some speculation online that the player might have hailed from as far away as India or the Philippines, where punters often choose to play with good ol’ fashion bucks.

Needless to say, the player who won such an astonishing amount chose to remain anonymous, and we certainly don’t blame them for that! While it is currently illegal to play at online casinos in the United States, many players use virtual private networks (VPNs) to get around the restrictions. This is not the case in Canada, of course, so you have no worries there!

So, now it’s time for the big one. The number one win on our list is dropping in three, two, one…

The Six Biggest Online Casino Wins of 2019 Element 02 - CasinoTopCA$20.6 Million Won on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah

This truly mesmerising amount of money was won super early on in the year, coming about on 20 January 2019. Again, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah was responsible for the multi million dollar cash prize falling to a single player – this time, one who was playing at Zodiac Casino. And, what’s more, it’s highly likely because of the currency that it was another Canuck!

Unfortunately, as you might already have guessed by how we phrased things above, the player in question also chose to remain anonymous. But, it was not only a massive win for a Canadian player but also the biggest that has ever been recorded in the country – the previous two records came in 2016 and stood at a relatively paltry 11 million Canadian Dollars each!

In total, there have been 13 jackpot wins on Mega Moolah (and the sister titles such as Mega Moolah Isis, for example) in the Canadian currency. So, it just goes to show that plenty of good honest Canucks have taken the big prizes over the years. So, there’s definitely hope for 2020!

Mid-Year Miracle for Prince George Slots Winner of $2.1 Million

Canada is back in the gambling scene with recent headlines honouring a very lucky lady hailing from Prince George, Canada, after a win that has garnered a collective gasp upon hearing how much the jackpot prize was.

An elderly couple who are happily married and even more so today, have hit the ultimate retirement package. It began as a love for slots gaming when Marlyne Dumoulin won the jackpot prize of $2.1 million! Marlyne and Andy hit it lucky in more ways than they could ever imagine. This win has been recorded as the largest win from a jackpot slots game in the history of Canadian gaming, another reason why the win has garnered international attention.

The place where the greatest Canadian win of all time paid out was at Canada’s Prince George’s Treasure Cove Casino, a very popular destination amongst residents and tourists.

Mid Year Miracle for Prince George Slots Winner of 12.1 Million Element 01 - CasinoTopPicking Up the Payday

Marlyne Dumoulin went to fetch her cheque in the middle of the year just shortly after she hit the million-dollar payout. As per the B.C. Lottery Corporation regulations, all winners, especially those of large sums, are to report to the head office in Kamloops and Dumoulin wasted no time in making her way to the BCLC.

How Fate Intervened

As fate would have it, or luck, depending on how you look at it, it only took Mrs. Dumoulin a minimal deposit of $3, 00 to hit it lucky and earn the whopping cashback reward of over $2 million! Both her and her husband, Andy Dumoulin, were expecting to hang around the casino far longer before claiming even the smallest of profits as they had hardly been there before the jackpot brought the attention of every casino goers onto the Dumoulin.

Marlyne Dumoulin told reporters that she had initially won $300 and that she was ecstatic about that small win from the get-go. It was her husband Andy Dumoulin who encouraged her to spin again as she hadn’t noticed she had 3 free spins. And there it happened, luck or fate, but the Dumoulin hit the elusive jackpot bonus and then things got interesting, to say the least!

According to the Dumoulin and the casino management, the slots game went dead, the machine seemed to have switched off and then the Dumoulin’s were greeted by security which had the elderly couple in a state of confusion. You see, the lucky couple hadn’t realized how lucky they had struck it but the casino staff knew exactly what was going on. Marlyne goes on to say that she had only seen one light goes off on the machine before it died and to think of such a huge payout, one would expect all the bells and whistles of even the smallest slots payout, but when this game paid out it almost seemed smaller than the $300 she had just previously won.

It was at this time that security came in to surround the couple, allowing the staff to explain just how much the lucky Canadian couple had won. Marylne’s initial thought was that she had just won a small, yet impressive sum of $2, 100, however upon further investigation a few minutes to allow the news to sink in, the couple soon came to the realization that they were no millionaires.

Mid Year Miracle for Prince George Slots Winner of 12.1 Million Banner 01 - CasinoTop

What the Future Holds

Needless to say, the future indeed appears to be a bright one for the retiring couple. In just a matter of minutes, the blessed husband and wife had their futures sorted and secured. Andy was planning on retiring in less than a year but still had to work hard for the next 10 months as he travelled long distance working as a truck driver. His route was between Langley and Prince George, one of the reasons the couple chose this particular casino. Now, Mr. Dumoulin can happily shave off those 10 remaining months and do the things he and his wife desire, one of their dreams being able to travel.

The couple’s desire to travel is proven by their recent purchase of a new motorhome and now, after winning the jackpot, they are able to fund one of their greatest dreams alive. Their first stop? Family of course! Andy and Marylne intend to spend some quality family time with their close relatives just as soon as they hit the road, with no car and no worry in the world.

Mid Year Miracle for Prince George Slots Winner of 12.1 Million Element 02 - CasinoTopAbout the Winning Progressive

The machine responsible for the incredible million dollar payout is the popular progressive casino slots game, Powerbucks. The game has been declared as one of the highest paying progressives as it is designed to reset to a minimum of $1 million, progressing as players make deposits from around the world linked to the shared jackpot total.
Upon hearing of the couple’s good fortune, the BCLC made a popular congratulatory announcement to the couple that had no idea just how lucky they were going to be in July 2019.

Powerbucks is one of the most played progressives with a minimum deposit requirement of 0.50, making it an affordable yet highly rewarding video slots game. It is also not the first time the game has paid out so handsomely and can be guaranteed to pay out once again and maybe even in the near future.

HollywoodCasino Player Wins Big on NetEnt’s Divine Fortune

HollywoodCasino Player Wins Big on NetEnt’s Divine Fortune Element 01 - CasinoTopA player who has decided to remain anonymous has won probably the biggest haul of his or her life right at the tail end of 2019. We here at CasinoTop Canada can think of no better way to close one decade and begin the 2020s in style. And we’re sure you can agree with that one!

The big win, which ended up totalling a whopping $285,385, took place at HollywoodCasino, which is owned by the Penn National Gaming group. But it was one title in particular (out of the many different ones at the online casino) that proved to have the midas touch for the player and that was one of the best Net Entertainment (NetEnt) games of all time: Divine Fortune.

Big Wins Possible on Mobile

Best of all, the player proved that you can really win big on the go nowadays, as he or she raked in the biggest prize from his Apple iPhone device.This is thanks in no small part to NetEnt porting all of their most popular titles over to mobile phones via the modern HTML5 technology that provides perfect gameplay over smaller screens – in fact, many players prefer touchscreens when they are spinning the reels.

Released back in 2017, NetEnt’s fantastic Divine Fortune online video slot has created many huge winners over the last few years, so it was only fitting that the game picked up the last of the great jackpot wins not only for the year but also for the whole decade. And this was backed up by the game’s overall theme of hidden riches beyond imagination from ancient times.

With only five reels, three rows and 20 possible paylines (which are fixed throughout), it just goes to show that you don’t need to play a game with hundreds of paylines to reap rewards. In fact, Divine Fortune features not just one jackpot but two: the Mega Jackpot which pays an astonishing 100x the player’s bet and the Minor Jackpot which pays a not too bad 20x the bet.

HollywoodCasino Player Wins Big on NetEnt’s Divine Fortune Banner 01 - CasinoTopMore Jackpots to Fall in 2020

Since the Mega Jackpot dropped at the tail end of 2019, the prize pool had already grown back by $80,000 as the fireworks welcoming in 2020 we heard around the world. That just shows how popular this particular online video slot is with players, particularly in America and Canada.

Speaking about the big win, the General Manager at Penn National Gaming, Rich Criado, said he was “thrilled that this player is going into the new year with more than $285,000 in the bank.” Furthermore, Mr Criado commented that it was one of the largest wins seen at HollywoodCasino. So, here’s to seeing more of them in the very near future, we say!

Casino Big Wins: December & 2019

We are reaching the end of 2019, which also means that we are reaching the end of yet another decade! But what happened during this year in regards to big wins? Was it a good year? We are taking a look at the year of Big Casino Wins, and we begin by checking out what happened during December 2019.

Casino Big Wins December & 2019 Element 01 - CasinoTopBig Wins During December

The last month of 2019 was, actually, rather slow in regards to huge wins. Sure, there are always decent cash wins of thousands of dollars made, but there was no bigger progressive jackpot wins during the month. Mind you, while writing this, there are still a few days left in the year, and both Hall of Gods and Mega Moolah are both sitting hot with a jackpot of over C$4,5M each!

The most recent big wins happened in November, where the won amounts were nothing short of massive. A player from the UK won the Mega Moolah jackpot of over €3.2 million on the 8th of November, and then a few weeks later, a Swedish player landed the €1.4 million Arabian Nights jackpot, which, in Canadian dollars comes to over two million.

The lottery world also received a new millionaire during December as a British contractor got lucky, cashing in on a whopping £105.1million EuroMillions jackpot! That’s just short of C$179 million!

The Biggest Casino Wins Of 2019

So, what did this year bring in regards to big wins? Were there any huge wins that will start the new year off to a good-performing one when it comes to progressive jackpots, or did players miss out on luck during the last year of the decade?

It’s pretty clear that the year of 2019 has been a good one in regards to big wins, not only from a jackpot point of view, but there have also been a few considerable lottery winnings over the past several months! As lottery is moving to digital solutions, it’s also becoming more and more accessible for players, which might be the reason why we have seen such lucky numbers lining up lately.

Casino Big Wins December & 2019 - CasinoTopMega Moolah Slot Wins

This slot has seen quite a few big wins during the year besides the most recent one mentioned above, and during the year we have even been able to witness a record-breaking one! On the 30th of January, the prize pool dropped for a lucky player at Zodiac Casino, who bagged a €13.1M prize (approx. C$18,973,500), which is the third-largest one to ever drop in a slot.

Casino Big Wins December & 2019 Element 02 - CasinoTopIn March, it was time for the slot to deliver again when it paid out twice in just a few days. First, an €11,546,388.15 jackpot on the 3rd of March, and then a €2,201,120.31 one on the 6th of March, sending the total amount to over €13 million yet again, although this time it was split.

Another big win wouldn’t happen again until late summer, where a Canadian player hit the big win on the Microgaming game for a neat C$4,746,748.54 on the 5th of September. In October it was time for yet another Canuck to get Mega Moolah lucky, when the player, playing at Jackpot City Casino landed the top prize of C$5.9 million on a C$5 bet.

Joker Millions Slot Wins

We saw two jackpots of over €3 million each drop in the Joker Millions slot during 2019. The first one happened at Easter, where one lucky Betsson Casino player took home the €3.1M jackpot (~ C$4.5M) from a €1.25 spin.

In September it was time for celebrations again as a player triggered the 3 million euro big jackpot in the Yggdrasil game from playing the slot at Casumo Casino.

Other Big Casino Wins

The Mega Fortune Dreams slot also saw a big win when a 65-year old player, once again at Betsson, played the game with a €4 stake, only to take home a massive €4,333,667.97 (~ C$6.2M) jackpot in March 2019.

The Azrabah Wishes slot dealt a $2.4 million cash prize, and the Slotomon Go slot made one player lucky with a $1.3 million, both were won at BitStarz Casino.

Last but not least, besides the massive £105.1 lottery win, two Canadian lottery players got very lucky. In August, a player from Edmonton, Alberta, who has been playing the lottery for some 30 years, finally had his hard work pay off as he landed a C$60 million win. And it wouldn’t take long until another Canuck, this time from Calgary, got lucky with a C$65,000,000 win on the Lotto MAX.

As you can see, there’s been a lot of massive amounts given out during 2019 from some of the most popular and famous slot titles on the market. Of course, Mega Moolah still stands the prize for the biggest progressive jackpot wins, and we are excited to see if the game will deliver during 2020!

Luck O’ The Swede - Player Wins €1.4m Arabian Nights Jackpot

1.4 million good things come to those who bet a mere C$10 on Arabian Nights! At least that’s what happened to one lucky Swede who managed to hit the progressive jackpot in the classic slot from NetEnt!

The Swedish player was playing the game at the Swedish licensed casino Hajper when the life-changing win happened. Happily spinning away on the old-school jackpot slot Arabian Nights, the player triggered the winning spin with a C$10 and won a whopping €1.4m! In Canadian dollars, that’s just over two million!

Shortly after the win occurred, Bryan Upton, Director of Games at NetEnt, shared his thoughts on the game, and on the jackpot win:

“Arabian Nights is such a legendary game in the jackpot segment. It has created instant millionaires continuously since it was released back in 2005. We are thrilled the game yet again has delivered a life-changing win and would like to extend our congratulations to the player,”

Luck O’ The Swede - Player Wins €1.4m Arabian Nights Jackpot element01 - CasinoTopHas 2019 Been A Jackpot Year?

We’d like to say so! It’s not yet the end of the decade, but we have already seen quite a few very decent wins over the year, including the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot win of €4,333,667.97 (over 6.3 million CAD). Divine Fortune also had its fun during 2019 when it delivered a €400,000 prize that was split between two players at the beginning of the year as well as yet another 250k win within the same spring period!

Arabian Nights - A Game For The History Books

Besides being an exhilarating slot game to play, the Arabian Nights game from Net Entertainment was one of the very first games to be released with a progressive jackpot from the provider. Since then, NetEnt has delivered some great jackpot titles over the years such as Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams, Mercy of the Gods slot, Imperial Riches slot and the Hall of Gods slot.

Since the game dropped its jackpot rather recently thanks to this lucky Swedish player, the prize pool has not yet grown to such a large amount, even though it’s already at several hundred thousand dollars. Remember, a jackpot can trigger at any time, no matter how big or small the amount is. So don’t miss out next fall, maybe you’ll be the next Arabian Nights jackpot winner?

Sussex Builder Takes Home 8th Largest UK Lotto Win of £105M

Life is about to change in amazing ways for Steve Thomson and his wife Lenka after winning an eye-popping £105.1 million in the EuroMillions lottery earlier this month. This incredible win is the eighth largest lotto win in the UK and the Thomsons have big plans for spending and sharing their newfound wealth.

A dream come true

Self-employed builder Steve, aged 42, has been playing the lottery for the past 25 years but he never dreamed he would one day take home such a large prize. His wife Lenka, 41, and their three children live in the village of Selsey, West Sussex.

"I think I was on the verge of having a heart attack," says Steve, telling The Sun about his first reaction to hearing the news. Even in the wake of such a life-changing event, Steve is determined to stay grounded, saying he would complete all of his building jobs before Christmas as planned before retiring.

Splashing out

After such a significant win, it comes as no surprise that the Thomsons will splash out a little bit before thinking about their long-term plans for the cash. Lenka is looking forward to going on holiday more often and the couple are also looking to upgrade to a larger home so each of their kids can have their own room.

While it looks like it’s going to be a very good Christmas indeed for the Thomson children, their parents will not be letting this big change go to their heads. “If they want something,” says Steve, referring to his two sons and his daughter, “they will need to earn it.”

The couple also have plans to help their nearest and dearest by paying off mortgages and buying homes for friends and family. Steve has also offered his business partner support if it should be needed.

Sussex Builder Takes Home 8th Largest UK Lotto Win of £105M element01 - CasinoTop‘It couldn't happen to a nicer family’

The news of the win was met with nothing but good wishes from those who know the Thomsons. Clients of Steve’s have spoken highly of his skill as a builder and would gladly recommend him to anyone if he weren’t about to retire.

A colleague of Lenka’s at the Premier convenience store where they work said that he would miss her but was thrilled for the life-changing win. Neighbours in Selsey were also effusive in their praise for the family, who they described as hard-working and lovely people.

Sussex Builder Takes Home 8th Largest UK Lotto Win of £105M element02 - CasinoTopSpending the winnings

Steve and Lenka are determined not to let the win change them. "At the end of the day I'm still Steve - and she is still Lenka - that is not going to change. We're just better off financially," said Steve.

The couple plans to move house and travel more often, especially to see Lenka’s family in Slovakia, who they could only afford to visit once a year before the big win. But they also want to be sensible with the money and say that with a little careful planning, can help even more people than just their loved ones.

EuroMillions winners

Steve and Lenka Thomson are the 6th EuroMillions jackpot winners in the United Kingdom this year and the biggest jackpot in 2019 - £170 million - was won just last month by an anonymous winner.

The win is also the 8th largest lottery win in the UK ever. The Thomsons come in behind Neil Trotter, who won £107.9M in 2014, Frances and Patrick Connolly, who won £114.9M on New Year’s Day this year, and Colin and Chris Weir, who won a jaw-dropping £161M in 2011.

The Biggest Online Casino Wins in November 2019

Online casino big win stories are not only inspiring but they also give an indication of which progressive jackpots have dropped recently, so that you can pick which one you want to play with the most complete knowledge. After all, you wouldn’t want to play on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot right after someone had taken home the massive multi million dollar prize fund. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the largest wins with the smallest initial stakes in November 2019, all so that you can see how easy it can be to land the big one whilst also crossing off certain progressive slots from your list – until they build up again…

The Biggest Online Casino Wins in November 2019 element01 - CasinoTop4,786x Win on Iron Dog Studios’ Pirate Kingdom Megaways

We begin with a relatively small win (but nonetheless impressive) win on Iron Dog Studios’ fantastic booty collecting slot Pirate Kingdom Megaways. Featuring the excellent game mechanic of locked reels, which enables a player to keep up to seven symbols in play at any given time, a lucky person called Slotspinner bought his way into the bonus rounds with 10 free spins. From there, the wins keep racking up as more bonus rounds and free spins trigger until a critical mass. The multiplier eventually rose to so high that Slotspinner completed the winning streak with a final free spins win of €9,572 (just shy of CA$14,000) – that’s 4,768x the stake!

5,000x Win on Gamomat’s Win Blaster

A player going by the username SvensOmat decided to see how far he could get with just €0.35 (that’s only CA$0.50) a spin. He chose the game Win Blaster by the excellent Gamomat studio – a relatively simple 3x3 reel game that only has five paylines to speak of. Nevertheless, the stars must have been aligned for him, as in a short live streamed clip SvensOmat manages to take home an unbelievable €1,750 (CA$2,555) from a single spin. He is heard screaming “Oh my god!’ when the win comes in. We’re not surprised – that makes it a 5,000x win in total.

8,565x Win on Big Time Gaming’s The Final Countdown

The previous two winners streamed everything on popular live streaming platform Twitch, and the same goes for Salvo, who was playing CA$1.50 a spin on Big Time Gamings’ super slot The Final Countdown. Salvo ended up collecting 10 scatters with four spins left in the bonus round. Then, after picking smaller wins of a few hundred Canadian dollars, he lands a Purple gem on the first and sixth reels right at the last. This meant that the streamer managed to gain a total win that round of around CA$12,500 – that’s a big win of just over 8,565x the initial stake.

The Biggest Online Casino Wins in November 2019 element02 - CasinoTop9,464x Win on Relax Gaming’s Money Train

Taking things up a notch, playing Relax Gaming’s video slot Money Train, the player known as Xtremeg222 won with a great many multipliers contributing to a huge 9,464x win. What’s more, this was achieved with €1 a spin (roughly CA$1.50). The winning streak eventually led to the player walking away with a very reasonable €9,464 grand total, which is equivalent to slightly more than CA$13,800 – we have to admit that’s impressive when the stake was just CA$1.50.

14,596x Win on Big Time Gaming’s Lil’ Devil

Gaining a Purple Heart (the symbol that pays out the most on Big Time Gaming’s innovative slot Lil’ Devil), a gambling gamer by the name of Vekku62 pulled off an astonishing win that was worth 14,596x the initial wager. And it certainly goes to show that you don’t need massive stakes to end up a happy customer, as Vekku62 was only placing CA$0.50 each time. In a thrilling final round, the player took home just over CA$10,000. How amazing is that?

The Biggest Online Casino Wins in November 2019 element03 - CasinoTop17,698x Win on NetEnt’s Dead or Alive II

Net Entertainment’s gunslinging slot Dead or Alive II features twice in our round up of massive wins in November 2019. First up, we have the user Smegs Slots, who was only betting the crazy low amount of CA$0.16 each time. Not that it ended up mattering. The highly volatile NetEnt title went into meltdown at a certain point during the stream, paying out a grand total of more than CA$2,750 from a single spin – that’s a truly impressive 17,698x the initial bet!

25,995x Win on NetEnt’s Dead or Alive II

Finally, we return to Slotspinner, the Twitch streamer that also had a big win with Pirate Kingdom Megaways. This one is particularly astonishing, however, as the super volatile Dead or Alive II ended up giving the player a win that was worth more than 25,000x the initial stake. And that stake was a mere CA$5 each time. In fact, it was such an impressive set of circumstances that we recommend you watch the original stream in its entirety. In the end, the final round win of around CA$28,000 was just the cherry on the cake. The grand prize taken home that day was a whopping total of more than CA$136,000, which equates to 25,995x the initial bet. Awesome!

Canada’s Crazy History of Big Casino Wins

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that casino gaming is huge in Canada today, and it really doesn’t matter to Canucks whether they get their kicks online or at one of Canada’s superb land-based casino destinations.

A landmark event in Canada’s casino history occurred in 1996, when Casino Niagara opened its doors for business in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Overnight, thousands of Canucks flocked to the casino in a bid to change their luck in an instant. It was as if the Klondike gold rush of the1800’s had never ended.

But that’s the thing about Canadians, they never lose their sense of adventure, or their ingrained need to take a chance, throwing all caution to the wind and go all out to strike it rich. However, unlike the hazards and mortal dangers of travelling up north to the Yukon to find gold, striking it rich in a casino in Canada today is a relatively easy prospect.

Canada’s Crazy History of Big Casino Wins element01 - CasinoTopSo, without further ado, here are a few rewarding stories of how some lucky Canadians have struck it rich in the past.

Mega Win on Mega Moolah

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or an abandoned gold mine), you should be quite familiar with the name Mega Moolah. This happens to be the distinctive moniker of Microgaming’s most famous and benevolent progressive jackpot slot. Mega Moolah has the distinction of having made more overnight millionaires around the world, than any other progressive jackpot slot in history.

Of course, this wonderful benevolence also finds its way into Canada, where one lucky Vancouverite hit the motherlode in 2015. The player, who for obvious reasons chose to remain anonymous, triggered a major progressive jackpot win on Mega Moolah worth a whopping $7.5 million Canadian. Perhaps what is even more incredible, is that he happened to be playing this ultimate progressive jackpot game with one hand – on his mobile!

A Smooth Criminal

Actually, this one isn’t really about a criminal that knocked over a casino. It’s about a sweet little old lady that happens to be a fan of the music of ‘the gloved one’, Michael Jackson. She also happens to be a complete slots nut and plays them at local casinos whenever she gets a chance.

Okay, so she’s not really a little old lady either, she’s only 55 years old. However, be that as it may, the lady in question, named Kathryn, spotted a sweet Michael Jackson-themed slot, complete with an original MJ musical soundtrack. She just had to play.

As it turned out, the move was meant to be, as Kathryn won a mind blowing $1.8 million while playing at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. Forget about just doing the moonwalk, for that money you might be able to buy that old ball of cheese and walk all over it.

Canada’s Crazy History of Big Casino Wins element02 - CasinoTopKeeping it on the Down Low

It’s entirely understandable that many big jackpot winners prefer to keep their win quiet, lest all those worms in the woodwork come a-knocking. This is exactly what played out at Woodbine Racetrack Casino, Toronto in 2008, when a man who casino staff referred to as “a regular player”, hit one of the biggest wins Canada has ever seen.

The man, Mr Anonymous, decided to take a chance on the $1 Megabucks slot machine. After a few hours of playing the reels, Mr Anonymous hit the perfect combination, setting off the machine’s lights and bells. Luckily for him, it was pretty late in the evening and the casino was fairly empty. Mr Anonymous walked out of that casino a changed man, with a massive check for $4.7 million in his pocket.

When Will You Be the Winner?

Canadians seem to be quite a lucky bunch, and maybe it has something to do with that risk-taking gene in their DNA. There are hundreds of stories just like the few we shared here with you, about how a lucky Canuck took a chance, spent a few dollars and came out with more money than they ever dreamed they would have.

So, whether you choose to play at home on the couch in your slippers, on the bus via your mobile device, or by taking a nice scenic drive down to your local casino, when will you be the one, we’re all talking about? Of course, if you choose to remain anonymous, we’ll never know, but you sure will!

Canadian Wins Life-Changing Jackpot

Most of us dream of one day hitting it big, playing lotto or some other kind of mega-jackpot game. We’ve all heard those incredible stories of someone that took a chance, not expecting anything to come from it, only to find out that they had won millions in a single stroke of fortune. Those moments literally change the winner’s life in an instant, taking them from rags to riches overnight.

Canadian Wins Life-Changing Jackpot element01 - CasinoTopThis is probably why we as Canadians love playing big jackpot games online. We relish the challenge of chasing that massive payday and it doesn’t really matter if it’s the state lotto, online slots, or one of the big progressive jackpot games so popular at top Canadian online casinos.

Mega-Jackpot Winner!

Every now and then we get to hear about a lucky Canuck that managed to do what we all are trying to do every day, get the right combination on that jackpot machine and hear that sweet, sweet victory music.

The most recent win is attributed to a player from Canada playing at Jackpot City casino, a popular choice for Canadians looking for big progressive jackpots. The player, who wishes to remain anonymous, managed to hit just the right combo to unlock the current jackpot total of a whopping C$8.1 million. Naturally, the player was both shocked and delighted at the sudden win, although he had been plugging away at his favourite progressive jackpot for quite some time.

Right about now, you may be wondering what progressive jackpot machine this lucky Canuck happened to be playing. Afterall, this sort of knowledge is useful if you’re also looking to get into the record books or change your lot in life in the blink of an eye. Well, as it turns out, the player was spinning reels on Mega Moolah, Microgaming’s most famous (and most popular) progressive jackpot slot. Microgaming has made more overnight millionaires ever since Microgaming introduced this powerful progressive jackpot slot back in 2006.

Canadian Wins Life-Changing Jackpot element02 - CasinoTopWhat the Heck is a Progressive Jackpot Machine Anyway?

This is a great question, and one that many ‘slots newbies’ will eventually ask. The short answer is that progressive jackpot slots are those slots that you see front and centre, both at land-based casinos as well as online ones.

If you happen to be visiting a land-based casino, you’ll quite often see the progressive jackpot machines in the casino lobby, or very near the entrance to the main gaming area. You may sometimes find them right in the centre of the casino’s main gaming floor. Basically, anywhere that commands the attention of the entire casino. At online casinos, you’ll usually encounter the main progressive jackpot slots on the casino’s homepage, or sometimes displayed in a prominent banner splashed across the top of the casinos main page.

Canadian Wins Life-Changing Jackpot element03 - CasinoTopProgressive jackpot slots are usually loud and colourful, with plenty of dazzling lights or bells and whistles, all designed to attract maximum attention. Each machine does this in its own way, and it all depends on the designers of the progressive jackpot slot. However, one thing that all progressive jackpot slots have in common is the prominent display of its current jackpot value. This usually takes the form of a total counter, counting upwards as more and more money gets added to the jackpot pool.

Progressive jackpot slots are amazing because there is just about no limit to just how big the jackpot can grow. It all depends on how popular the slot is and how many people give it a shot. Every time someone plays the game, a percentage of their wager gets added to the jackpot total. With online progressive jackpot slots, players don’t even have to be playing at the same casino to add to the jackpot total. These are called network progressive jackpot machines, and this is usually where the really big jackpots can be found.

There are Always Winners

Another interesting fact about progressive jackpot slots, no matter what, there are always winners. For example, just in 2018, Mega Moolah paid out over $50 million to lucky players, all over the world. The really cool thing about progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah, is that there are four different jackpots that can be won, just in that one game. On top of that, any one of the four jackpots can be triggered at any time during the game, no need for a bonus round first.

Lucky Lady Sets Record with Massive $2.1 Million Win

A very lucky lady from Prince George in British Columbia set a new record in Canada for the largest jackpot slots win to date, to the tune of $2.1 million. Marlyne Dumoulin, along with her husband Andy Domoulin, decided that a night out on the town would be more fun at their local casino, playing slots.

Lucky Lady Sets Record with Massive $2.1 Million Win elemen01 - CasinoTopSo, the soon to be lucky couple headed to their local casino, Treasure Cove Casino in Prince George. What Andy and Marlyne like to do, is play slots together as a couple, and this night was no different. Little did they know what was in store for them later that evening.

As Andy tells the story, he had just won about $300 with just 1 spin and told Marlyne to go ahead and a spin on the next round. He figured they had 3 free spins in the bank, so why not just have some fun with them. Marlyne hit the spin button and the couple waited to see where the reels would end up. Unbelievably, the reels stopped on the ‘jackpot bonus’.

“Then, all of a sudden, the machine dies”, adds Marlyne, and Andy carries on with the story, mentioning that they we were accompanied by security guards," Andy says. "We didn't know what had happened!"

In all the confusion, they hadn’t noticed that a light had gone off on the machine, which tells casino staff exactly what is happening. Andy said that they were surrounding them downstairs. he also went on to say that the guy spit out his coffee when he found out that slot had won.

What’s really funny about this story is that Marlyne didn’t even realise exactly how much they had won. Looking that winning figure on the machine, Marlyne misread the number of zeros on the win, thinking they had just won $2,100. However, casino staff quickly explained to her that they had in fact just won the main bonus jackpot of $2.1 million.
After picking up their winning check from British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC) head office, the lucky couple told reporters and staff that they were planning on doing a little road tripping. After purchasing an RV, the couple’s first stop would be a family reunion in Edmonton. Andy, a truck driver working between Langley and Prince George had been planning on retiring in 10 months, but could now afford to bring that date forward.

So, How Can You Be Like the Domoulin’s?

While this might be hard to believe, winning a huge sum of money like the Domoulin’s did, isn’t really all that difficult. It all boils down to how you go about it. While not everyone will be lucky enough to win $2.1 million off a $3 spin, playing the right jackpot slot can make all the difference.

Jackpot slots experts advise shopping around for the best jackpots before putting any of your own money into them. Not all jackpot slots are created equal, and some types may not give you the results that you might be after.

Lucky Lady Sets Record with Massive $2.1 Million Win elemen02 - CasinoTopFor example, progressive jackpot slots will usually yield the biggest jackpot paydays of any type of jackpot slot. But again, here you have to know what type of progressive jackpot slot you are dealing with. Progressive jackpot slots basically come in three different types – standalone, local network and wide area network.

Knowing how each of these works and are structured will help you to determine what sort of win you’re likely to end up with. Standalone progressives typically produce the smallest jackpot payouts since these machines can only be played in one place, by one player at a time. Local network progressive jackpots on the other hand, link a number of machines together within the same casino. This gives you a much larger payout potential, since multiple players are all contributing to the same jackpot. Finally, wide area network progressives link the same type of progressive jackpot game over a number of different casinos, although these are more common with online casinos. These produce the biggest jackpot payout of all for obvious reasons.

If you happen to be residing in British Columbia, BCLC are happy to also let you know that you can play their Powerbucks progressive jackpot game, with a progressive jackpot prize of at least $1 million. This game works on the wide area network, linking bets across participating jurisdictions including New Brunswick, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, P.E.I and Quebec.

Lucky Retired Saguenay Man Wins a Massive $1.2 Million

It’s not every day you can read this kind of headline, where one lucky player managed to bag over a million dollars playing a slot machine game. The news has since been making international headlines and it seems that everyone wants to know who this lucky player is and what his story is in hopes of following the same victory.

Lucky Retired Saguenay Man Wins a Massive $1.2 Million - Canada CasinoTop Element 01How it All Started

The series of events that led to the winning outcome of one retired Saguenay man began on the evening of the 25th of October 2019. The player, a man in his late fifties who wishes to remain anonymous for his own personal reasons, picked the ideal night to walk away from a millionaire. The story unfolds after the retired gentleman made a small deposit of just $2.25 at one of the most popular casinos in the world. Located in La Malbaie, a distance away from Canada, the Casino de Charlevoix was the best choice of places to visit during his abroad vacation.

When the anonymous Loto – Quebec sat in front of the slot machine that is located just inside the renowned land based casino establishment, he played a few initial spins that tallied up to under $3.00. This was exactly when the machine lit up the lobby and generously offered exactly $1,196,769.

Needless to say, the massive win has been drawing attention to the casino, to which the manager responded that this was the biggest jackpot win in the lifespan of the Casino de Charlevoix.

Lucky Retired Saguenay Man Wins a Massive $1.2 Million - Canada CasinoTop Banner 01The Name of the Game

Naturally, there have been many queries as to which video slot game has paid out such a generous amount. The answer? Powerbucks. Developed by the leading brand IGT, players are encouraged to play with minimal deposit amounts to stand the chance of unlocking millions in cash rewards. IGT has been one of the gaming giant developers since the dawn of slots gaming and is one of the first software developers to have rewarded a player with that kind of money in La Malbaie.

Regardless of this IGT slot game paying out one of the biggest jackpot wins in the history of Quebec land-based gambling, there have been a number of other IGT slots games to have paid out handsomely.

The Outcome

After the winner, a mysterious family man from Canada was awarded the enormous amount of cash from one simplistic slot machine, he was then invited by the casino’s leading chief operating officer to celebrate this life-changing win in the executive VIP casino lounge. The winner’s family was in attendance and chose to join him on his recent victory of over one million dollars.

Lucky Retired Saguenay Man Wins a Massive $1.2 Million - Canada CasinoTop Banner 02Loto-Quebec

Quebec is renowned for having a long history of satisfied players and Loto-Quebec has rolled out over 15 wins in the past few years paying out over $1 million in rewards to each winner. The outcome has brought incredible attention to the casinos in Quebec and some of the stories, although not as intriguing as a mystery man winning over $1 million, have brought much needed attention to the country.

Quebec has also recently been making international casino news after revealing that players from the region pour more money into casino gaming than initially thought. The irony, however, is that the winners are usually foreigners visiting the much admired lands of Quebec and that the winnings taken are more often than not higher than imagined.

Lucky Retired Saguenay Man Wins a Massive $1.2 Million - Canada CasinoTop Element 02Looking to Develop Local Casinos

With the recent introduction of a more strategic and developed system designed to target online players, it is thought that many more Quebec casinos will be attracting new players and locals too will soon enough be basking in the glory of wins.

With all the media attention that has been garnered after this victorious win, it has been said that the land-based establishment, Casino de Charlevoix, has been attracting much appreciated attention and is about to be the next holiday destination attraction due to the great rewards it brings. After all is said and done, there is no doubt that the mystery winner of $1,196,769 would most assuredly recommend playing any IGT slots game in Quebec.

Bizarre Plot Twist in Recent Canadian Lottery Win

Unfortunately, not every casino or lottery win ends with the fragrant aroma of freshly cut roses. In fact, with one of the most recent wins in Canadian history ended with tissues and tears. And it all began with Ryan Dodd.

Ryan Dodd from London recently believed he had the good fortune of buying a lottery ticket which would, later on, prove to be the lucky lottery ticket of the evening. Dodd was interviewed after landing an incredible win of CA$2,500,000 in a simple game of lottery. The game consisted of scratch cards which would reveal the lucky winning numbers to those who choose to partake in a quick game online. But what happened next couldn't be predicted and might have changed the way the parties involved may view their next win.

All About The Win

The reason this story drew so much attention from the public was that Mr. Dodd is one of the most recent millionaires to have won a life-changing sum of money from playing the lottery supplied by Ontario. Ryan Todd is a 26 year old bartender who chose exactly the right time and day to purchase a lottery ticket which would later prove to be a combination of winning numbers.

The outcome of the choice for Mr. Dodd to purchase a lottery ticket was to change the rest of his life. Following his instinct, the young bartender made his way through the streets of London and found himself in a situation that led him to make the purchase of the multi-million dollar win. The only catch? Dodd was required to claim his prize within 52 weeks from Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation as a part of the agreement. The surprise? It wasn’t Dodd who found himself having a moment of sadness, but rather one of the below mentioned lottery winners.

Bizarre Plot Twist in Recent Canadian Lottery Win - Canada CasinoTop Banner 01Another Lottery Wheel Win for the Win

Thomas Desjarlais has also been internationally recognized as an instant lottery millionaire when the young man purchased himself a winning lottery ticket. All the win took was a payment of CA$5.00 and he bought himself a spin of the winning lottery wheel in Alberta. Because Thomas Desjarlais hit a winning spin, he was immediately entered into the grand prize draw of a winning pot that totalled to the value of CA$275, 000. But the most rewarding part of Mr. Desjarlais’s story is that this wasn’t his first lottery wheel win, it was, in fact, his second and all in the space over 2 weeks. The first win awarded the avid lottery player with CA10, 000 which is what encouraged him to play on and get an impressive win as well as an automatic entry into the bigger pot.

Bizarre Plot Twist in Recent Canadian Lottery Win - Canada CasinoTop Element 01More Canadian Winners

Andre Dionne and Nicole Caron won a combined total of $24 000 Canadian dollars. The most obvious scenario is that they too will have a great future planned, and both have been reported to have had success in their paths. It’s the story below that tells another version of winning the lottery.

The Story to Reel the Nation

It's stories like this one that tells us not all stories end happily. In fact, this one is the story that followers have been looking for and the reasoning isn’t that crazy, it's a plot twist that leaves everyone feeling as if it is really bizarre. Michael Gebru from Ontario made headlines when he won a life altering sum of CA$10.7 million. This win came in 2017 but the series of events to follow only recently took place. Gebru was found dead in his home country in 2019. Following his recent activity after his win, records show the inspirational man used his winnings to fly between Canada and Ethiopia in order to help those in need in his home country. It was the last trip that Mr. Gebru took that would cost him his life. The circumstances around his death remain a mystery and are currently being investigated and due to the man's very prestigious reputation, the story has touched many who knew him in Ontario and Ethiopia.

A Whopping $60 Million Lottery Win by Canadian Landscaper

It isn’t every day that you hear such happy endings for those in desperate need of money, thankfully there are some occasions that call for the attention of the media as is the situation in this very instance. One lucky man walked away with a whopping $60 million win and this is everything we could find out about the situation.

A Whopping $60 Million Lottery Win by Canadian Landscaper - Canada CasinoTop Element 01After 30 years and playing the lottery, one of the luckiest landscapers in the world finally hit a stroke of luck and walked away with one of the biggest lottery wins in history. Bon Truong had been playing the same lottery numbers for over 30 years and it eventually paid off big when he played the Lotto Max which paid out a whopping few million dollars.

About the Lucky Winner

Truong is a hard working landscaper from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. He is especially famous now after coming forward to claim his win. It was at a news conference which was held on Wednesday the 28th of August in 2019 where he told the press he had been playing the same lottery numbers for over three decades.

Little did Truong know, but emigrating from Vietnam back in 1983 would be the life-changing event to set him in an easy retirement opportunity.

When asked about what his experience was upon learning he had the winning numbers, Truong admitted to barely believing his good fortune. He said that he went to the store immediately and asked the teller to please print the lottery’s winning numbers, just in case! Truong went on to tell WCLC that when he took the printout home, he just stared at the numbers on his ticket for hours on that specific day. He simply couldn’t believe that he had won $60 million dollars!

A Whopping $60 Million Lottery Win by Canadian Landscaper - Canada CasinoTop Banner 01About the Winning Numbers

When interviewed and asked about the winning numbers, Truong said that his chosen numbers were a combination of important numbers which represented important family dates, birthdays and other symbolic dates. The numbers, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20 and 30, are the exact numbers to have been called out in Lotto Max making Truong a multimillionaire.

A Whopping $60 Million Lottery Win by Canadian Landscaper - Canada CasinoTop Element 02The lottery was won through renowned corporation Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) which has also been making international headlines with their innovative approach to delivering lottery services, news, and information to players in Western Canada.

A Bizarre Twist to the Tale

What made Truong’s story so incredibly unique and touched the hearts of many is the man’s willingness to wait before claiming his winnings. The bizarre plot twist is that Truong purchased the lucky lotto ticket in October 2018 and waited for a period of ten long months before he claimed what was rightfully his. When asked about his bizarre waiting period, Truong told WCLC that he wanted to carefully consider how such a big amount of money would affect the everyday lifestyle of his family. He proceeded to tell the corporation that he began to think about what this win would mean for his family and that he knew it would obviously change a lot of aspects in his family’s lives. Truong just wanted to make sure his family would be able to handle these incredible changes that were about to happen.

When Truong exclaimed that his family was ‘ready’ to embrace their win, it was a moment for applause as the humble family had finally taken their $60 million dollar leap of faith.

A Whopping $60 Million Lottery Win by Canadian Landscaper - Canada CasinoTop Banner 02Plan of Action

Truong plans to pay off his debts and then proceed to buy a new home for his family. He told the media that he was just happy to be able to pay off his debt and that was his first thought. The Canadian will then be taking his family on a much deserved long vacation and when asked where he would go, he replied everywhere!

It is stories like Truong’s that have made the WCLC as popular as it has become and many more are bound to experience the winning sensation delivered by claiming wins through magical numbers. Now it’s to see who will walk away with millions and if their winning story is as touching as Truong’s or if their numbers hold as much value as the Vietnamese lottery player has.