Go Pragmatic Global at Joo Casino

You will find all the excitement you need at Joo Casino, with weekly tournaments and tons of prizes. The Pragmatic Global Promo will have you contending to be the best. You have the chance to be climbing the leaderboard to cash in on your portion of the prize pool.

The tournament itself is split in half, with one half winning you cash prizes. While the other half gets you your original stake multiplied beyond compare.

What's on Offer

There is a staggering €2 million prize pool on offer and you don’t want to miss out. Each week, starting on Wednesday, you will have a chance to win your share of €30,000. There will also be daily cash drops during each tournament to keep you enticed.

The cash prizes will require a minimum bet of €0.50 for a chance to win the top prize of €5,000. Secondly, winning big on a single spin could see you win the top multiplier and see you climbing the leaderboard with ease.

Stand a Chance to Get Your Portion of the Pool

The leaderboard will display the top contestants. You will earn a place by having the highest single spin according to the amount you bet. This applies to the cash prize and multiplier sections of the tournament. To make sure there are as many winners as possible and to keep things fair, your prize will be paid out based on a bet of €10.

The daily cash prizes are also split into two in the same way. You could win more than one prize every day. The daily cash drops start at 10 pm and last until there are no prizes left or for 24 hours, whichever one comes first. There are 80 cash prizes to win in each category, that being the multiplier or the regular cash prizes.

A Few Things to Remember

For the regular cash prize categories, you will have to place a minimum bet of €0.50 to be eligible for the prize. The multiplier category doesn’t require any minimum bet, but remember that your prize is calculated based on the amount you choose to wager.

This promotion offers all players a chance to win in different ways. The prizes are unbelievable and you definitely deserve what’s on offer. Take some time to play at Joo Casino, to win prizes daily and weekly. Keep an eye on the leaderboard and make sure your name is displayed, for your impressive chunk of change.

Happy Hours Tournament Series at Joo Casino

As many can agree, when happy hour comes around it’s the moment we have all been waiting for. Joo Casino has a special Happy Hour in store for you, with not just one, but 4 Happy Hours. Get ready every Thursday and get to Joo Casino, to be part of an unbelievable tournament that’s packed with excitement.

It will be extremely fast-paced, so hold on to your hat. Playing the slots you know and love will get you into the tournament that is made up of smaller tournaments. Therefore, so many more opportunities for you to win.

What Happy Hours Offers at JooCasino

Every Thursday €2,000 is up for grabs and all you need to do is get there, log in and spin those reels. Mini tournaments will run for 10 minutes at a time, making sure the excitement never dies. There will be a 2-minute break between each mini-tournament. So, get your refreshments, we don’t think you’ll move away any time soon.

Make sure you arrive on time and that you can take part in every single one of the 20 mini-tournaments. Every ten minutes comes with a chance to win your share of €100. The top prize gets you €50, the second prize will get you €30 and third place will see you walking away with €20.

How it Works

All you need to do is play slots that you are familiar with. What you are looking to get, are multipliers, these will earn you points. The higher your multiplier, the higher your points. Additionally, you will receive extra points for the bets you make, whether you win or lose.

You start earning points when you win three or more multipliers. You could earn yourself up to 999 points if you win 101 or more multipliers. You have probably seen what one spin can do in any slot, the sky's the limit.

Minor Details

The minimum bet for the tournament will be €1, which is how you earn that extra point. All winnings are 5 times the wager. Remember, only bets placed with money you have deposited will count towards winning those multipliers and earning your points.

Are you ready? Thursday is the day and Joo Casino has Happy Hours just for you. It is technically four hours of excitement, but we reckon that more time to win, is what you will love the most.

Stellar Stream at 4StarsGames

The gambling industry is strong in Canada, with so many casinos all around you will be spoilt for choice. However, if you’re having a bit of a lazy day, why not stay home and enjoy casino games with 4StarsGames. Taking you to outer space while sitting at your desk or even on the sofa.

While enjoying some of your favourite casino games, 4StarsGames has provided you with a Stellar loyalty program. Aptly called Stellar Stream and there’s no doubt it will keep you coming back for more as you accumulate your loyalty points or in this case, your very own loyalty stars.

What's On Offer

You will find a cast host of games on 4Stars Games and with Stellar Streams; it will make your stay even more spectacular. While enjoying games you have come to love, from trusted game providers, climb the loyalty levels and earn promotional credits.

You will be reaching for the stars as you reach the different levels, like Arcturus, Kentaurus and Vega, some of the brightest stars in the known universe. At the different levels, you will have earned a specific number of stars. Furthermore, you can take the stars you earned and cash them in for promotional credits to be used on the eligible games. This gives you a chance to earn even more stars and real money rewards to withdraw whenever you want.

The Roll-Over

Even if you haven’t reached your desired level and earned enough stars, what you have will remain in your account. When the next month starts, the stars from the previous month will be added to any stars you earn in the new month. The stars roll over, to keep you playing and winning.

How It Works

You will be playing games from specific game providers, but there are loads of them. With each provider, there are tons of games to choose from. For most of the games, when you bet 10,000 (€100) cashable credits, you will earn 1 star. It is as simple as that.
Furthermore, any games played from the game provider Bambo Games will get you 1 star for every 1,000 cashable credits. Making it so much easier to reach the star you are aiming for. Games such as Rainbow Lady, Zeus, Ocean Pearls, Gladiator and more.
All you need to do is have fun by flying into outer space, reaching for the brightest stars and winning those promotional credits. The credits help you play without spending any of your own money but winning cold hard cash.

Super Gems 2 at 4StarsGames

If you were a fan of 4StarsGames’ Super Gems, here comes their next installment. With many Canadians enjoying the entertainment offered at offshore online casinos, the journey to the stars with 4StarGames makes things even more exciting. The ever-popular Super Gems offered promotional credit prizes for all players to enjoy.

The next step in the Super Gems journey is here, and waiting for you to join in. With 4StarsGames and the journey among the stars always on offer, can you afford to miss out on winning awesome prizes just by enjoying some of your favorite games? With a wide selection of game providers, you will be playing games that you’re used to and enjoy to the fullest.

What's on offer

Even if you’re familiar with Super Gems it doesn’t hurt to refresh your memory. You will be looking at 6 weeks’ worth of tournament excellence. Furthermore, if you are finding your feet in the current tournament, and don’t quite make it into the top 252, there’s no need to worry. With a new tournament starting up every seven days, you’ll never run out of excitement.
You will stand a chance to win your share of €7,500 (Just over CAD11,000). As previously mentioned, there are 252 winners in each tournament. The top prize will see you walking away with €1,000 and if you get to the 252nd position, €10 will be your prize. With so many positions, it seems that anyone who participates will be a winner.

How it works

Each week, starting on Wednesday, until the 18th of November 2020, a new tournament is started. You will earn your points, or Super Gems, by playing slot games from selected software providers. In case you’re thinking that this limits the playing field, there are 18 different providers to choose from. Your share of the prize will come in the form of cashable promotional credits that are awarded once the weekly tournament has ended. These credits can be used on any casino games at 4StarsGames and can be withdrawn as real money.

Don’t miss out

Even though you are only able to win points and your share on specific games, you will still have the opportunity to spend your winnings however you please. There is €45,000 up for grabs until November you have ample time to hone your skills and get what’s yours. You won’t have to opt into the game or meet any wagering requirements. It’s just a reward for having fun.

Earn at Ticket For the Space Bus at 4Stars Games

It is safe to say that mankind craves connection, relationships and just company in general. The more the merrier they say and 4StarsGames is offering just that. The Space Bus promotion will have you benefitting merely by inviting your friends to come over and play. When traveling amongst the stars, some company could never hurt. So pack your bags, grab your friends and get going, the Space bus awaits and a space trip with your fellow explorers is what awaits, filled with out of this world entertainment.

What's on Offer

Gambling is a favourite pastime for many Canadians and extending their reach to online casinos has become quite popular in the region. Even though online casinos have yet to be legalized within the borders, offshore operators are free to open their doors to the Canadian locals. So, you can rest assured that playing the games on 4StarsGames is legal and completely safe. Keeping your safety in mind, you can invite your friends to play as well.

Referring your friends and having them enjoy the same experience, is well worth the effort. Players referring others will earn €20 in promotional credits for every referral that joins. When your friends join, they will also be allowed to invite even more people that they know and earn the same benefit. There is no limit to how many times or how many friends you invite, so go forth and get as many as you can on to the Space Bus.

How it Works

It is your standard referral program and the Space Bus, as mentioned, has no limits on referrals. It’s simple to do and can be done at any time. You will need a validated account before referring any of your friends.

Validation is quite easy, you will need to provide your proof of Identification as well as Proof of address. This not only validates your account for the referral program but also helps when it comes to your withdrawals. All you need to do is log in to your account and go to the Space Bus promotion, create your unique link and share it with your friends via any social media platform you want to use. All your friends need to do is follow your unique link and follow the steps provided.

The Terms and Conditions

Once your friends follow the unique link and sign up they will have to deposit €50 or more. The referral bonus will immediately be credited to your account automatically. Your friends need to make sure that they follow all the steps provided to make sure that you earn your referral bonus. Enjoy the games and the company you invite, the journey and the Space Bus is an offer that won’t disappoint.

Beam Me Back at 4Stars Games

Space is intriguing to all and 4Stars Games is the place to be if you love science fiction and space themes. The galactic online casino offers hundreds of games and great promotions as well. Even though you’re happy with your online gaming experience, the promise of a little bit extra is exactly what every player wants to hear. 4Stars Games casino is safe, licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and operated by Soar Malta Limited. Even though the casino was started in 2019, they have made sure to keep their players safe and their games up to date. Thus, keeping their promotions fresh and interesting as well, like the Beam Me Back promotion.

What Makes Beam Me Back Special?

Getting cashback from money deposited is made easy with the Beam Me Back promotion. While you are enjoying the game offerings at 4Stars Games, you may be able to win cash back at the end of every week. So being loyal and just having fun, even has a reward for you at 4Stars Games. We say beaming back a portion of any funds deposited into your account is simply a lovely treat!

How it Works

For all eligible games, the casino backend system will tally what you have spent and give you a cashback bonus at the end of every week. So, whether you are winning or losing, whatever you put in, you’ll earn a percentage of it back at the end of the week. Even though the promotion applies to eligible games as listed on the website, there are numerous options to choose from.

You will find that the cashback bonus will be deposited into your account as promotional credits, to be used on the eligible games. There is no extra effort required from you as the player, all of this is done automatically. Any winnings, from the use of the promotional credits, can be withdrawn for you to spend at your leisure.

Terms and Conditions

Keep in mind that promotional credits will be earned, by the use of real money deposits. The calculation is done and processed every Monday, if the system is unable to do so, then it will be completed the following Monday, and will take into account two weeks of gameplay.

To make use of the Beam Me Back promotion, you must have a registered account with 4Stars Games and make real money deposits. The promotion can be ended at any time, so it's best to get playing as soon as possible to take advantage of this out of this world offer.

Super Gems Tournament at 4Stars Games

4Stars Games is one of the most visually pleasing and exciting gaming offers on the web right now. With five years of experience in the business and a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, this online casino location doesn’t only offer a premium gaming experience, but excellent security as well. One of the most alluring things about 4Stars Games casino is the promotional offers that are continuously updated. The Super Gems Tournament is one of these epic offers. You will find all you need to know about Super Gems below.

All About the Super Gems Tournament

This epic tournament is just the latest brought to you by 4Stars Games. Space is a vast and mysterious place but players are invited to join in on the fun and try to find the gems. The tournament is strictly for slot games offered on the site, with qualifying games indicated in the slots tab. The more spins of qualifying value that you bet, the more it adds to your points. The tournament will run for six weeks with a winner announced at the end of the week. To stand a chance to win, you need to make it onto the leaderboard and stay there until the weekly time frame has lapsed.

What’s Up for Grabs

In order to receive a reward, you need to rank within the top 252 players. Each of these players will receive a prize at the end of the week. Each weekly tournament will result in 7.500CA$ being given away. The percentage of the reward that players received depends on where they ranked on the leaderboard. The first prize is a total of 1000CA$, second prize gets 500CA$, third prize winners will receive 300CA$, and fourth place gets 200CA$. The prizes that follow are split into positional ranges. If you are between position 5-9 you will get 100CA$ and so forth, until position 252 where players will receive 10CA$.

Terms and Conditions

There are some key terms and conditions to be aware of. Opt-in is not required for this tournament, all you need to do is log into your account and play a slot title. There are specific slot titles that need to be played to generate points. The lowest qualifying bet value 0,20 CA$. Prize funds will be paid out as cashable promotional credit and will be credited to gaming accounts once the tournament ends.

Temple Bazaar Items up For Grabs at Temple Nile Casino

Temple Nile is one of the most immersive and exciting online casino spots on the internet today with hundreds of games on offer and a quirky backstory to keep your eye on the prize. The casino is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and is managed by White Hat Gaming Limited. To ensure that gameplay is safe and fair, Temple Nile is also regulated by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain and the Swedish Gambling Authority. To make this online offering even more rewarding, Temple Nile Casino has a few promotions up its sleeve such as the Temple Bazaar.

What’s On Offer

Staying true to theme and setting, players can trade their temple token for Temple Nile prizes. Akin to going to the arcade and buying prizes with your tickets, there is a wide range of great merchandise up for grabs. The top-rated prize is a VIP Holiday, which can be exchanged for 2 million temple tokens as well as top-of-the-line electronics, fashion goodies, and gift cards. If these prizes don’t appeal to you, there are also free spins that can be used in specific titles, waiting to be claimed with tokens.

How It works

Using the arcade system, Temple Nile tokens are earned as you play games at the casino. Certain games will award you more tokens than others. There are often promotional events and offers that can double or triple the number of tokens you win for each game. Outside of promotional events, every 10€ you wager will result in a set number of tokens. Once you have accumulated the specified number of tokens for a particular item, the bazaar needs to be visited where you can click on the item and chat with one of the consultants to process your order. The consultant will send you a confirmation and update your token balance so you can continue playing and earning tokens towards your next reward.

Terms and Conditions

There are some rules and regulations to be aware of before you swap tokens for a reward. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or credit to a player account. Free spin rewards will be credited directly to the player’s account where they are ready to be used. Inactive accounts, or excluded accounts, are not eligible for this offer. If you do not log into your Temple Nile account for 30 days, Temple Nile reserves the right to reduce your token balance to zero.

Daily Picks at PlayJango

PlayJango is one of the most popular online sites in Canada today, featuring a prestigious VIP club, hundreds of gaming titles to choose from, and promotions galore. PlayJango is licensed by The Malta Gaming Authority and operated by SkillOnNet Ltd, ensuring that rest assured knowing that all games are adequately regulated and play is fair. The Daily Picks promotion is one of the most sought after offers on this site as the requirements are low, making the rewards in store attainable for just about any member.

What’s Up for Grabs

Daily Picks is a classic and simple promotion that you can redeem the first time you log in on any given day of the week. There are three great prizes in store for those who are lucky enough to get a three-in-a-row match such as MatchMe 50%, MatchMe 100%, and ExecMatch 125%. Each of these winning symbols will result in a reward that can be used on a particular day. Their rewards will end at 00:01 and the promotion will reset for the next day. MatchMe 50% results in 50% of your wager being returned to you, should you score a win in any game on the site. MatchMe 100% is a MegaSpins reward that, as you guessed, can only be used on slot titles. The ExecMatch 125% offer is perhaps the jackpot of this promotion as it awards players a one-off bonus of 125%.

How Daily Picks Works

Daily Picks is one of the simplest and comprehensive offers on the web right now. Redeeming this offer is as simple as logging into your gaming account, navigating to the promotions tab, and clicking on the Daily Pick option. Once the page has loaded, you will be faced with a one-armed bandit. You will be allowed to spin this rewarding reel once a day, and the idea is to get three matching symbols in a row. There is a fair amount of chance involved in this but considering that you are not required to deposit or meet any requirements to be eligible for your free spin, makes the risk well worth your while.


This online casino promotion doesn’t offer you just one prize, but the chance to win one of three epic rewards. The idea that players do not have to spend any hard-earned cash or meet stringent requirements makes this offer all the more enticing. The rewards are exciting but spinning the PlayJango reels is even more exhilarating, especially since the result could make your day.

Royal Treatment at 4StarsGames

4StarsGames is a premium online casino location for the virtual gaming world that has a plethora of entertaining and immersive gaming options on offer for the avid Canadian player. This online casino is regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority to ensure that you have a safe and secure gaming experience. 4StarsGames online casino is one of the most visited and exciting sites on the web right now. There is a range of gaming providers that bring the very best to the table for your gaming pleasure. To make this online casino even more attractive, there are bonuses and promotions to enjoy such as the Gamomat 10 Ramses Book free spins.

How To Redeem This Online Casino Promotion

One of the most pleasant things about this online offering is that the bonuses are very simple to redeem. The 10 Gamomat promotion takes it a step further by not having any wagering requirements attached to the offer. All you have to do is make sure that you have funded your gaming account at least twice since you joined 4StarsGames. You are not required to deposit to redeem this offer; the 10 free spins will be automatically credited to your account. Do note though that these ten free spins can only be used for the Ramses Book slot.

What's Up For Grabs?

The Gamomat ten slot bonus is not only easy to redeem but also rewarding for players. If you’ve ever played the Ramses Book online slot before then you know you are in for a delight. The royal treatment offered at 4starGames will see you receive 10 free spins to try your luck at the Egyptian-themed slot Ramses Book. To make it even easier to take advantage of this promo, you will not be required to deposit any funds into your account, just ensure that you have funded your gaming account at least twice, and the free spins will automatically apply to you.

The Fine Print

Like all promotions on offer, the Gamomat 10 promotion comes with a fine print to ensure that players are participating fairly and that operators are regulated according to set rules. Only one promotion for the Ramses Book free spins will be awarded to players for the promotional period. The period for this promotion is from 13:01, on 12/08/2020, and is valid until 12:59, on 23/08/2020 Eastern European Summer Time zone. The free spins remain valid for a total of one week, or seven days, from the moment you receive them and all ten have to be played out in one gaming session on the designated slot title. The winnings accrued from the use of the 10 free spins will result in real money earnings and will be paid out to you. There is currently no maximum cashout or minimum wagering requirement attached to Gamomat 10 but the casino is at liberty to change this should they see the need to do so.


As far as casino promotions go, this is one of the easiest and most straightforward deals out there. It requires no special deposit to be made, has no wagering requirements, and also does not have a maximum cashout value which makes this one a definite winner!

Daily Drops & Wins Network Promotion 2020 - 4 StarGames

4 StarGames is an online casino and sports betting website that attaches no wagering requirements to its bonuses. If you think this is great, wait until you hear this.Currently,4 StarGames is offering players a Daily Drops & Wins promotion, which is running from the 2nd of July to the 10th of February next year. This means that you have more than enough time to join in on the fun and win big. Keep reading for more information on the promotion.

About the Online Casino Promotion

The promotion features weekly tournaments, as well as daily prize drops that run every week from Thursdays to Wednesdays. The promotion comprises 32 tournaments that last 7 days each, plus 224 prize drops throughout the promotion.

To take part in the promotion you need to play any of the qualifying games and place the required bet, which is at least€/£ 0,50 (or its equivalent in other available currencies) in real money. All spins that meet these requirements will make you eligible for both the weekly tournaments and the daily prize drops.

Weekly Tournament Prizes

Every week there is €/£30,000in cash up for grabs, divided over 350 prizes. The prizes are as follows:

How to Win the Weekly Tournaments

Daily Drops & Wins Network Promotion 2020 - 4 StarGames inner - CasinoTop

To qualify for the weekly tournaments, players need to bet at least €/£0,50 on any of the qualifying games. The scoreboard is based on the highest single spin win compared to your bet amount. This means that the higher you win in comparison to your bet, the higher your score will be.

All qualifying games have a built-in leaderboard that updates in real-time. You will thus be able to see your progress as well of those of the other players. If two or more players share a position, the player who reached the score first will be the winner.

Daily Prize Drops

Prize Drops amount to €/£ 4.600each day. 80 prizes are awarded daily. The prizes are awarded as follows:

How to Win the Daily Prize Drops

To qualify for the daily prize drops, players have to wager at least €/£0,50 on any of the qualifying games. Every spin that meets these requirements can trigger only 1 random prize from the prize pool. However, you do stand the chance of winning more than one prize during the promotion period.Thus, the more you spin the higher your odds of winning more than one prize.

Casino Promotion Terms and Conditions

The total prize pool for the promotion is €/£ 2,000,000 in cash prizes. The rules for both the weekly tournaments and daily prize drops are also built into all qualifying games. The leaderboard will remain visible in any qualifying game for up to 24 hours after a tournament has ended. The prize table for the daily prize drops also update in real-time, indicating how many prizes are left for the day. Prize drops end at 23:59 CET/CEST every day, or when all the prizes have been won.

Dreamz Casino Gives Away CA$2 Million in Cash Prizes

Dreamz Casino is a new Canada online casino that guarantees the best bonus offers online. However, don’t take their word for it, decide for yourself. Find in this article a break-down of a big promotion they are currently running, which is called the drops and wins promotion.

About the Drops and Wins Promotion

Drops and Wins is an in-game leaderboard where players can win CA$2 million in cash prizes. These cash prizes are given away on a daily and weekly basis.The promotion is active from the 2nd of July to the 10th of February 2021.

Daily Prize Pools

The total daily prize pool is set at CA$4 640, and each day 80 prizes are awarded. The 80 daily prizes are triggered randomly and can be awarded on any qualifying spin. Players are not limited to only one prize per day. You can win multiple on any given day. The daily prize giveaway ends every day at 23:59 CEST/CET or when all prizes have been won.

Weekly Prize Pools

Every week a prize pool totaling CA$30 000 is given away across 350 cash prizes. The weekly tournament prizes are paid out to players with the highest multiplier wins. The leaderboard is also in-game and is updated in real-time.

Prize Tables

The prize table is built into all qualifying games. The table updates in real-time, indicating not only current standings but also how many prizes are left.

All winnings are paid out within 72 hours and the winning players will be informed. Rewards are paid out in real cash valuables, which can be collected from Valuables in your account.


Dreamz Casino Gives Away CA$2 Million in Cash Prizes Banner - CasinoTop


Get In On the Action at Dreamz Casino

This promotion is open to all players, including Canadians. All you need to do to participate is open any of the qualifying games. Once you have opted in all spins with wagers of at least CA$0.5 make you eligible for the Daily Prize drops and Tournaments.The following games can be played to opt in: Mustang Gold, Buffalo King, Wolf Gold, John Hunter and the Book of Tut, Sweet Bonanza, The Dog House, Great Rhino Megaways, Bronco Spirit, Release the kraken, John Hunter and the Tomb, Wild West Gold, and Pyramid King.

What Else Dreamz Casino Has to Offer

This is not the only type of promotion you will find at Dreamz Casino. In fact, its bonus offers come in many different shapes and sizes, including free spins, deposit bonuses, cashback and loyalty bonuses. Returning players can expect reload bonuses (which usually also comes in the form of a deposit bonus).

However, these types of casino bonuses tend to differ from player to player depending on your player level and loyalty. Additionally, Dreamz Casino also treats their VIP’s very well. If you are loyal and place above average stakes you stand the chance of becoming a VIP. With VIP status comes many perks, including exclusive free spins, cash back, and bonuses. Apart from the perks, VIP members are also prioritized when it comes to financial queries or customer support.

Win Your Share of Over CA$99,000 in Cash Prizes at Barbados Casino

Barbados Casino is a new online casino that offers Canadian players the best in slot games from top-tier games developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming.While this might not be enough to get you to sign up; their promotions might just do the trick. In addition to a welcome bonus, Barbados Casino has three promotions running at the moment, one of which is a random draw where you could win your share of over CA$99,000. Keep reading to see what it takes to get your hands on some of that cash.

Lucky Number 9 Random Draw

There is nothing quite like a random draw promotion to keep things interesting. Barbados Casino presents a random draw where players can win their share of more than CA$99,000.

The promotion started on the 17th of July and runs until midnight (GMT) on the 25th of July. To take part in the draw players have to play any of the two qualifying games. The games are 9 Pots of Gold and 9 Masks of fire by Microgaming. Every bet of CA$9 represents one automatic entry ticket for the draw.

The following casino cash prizes are available:

In total there will be 117 winners. All the cash prizes are to be awarded on the 29th of July 2020.

Additionally, Barbados Casino also has regular promotions that run throughout the year. They include free spins every Sunday and cashback every month. Read more about these promotions below.

Free Spins Sundays

What can be better than free money? Free spins, of course. Free spins allow you to play your favorite slots without spending any of your real money. If you love free spins, then you’ll love Sundays at Barbados.

At Barbados Casino Sundays are synonymous with free spins. Every Sunday Barbados Casino treats their loyal customers with a bundle of free spins that they can use on any slot. However, keep in mind that free spins will only be given to customers who have made a deposit in the 14 days before the given Sunday. Additionally, the spins expire within 24 hours of being issued and all winnings that resulted from the free spins need to be wagered 50 times.

Money Back Monthly

If you did not have the best of months, don’t fret. Barbados will actually give you cash back based on all your losses for the entire month.

Monthly cashback is available to all Prestige, Premium or Platinum-level players. Needless to say, the higher your level in the casino the more cash you get back. The cash back bonus gets deposited on the 3rd Monday of the next month and spans the full previous month.However, keep in mind that the cashback does require a minimum deposit.

Free spins, monthly cashbacks and random draws are but a few of the promotions on offer at Barbados. They are constantly upgrading and updating their offers to keep their customers happy. What more could you want?

IGT Launches Powerbucks Online Progressive Jackpot Network in Ontario, Canada

Popular slots provider International Game Technology (otherwise known as IGT within the industry) has announced a partnership with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) to bring Powerbucks to the region. Powerbucks is IGT’s massive multi million dollar progressive jackpot network that links physical casinos with their online desktop and mobile brethren. So, no matter where you are, you can compete for the top prizes on two of IGT’s popular games titles.

IGT Launches Powerbucks Online Progressive Jackpot Network in Ontario, Canada Element 01 - CasinoTopWith Ontario being added to the fold, the progressive jackpot network is now available across much of Canada, with deals already in place in British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Quebec. The Powerbucks format is currently included in two games (available in bricks and mortar casinos, as well as online via various casino brands), namely Wheel of Fortune: Exotic Far East and Wheel of Fortune: Hawaiian Gateway. This means that many Canadians can play for the often multi million dollar jackpots from a wide variety of physical and online locations.

Powerbucks Progressive Jackpots

IGT’s innovative progressive jackpot network known as Powerbucks links several sources to create huge prize pools that can be won from a variety of different devices in multiple regions across Canada. By ingeniously combining the game play contributions made from physical casino slot machines, as well as desktop, laptop, cell phones and tablet computers, the jackpots offered by the two aforementioned games can often reach staggering totals waiting for one lucky player to scoop the lot.

Being an omni-channel jackpot network that is specifically located in various regions across Canada means that you will be competing with other Canucks for the big prizes and there’s got to be a certain satisfaction in taking a national jackpot win like that – at least, we would imagine! So far there has been 15 huge wins in Canada each totalling more than a million dollars a piece. And that’s only since it was launched in stages in the Great White North as recently as 2016.

IGT Launches Powerbucks Online Progressive Jackpot Network in Ontario, Canada Banner 01 - CasinoTop

IGT Praises OLG

Speaking about the latest licencing deal made with the OLG, IGT’s Regional Vice President in Canada, David Flinn, commented that “Powerbucks is a player-favorite brand among those who play online or in brick-and-mortar casinos across Canada, and its growing omni-channel jackpot pool will provide OLG’s players a unique slot experience unlike any other in the province.” Mr Flinn went on to add that “IGT is excited to bring the success of the Powerbucks network to OLG, our long-term Canadian partner and an important PlayRGS customer.”

Are you as excited to play Wheel of Fortune: Exotic Far East and Wheel of Fortune: Hawaiian Gateway as much as we are? Then, read through the detailed and honest reviews of Canadian online casinos right here and check your favourite brands carry the popular IGT games titles.

Weekly Tournaments and Massive Sports Promotions at Unibet

We don’t know about you but it feels like we could use a holiday to recover from the holiday season! All that food, fun and general merriment sure does take it out of you. The team over at Unibet are clearly not ready to slow things down though and players can look forward to stretching that festive feeling a little bit longer with an exciting slot tournament and a range of sports promotions at Unibet in January.

Weekly Tournaments and Massive Sports Promotions at Unibet Element 01 - CasinoTop£50,000 in slot tournament prizes

Like many Canadian players, we are big fans of Yggdrasil games at CasinoTop. These slots are always of such high quality, both in terms of technical features and visually, that it’s always an event when a new slot is released by the studio.

Unibet has been hosting a number of Yggdrasil network tournaments over the past several weeks and players can now enjoy participating in the latest one, called the Lucky Spin Tournament.

This opportunity runs until the 12th January 2020 and participation is delightfully straightforward. The first step requires players to opt-in so that their subsequent play is counted towards the tournament.

The objective is to land the single highest coin win on any spin and four exciting slots from Yggdrasil have been included in the collection of eligible games. These are Golden Fish Tank, Dwarf Mine, Jackpot Raiders and Cazino Cosmos. As you can see, there’s a title for every kind of player so this tournament is sure to be a fun one! Remember, only real money games count.

Players’ coin wins are ranked according to size on a leaderboard. The players who landed the top 600 coin wins by will receive a share of the rather large £50,000 prize pool. 600 players will be taking home cash prizes, which range in size from £20 to a huge £10,000 for the player in first place. Amazing!

Weekly Tournaments and Massive Sports Promotions at Unibet Banner 01 - CasinoTopSports promotions at Unibet

Alongside the wide variety of online casino games, Unibet also offers players a massive sports betting platform. Indeed, the Unibet name is often associated with sports bets more closely than it is with casino games.

Weekly Tournaments and Massive Sports Promotions at Unibet Element 02 - CasinoTopAs a result, Unibet maintains a varied and changing schedule of sports promotions. Take Streakr, for instance. No, it doesn’t refer to what sometimes happens at sports events where someone takes their clothes off and runs across the pitch. Streakr is an innovative product from Unibet that allows players to earn extra goodies.

Players answer one question each day related to their sport of choice. The longer the streak of correct answers, the better the prizes and the player who gets the most right by the end of the campaign will be looking at a very generous cash prize indeed!

Trivia not your jam? Not to worry. Fans of American sports such as the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB leagues will love the Stars and Stripes raffle. This promo takes runs between Monday and Sunday every week. Players can claim a raffle ticket each time they make a £5 bet on any of the above mentioned sporting events during the previous 7 days. On Monday, 10 players will be drawn at random and each will receive a £500 cash prize.

No opt in is required to participate in the Extra Place Racing Specials. Every day, two or more horse races will be selected and players can take advantage of specials on wagers on these races. T&Cs apply, as usual, but this is a great way to get a little more from your horse race betting experience at Unibet.

William Hill Launching Mr Green Online Casino In Latvia With GiG

One of the world’s most innovative and largest online casinos is set to launch in Latvia. Big gun William Hill is expanding its newly acquired Mr Green online casino brand with the help of iGaming provider Gaming Innovation Group (GiG).

Having signed the long-term revenue share agreement with GiG, William Hill is looking towards the future as they continue expanding the popular Mr Green online casino into new markets.

William Hill Launching Mr Green Online Casino In Latvia With GiG Element 01 - CasinoTopWith this long-term agreement in place, GiG will provide William Hill with access to front-end services, an online sports betting platform, and online casino services for use by the Mr Green brand.

Latvia Launch Set To Go Live in 2020

With the launch set to happen in early 2020, the revenue share agreement is alleged to have a limited contribution to the revenue of GiG in 2020, however, will increase in 2021 and beyond.

The agreement has generated considerable buzz around the industry, with CEO of Mr Green Latvia, Janis Tregers saying:

“This is an exciting moment for the William Hill Group business in Latvia, where we move forward with our strategy to introduce a global brand such as Mr Green to the market.”

While some may have wondered about issues of competition coinciding with a somewhat smaller market in Latvia, Janis Tregers went on to say:

“We see it as the perfect complement to the locally well-established 11.lv brand, also hosted on the GiG platform.”

The GiG has seen considerable success in the interesting Latvian online gambling market, and with the use of GiG’s services, the local 11.lv brand has maintained its foothold as the second leading brand.

A success which Richard Brown, the CEO of GiG hopes to deliver with the Mr Green brand, stating:

“I am pleased to announce this expansion of our collaboration and partnership with Mr Green.”

William Hill Launching Mr Green Online Casino In Latvia With GiG Banner 01 - CasinoTop

Interesting times are ahead for William Hill as they set to capitalise on the booming Latvian gambling industry.

The market which saw tremendous growth with total gaming revenue increased 14.7% year-on-year to €154.5 million ($226 million CAD) in just the first six months of 2019, including a huge 35.3% increase in online casino income.

With the strong potential in the relatively fresh Latvian gambling scene, it is no wonder that both parties to the agreement have their eyes forward with every possibility of supporting the combined growth in mind, Richard Brown went on to say:

“Latvia is an interesting market for online gambling; we are looking forward to supporting Mr Green’s growth with a strong, safe and entertaining product.”

With these comments, it seems very likely that Mr Green in Latvia may potentially be one of GiG’s first new client’s to implement the group’s recently announced next-generation data platform, which offers a real-time, cost-effective, secure and compliant data tool for gaming.

A tool which all GiG clients are soon to be migrated to from their core software platform, a large portion of the industry will have a better ability to implement responsible gaming tools to provide a better experience for players.

Is Elon Musk and Tesla The New Poker Promoter In China?

Is Elon Musk and Tesla The New Poker Promoter In China Element 01 - CasinoTopThose of you who might have had the opportunity to ride in a Tesla car might also have noticed that the Elon Musk-created vehicle also sometimes comes with entertainment. There are already plenty of games offered to passengers in the US and European markets; however, the latest news provides a new market with a new, never before seen product.

Elon Musk recently teamed up with gaming company Tencent to develop an online poker product for Tesla cars in China. The vehicle will be able to offer passengers two different poker games, as well as one version of Mahjong. Of course, the games are only playable when the Tesla vehicle is parked.

What’s unique about these games is that they will be the first-ever internet-connected games offered in the car for the company, and China is the best place to try it out. The Chinese government has tried to ban all forms of gambling for an extended period, however, the online market still has potential, where Chinese players are already using apps to play with each other. Online Poker is actually on the rise in China, which is why it has become a great market for a Tesla poker launch.

Taking Poker Off The Screen

And for the players who wish to move their online poker playing from their car or online devices to the real tables, there are two larger poker tournaments taking place just days into the new decade: the Aussie Millions, and the Partypoker UK Millions.

Is Elon Musk and Tesla The New Poker Promoter In China Element 02 - CasinoTopAussie Millions

Being a yearly tournament since 1998, the 2020 edition kicks off on the 4th of January at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. Entry fees range from $1,150 AUS (C$1,051) to $100,000 AUS (C$91,435), and the event runs until the 24th of January, where the day is dedicated to the Main Event Final Table.

UK Millions

For any Canadians roaming Europe during the start of 2020, the Dusk ’til Dawn casino in Nottingham hosts the UK Millions, also starting on the 4th of January. There is a $1 million prize-pool guarantee for a ‘mini-event’ that requires a $1,100 entry fee.

That said, it is the main event that will pull the big names and big pockets with its $10,300 entry fee. There’s a $5 million prize-pool guarantee, and this tournament will run between the 9th and 12th of January.

Other Tournaments

There are a few other European tournaments taking place at the same time:

PlayOJO Casino’s Come Fly With Us Promotion Nearing Final Days To Win Dream Holiday

They might be known as the online casino home of fair play, but it is not fair that PlayOJO Casino’s Come Fly With Us Promotion is nearing its final days to win a dream holiday to some of the world’s hottest tropical destinations.

Ok, full disclaimer, it is fair and anything this great does have to come to an end eventually.

This promotion will end on Sunday, January 5 at 6.59 pm.

PlayOJO Casino’s Come Fly With Us Promotion Nearing Final Days To Win Dream Holiday Element 01 - CasinoTopWhat Is The Come Fly With Us Promotion?

This hot promotion includes business class flights, plenty of spending money, and 10-days of all-inclusive luxury accommodation, but believe it or not - the real beauty is not in the destinations but in joining the competition itself.

Participating is so easy, with no kerfuffle whatsoever.

It is just as easy to enter this promotion as it is to sign up and play the best casino games online at PlayOJO, there are no painful rules or requirements that you need to dance around!

Think of the Come Fly With Us Promotion like a charity raffle fundraiser at a local pee wee game.

How Do I Get PlayOJO Tickets?

There is no need to pump through thousands of spins because it only takes one ticket to be a winner.

Simply play the alternating game of the week and once you have made at least 100 spins, players can claim a free ticket for a tournament spin to work towards getting onto the leaderboard.

Purchase a Limitless Number of Tickets

Tickets are also purchasable with one ticket costing about $1.70.

This will trigger 20 tournament spins on the game of the week.

Make sure you will have time to play your tournament spins, though, because there are no refunds on tickets after the promotion.

PlayOJO Casino’s Come Fly With Us Promotion Nearing Final Days To Win Dream Holiday Banner 01 - CasinoTop

What Prizes Can You Win?

For five lucky players (and their plus one), an all-inclusive dream trip to either Jamaica, Seychelles, Bali, Thailand and the Dominican Republic can be won.

But it doesn’t end there, because PlayOJO extended the number of runners up prizes from three to six, plus the online casino will be giving out free spins for the remaining top 100 players.

PlayOJO Casino’s Come Fly With Us Promotion Nearing Final Days To Win Dream Holiday Element 02 - CasinoTopAs the promotion gets closer to the end, this will be your last chance at scoring one of these awesome tech prizes, including:

Promotion Rules You Need To Remember

Although the Come Fly With Us Promotion is simple, there are some rules that are worth remembering, and we have covered three of these for you. You’re welcome!

To claim your free ticket each day, you will need to have made at least 100 spins in the featured game.

Your claimed free ticket will be added to your player account the day after you earn it, at about 9 am depending on where you are in Canada.

Your winnings from tournament spins will not convert into typical winnings, they simply reflect your placement on the tournament board.

Don’t get in a doozy, remember to check out the terms and conditions at PlayOJO before you start spinning on the slots for real money.

Claim Free Spins On An Epic Royal Panda Journey

They say the journey is more important than the destination but it seems like the latest promotion from Royal Panda rewards both! Offering players several opportunities to take on challenges and claim spins, this promo has rewards galore.

One challenge every day

Rewards are more satisfying when you’ve worked for them and until the 17th November, Royal Panda is setting daily challenges for players to beat before they claim their bonus spins bundles.

The challenges vary so players might be asked to deposit a certain amount or wager on a selected slot. The prizes are also different, with some free spins bundles being awarded instantly while others are handed out the following day.

Throughout the promotional period, Royal Panda is also changing up where the free spins rewards can be used. A range of games have been selected including The Wishmaster, Imperial Riches, Cash Pump and the brand-new slot game from NetEnt, The Wolf’s Bane.

One thing that does not change is the size of the free spins bundle. Each one includes 30 spins on the selected game, which is a very generous offer. In total, players stand to collect up to 420 free spins during the promotional period, assuming they complete each challenge.

Claim Free Spins On An Epic Royal Panda Journey element01 - CasinoTopHow to play

Because this promotion changes from day to day, it’s important to head to the Promotions page right after you log into your Royal Panda account so you can take a look at what the challenge and the prize is for the day.

There are two types of challenges - one rewards depositing only while the other rewards betting a specific amount on a specific game. It is important for players to read the instructions carefully so that they do not bet on the wrong slot or deposit less than the specified amount as these actions will not be eligible.

Free spins can be awarded instantly or on the following day and they can be awarded on one of 12 different slots throughout the promotion. Again, be sure to check which slot the spins can be redeemed on.

Important terms

Claim Free Spins On An Epic Royal Panda Journey element02 - CasinoTopThe free spins bonuses that form part of this promotion can only be accepted once per day per player, between 00:01 CET until 23:59 CET on each day. Spins are valued at the minimum bet size per spin, which can vary depending on the slot.

Spins can only be used on the specified slot and expire 7 days after they are claimed. Where spins are awarded the day after a challenge has been completed, they will appear in the player’s account by noon CET the following day. Free spins are subject to x35 wagering requirements.

Royal Panda Promotions

The Royal Panda team likes keeping players on their toes with unexpected and interesting promotions through both their casino product and the sportsbook. This casino regularly offers promotions on live dealer games, slots and sports, and it also offers a handy guide on how to claim bonuses, participate in tournaments and make the most of the loyalty scheme.

Royal Panda also keeps players informed about new releases, providers and general casino developments through its News page. Check it out for tips on upcoming slots, player guides and what the brand has been up to.

Unlock Spins And Cash Wins With The Mr Green Ultimate Dragon Challenge

Unless you’re about to become the new Dothraki queen, dragon eggs don’t often show up out of the blue. Mr Green is giving players the chance to collect these rare beauties on its online casino website so even if that Game of Thrones reference was lost on you, this opportunity to win some goodies is not one to be missed.

Collect eggs for treasure

The premise of this promotion is simple. The objective is to collect dragon eggs by completing challenges set by Mr Green. Each egg is exchanged for a ticket in the prize draw, so the more you collect, the better your odds of taking home a portion of the cash prize pool.

The promotional period lasts until the 15th November and is split into three phases:

Players can collect eggs during each phase and all will be tallied up when it comes to the final prize draw. However, Mr Green has selected different slots for each phase so players will need to check where they must play to collect their eggs.

Unlock Spins And Cash Wins With The Mr Green Ultimate Dragon Challenge element01 - CasinoTopComplete the challenges

Players can collect up to 50 eggs per day of the promotion and there are different ways to go about doing that. Mr Green has devised six different challenges that range in difficulty from 100 spins on the selected slots (min $0.60) for one dragon egg to 5,000 spins on the slots (min $0.60) to earn 50 eggs all at once.

Challenge number 3 is special in that players are not only rewarded with 6 dragon eggs when they spin selected slots 500 times (min $0.60) but they are also awarded 20 bonus spins on one of the selected games! The chosen game changes depending on the current phase but all the selected slots are fiery and dragon-themed.

Unlock Spins And Cash Wins With The Mr Green Ultimate Dragon Challenge element02 - CasinoTopCash prizes to be won

What does one do with dragon eggs these days? Well at Mr Green, you would exchange them for prize draw tickets and keep your fingers crossed! A random draw will take place on the 18th of November and 100 players will be taking home a share of the rather generous $10,000 cash prize.

Prizes range from $25 all the way up to $1,500 for the player in first place and as these are real cash prizes, they are completely free of wagering requirements. Players can choose to keep playing with their prize or withdraw it.

Important terms

Every promotion has its terms and conditions, and this one is no exception. When completing the third challenge, players will be awarded a bundle of bonus spins immediately upon qualification. These can only be redeemed on the selected slot for that phase. Each is worth $0.20 and spins are valid for 7 days after they are claimed. Bonus spins also come with x35 wagering requirements.

After the prize draw takes place, players will be notified via SMS and/or a notification on their Mr Green player account within 72 hours. Cash prizes are wager-free and can be used or withdrawn as the player decides.