CasinoTop's Competitions

One of the reasons that so many guest users have decided to become CasinoTop members is the epic competitions to enter and valuable prizes to be won. Being a winner has never been so simple, or so fun, where you can carry out simple tasks and stand a chance to win big. There are several ways that you can earn entries and stand a chance to win with CasinoTop. Find the details of our current and upcoming competitions on the dashboard of your member’s lounge area.

How do Prize Draws Work?

With our CasinoTop membership and competitions, the results of our draws are determined randomly and fairly. If you want to stand a chance to win, take a look at how our draws work.


Step One

You will gain entries into any of our running competitions by completing outlined actions or playing specific gaming titles.


Step Two

You will receive an entry for each task that you complete. Every entry will be assigned a unique code.


Step Three

We make use of an RNG and put all of the codes into a database. The RNG will then randomly and fairly select winning codes from the database.


Step Four

The winning codes contain identifying data and are directly tied to you and your membership. If your code gets selected, the CasinoTop team will contact you to let you know that you are a winner.

CasinoTop understands the value of frequent competitions and presenting our players with ample opportunities to win something they didn’t expect to. This is why we run competitions throughout the year, with each year’s prizes always being bigger than that last’s. Winners will be announced via email correspondence and/or on our website dashboard

What Constitutes An Entry?

An entry is a unique code that gets assigned to your membership each time you complete a necessary action to participate in the prize draw. You could receive entry codes for playing games, interacting with features or carrying out simple tasks. The more qualifying actions you take, the more entries you will be awarded with. This can greatly increase your chances of winning the prize.

Since there are thousands of members that participate in these events, there are hundreds of thousands of entries that qualify for the draw. As such, the RNG has been put into use to ensure fairness and that you have a better chance of victory.

Where Do I View My Entries?

If you would like to view your total number of entries for a particular competition, log into your membership account and click on competition. Look for the option that says prize draw entries and click on it. You should be presented with all of your codes, entries and the action you completed to earn it.

Daily Activities and Play

CasinoTop has added a daily entry-earning option to our exciting competitions. These free to play games have a timer set in them that will reset after 24 hours. You can return to the game everyday and earn entries for each day that you play.

Once-off Entries

These entries are tied to actions that can only be completed once during a competition period. It is usually attached to a simple activity and you will be awarded the entry, or entries, once you have completed the action.

Competition Games

Some of our free CasinoTop games will award players with entries for each game they play and/or win. Below are some of our free games that you can try to win entries for our currently running competitions:

Fortune spin

Fortune Spin

Lucky match

Lucky Match

Snake Nostalgia

Snake Nostalgia

Wheel of wonder

Wheel of Wonder

Other Activities Available to Members

Our CasinoTop members can earn entries through a wide variety of actions and games. However, some of these actions and activities can only be completed once while others can be completed every day. Take a look at the activities you could complete to earn entries at CasinoTop:

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