Couple Wins Lottery Jackpot Twice in 7 Years

The lottery is played by millions around the world. A simple form of gambling, enjoyed by people of varying ages, creeds, and nationalities. For many people, winning the lottery is a once in a lifetime experience. Lotteries have been made even simpler, with options for players to purchase their tickets in person or online.

However, winning twice is certain to put a smile on one's face. For the couple Raymond and Gaye Lillington from Dingwall, Nova Scotia, this is exactly what happened. A once in a lifetime occurrence, twice, making them feel luckier than ever.

The First Triumph

The Lillingtons had purchased a lottery ticket in 2013, as they usually did, to try and cash in on the jackpot. They bought the ticket at a local retail store, the Cabot Trail Food Market. The next thing they knew, their tiny piece of paper, had won them CA$3.2 million. Given the popularity of lotteries in Canada, they never thought that they would be the ones to win a large jackpot like this.

Second Time’s a Charm

Seven years later, continuing to play the lottery on August 15, the Saturday draw was done and to the couple’s surprise, their numbers were displayed. The Crown Corporation told residents that they would need to make contact to claim their winnings. The Lillingtons were excited and reported their lottery ticket with haste. The big win was made up of just over CA$17 million, from the Lotto 6/49 draw, a fan favorite for avid lottery players in Canada, since 1982.

What made the experience even more surreal for them, was that the latest lottery ticket was purchased at the same retail store, like the one in 2013. Winning 2 jackpots within seven years really has been life-changing for the couple.

CA Lottery and the Future

The first win had already set the Lillingtons up for retirement and the ability to live comfortably for the foreseeable future. Mr. Lillington has said that he will be using the latest win to help his kids and grandkids. He will also make sure to assist the community in his hometown.
With news about big wins such as this, it makes sense why so many people opt to play the lottery. It costs you minimal effort and cash, with a chance to become a multi-millionaire. Even though the Lillingtons were in shock, their big win and stroke of luck has changed their lives forever

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