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4 StarGames is an online casino and sports betting website that attaches no wagering requirements to its bonuses. If you think this is great, wait until you hear this.Currently,4 StarGames is offering players a Daily Drops & Wins promotion, which is running from the 2nd of July to the 10th of February next year. This means that you have more than enough time to join in on the fun and win big. Keep reading for more information on the promotion.

About the Online Casino Promotion

The promotion features weekly tournaments, as well as daily prize drops that run every week from Thursdays to Wednesdays. The promotion comprises 32 tournaments that last 7 days each, plus 224 prize drops throughout the promotion.

To take part in the promotion you need to play any of the qualifying games and place the required bet, which is at least€/£ 0,50 (or its equivalent in other available currencies) in real money. All spins that meet these requirements will make you eligible for both the weekly tournaments and the daily prize drops.

Weekly Tournament Prizes

Every week there is €/£30,000in cash up for grabs, divided over 350 prizes. The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Rank: €/£ 5,000
  • 2nd Rank: €/£ 3.000
  • 3rd Rank: €/£ 2.000
  • 4-5th  Rank: €/£ 1.000
  • 6-10th Rank: €/£ 500
  • 11-20thRank: €/£ 250
  • 21-70th Rank: €/£ 100
  • 71-150th Rank: €/£ 50
  • 151-350th Rank: €/£ 20

How to Win the Weekly Tournaments

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To qualify for the weekly tournaments, players need to bet at least €/£0,50 on any of the qualifying games. The scoreboard is based on the highest single spin win compared to your bet amount. This means that the higher you win in comparison to your bet, the higher your score will be.

All qualifying games have a built-in leaderboard that updates in real-time. You will thus be able to see your progress as well of those of the other players. If two or more players share a position, the player who reached the score first will be the winner.

Daily Prize Drops

Prize Drops amount to €/£ 4.600each day. 80 prizes are awarded daily. The prizes are awarded as follows:

  • 1st Rank: €/£ 1.000
  • 2nd Rank: €/£ 500
  • 3-5th Rank: €/£ 100
  • 6-222nd Rank: €/£ 50
  • 23-80th Rank: €/£ 20

How to Win the Daily Prize Drops

To qualify for the daily prize drops, players have to wager at least €/£0,50 on any of the qualifying games. Every spin that meets these requirements can trigger only 1 random prize from the prize pool. However, you do stand the chance of winning more than one prize during the promotion period.Thus, the more you spin the higher your odds of winning more than one prize.

Casino Promotion Terms and Conditions

The total prize pool for the promotion is €/£ 2,000,000 in cash prizes. The rules for both the weekly tournaments and daily prize drops are also built into all qualifying games. The leaderboard will remain visible in any qualifying game for up to 24 hours after a tournament has ended. The prize table for the daily prize drops also update in real-time, indicating how many prizes are left for the day. Prize drops end at 23:59 CET/CEST every day, or when all the prizes have been won.

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