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There is always a limit for deposits at online casinos, and these vary for each different payment method. Some limits can be as low as C$15, while other limits can be as high as tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to a limit for each deposit method the casino itself can also have a max limit for deposits during a day, week or month, and if you want to set a gaming limit you can also limit how much money you can fund your casino account with. In this part of the casino guide at CasinoTop we will explain all you need to know about limits for deposits, so just keep on reading to find out more!

A limit for each payment method

When choosing a payment method for funding your account at an online casino you will almost always see two limits. One for the minimum deposit, and one for the maximum deposit. These are the limits you have to stay within, as it won’t be possible for you to complete a deposit either below or above these limits. These limits are only valid per deposit you make, and this means this is not to be confused by a daily, weekly or monthly limit. If the deposit limit is C$1000 you can, in other words, make several deposits of this amount, but only C$1000 at a time. Of course, if you do this many times in a day you might reach the limit which is set by the casino or by yourself for the total deposit at any given time.

Most often there isn’t one set limit that goes for all the different options you have to deposit money into your account with. These are limits set for each payment method, and although some of them might have the same limit, others might have a higher or lower limit. For instance, the limits for deposits with a bank transfer is almost always higher than with a credit card, which in turn has a higher limit than prepaid options. If you are a high roller who deposits large amounts of money in a short time frame this might be something you should consider when choosing a deposit method, but for most recreational players, they will never reach the limits set anyway. The only exception is perhaps if Boku, SIRU Mobile or any similar payment options are chosen, as the limits for playing casino by invoice through your mobile subscription can be very low, and in some cases, only C$15 are allowed. All other options usually have limits in thousands of dollars.

The waiting period between deposits

Not only is there a limit per deposit, but there can also be a limit for deposits within a certain time frame. This means that if you first make a deposit for C$20, play and lose it in just a couple of spins, and then want to make a new deposit straight away, this might not be possible. This is because of the limit of deposits possible to make within any given time. This is not a long time frame, but often just 10 minutes or so. You will then either get a message that the deposit is declined, or that you should try again. If you have ensured that you have enough money on the deposit method chosen to complete the transaction just wait a couple of minutes, and try again.

This feature is in place for security reasons. It, for the most part, happens when you use a card for deposits, and this is to avoid duplicate transactions. The same feature is in place when using your card at physical merchants if it’s the same payment terminal and the same amount you try to pay twice in a row. Along with duplicate transactions, it is also something put in place to remind you that you just made a deposit, keeping you aware of often you make a deposit simply means you should calm down a bit, and try again later if you still want to play for more money.

The casino’s max limit

Another limit you should be aware of is the limit set by the casino. These are limits that are not connected to a specific payment method, as these are limits that go across all deposits made at the casino. Some of these limits are daily, while others are weekly. How much you are allowed to deposit before you reach the ceiling of these limits will differ from casino to casino, but most often the limits are quite high, and you need to be a high roller to ever reach them.

That being said, it does happen that players who are not high rollers also reach these limits, simply by performing a lot of transactions. Some players keep on adding more money and withdrawing funds several times a day. The casinos’ limits do not take into account how much money you have withdrawn, but only what you have deposited. Reaching the limit is in that way possible even if you are ending up on the plus side of things, by withdrawing more than you deposit.

Raising the casino limit

If you are a high roller and want to deposit a huge amount there might be ways you can get around these limits. By contacting the casino support you can ask the payment team to raise the limit for you, which they may or may not do. If they allow a higher deposit you will most likely receive a given time frame to complete your deposit, as the limits will not just raise for you, but all players at the casino. They can, in other words, raise the limit so you can deposit more, and then they will lower it again to block further deposits from both you and other players who have reached the limit. This process you then have to go through every time you want to deposit more until the limit resets again the next day or week.

You might wonder why a casino has such a limit, as one might think that blocking deposits are not in their interests. However, these are limits put in place to ensure a safe gambling environment in regards to responsible gambling (and yes, requests like this might put you on their watch list for potential gambling problems), and to ensure that cards are not being “emptied” as a part of fraudulent activity with stolen cards. There are of course also other security functions in place to ensure this, but this is, however, a part of the security at the casino.

Your gambling limits

In addition to the limits set by the casino for both total deposits and per deposit method you can also set personal limits. This is a feature that is a tool for responsible gambling, and all players are encouraged to use them. With a limit for max depositing during a day, week or month you can plan ahead and make sure you are not gambling for more money than you can afford to lose. While playing it can easily happen that you are making more deposits than you have planned or more deposits than you are aware of, as it’s easy to lose track while you are in the process of playing. Once you have reached the limit no further deposits can be made, until the limit resets.

Most players who gamble online do not have a gambling problem and are quite in control of their gambling habits and spendings. However, no one ever plans to become a gambling addict. What is important to know is that you can have played for many years before you might develop a problem with it, much like enjoying alcohol. It can all be fun for a long time before it all of a sudden isn’t anymore. If you should develop a problem a gambling limit is not just a tool to help you then, but also here to help you become aware at an early stage, which is very important.

If you are now gambling about C$100 a week, and this is something you are comfortable with, you can always set a limit for C$150 or C$200 a week. You will most likely not reach this limit now, or perhaps never, but if you do reach it at some point, this can serve as a wake-up call, in a way informing you that your gambling has escalated. This allows you to take some steps to look into your spending and gambling, to see if this is something you are still comfortable with or not. Also remember that casinos offer other gambling limits you might find useful, in addition to tests and questionnaires to make sure you are gambling responsibly.

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