Bank Wire Transfer Casino Deposit Method

A quite common and easy to use method for Canadian transactions is Bank Wire Transfer. Normally it is used for the transfer of funds between banks, but it is a very versatile and readily available payment method in a casino for both deposits and withdrawals. The use of Bank Wire Transfers is one of the payment options casino players can use when there is no requirement for a third-party merchant to be involved... Show More

Bank Wire Transfers in short

In order to top-up your casino balance using Bank Wire Transfer, you will need to obtain the bank details of the casino in question. Contacting the casino’s Customer Support is often an easy way to obtain this information should it not be available on the casino site. All you need to do once you have the details is to request a Wire Transfer to be made by your bank. The information needed to do this is normally the SWIFT number and bank name of the receiver. Once that’s done, and you have reached out to the casino, they will add the amount to your casino balance. Depositing might sound like a bit of a hassle, but withdrawals are a lot easier. Get your SWIFT and bank account numbers, or, the IBAN number if you are residing in Europe. Enter this information into the cashier of the casino and click Cashout, and your request will be processed.

Why you should use Wire Transfer

Making transactions using Bank Wire Transfer in Canada cuts out the middleman. Meaning you will not need a third-party to complete transactions. This is a great way to reduce any risks of identity theft, as well as avoiding any third party merchants processing times, which in some cases delay your transaction.

Why a transfer might not be for you

As you might have noticed when we explained how to use this method, it is a rather tedious one to put in motion, especially for deposits. The method requires you to manually enter quite a bit of information, which means that you have to have that information handy when you are making your deposit or withdrawal. There is also normally a fee involved when using Bank Wire Transfer, and depending on your location and bank brand, that fee could be quite expensive. The casino might deduct fees for processing your withdrawal, and your bank might charge you once the amount reaches your bank account. Due to these fees, the use of Bank Wire Transfer is most commonly used for very large transactions such as big Jackpot wins or allowed large deposits.