Boleto Bancario Casino Deposit Method

For Brazilian players, Boleto Bancario is an online payment solution used by casinos online. Players use a local bank connected to Boleto Bancario to make deposits to the casino without the need to provide the casino with any financial information. There are over 20 casinos online that allow players to use this method today, however, unfortunately, Canadian players can’t use this deposit method... Show More

How to use Boleto Bancario

All that is needed for a person to use Boleto Bancario is to be a Brazilian resident and have access to a local bank branch that participates in the Boleto Bancario program. One very unique thing with Boleto is that it allows users to top-up their casino account balance using real cash, instead of using an electronic payment method or a debit/credit card.

How to deposit

Firstly, make sure that the casino you are wanting to deposit into accepts payments from Boleto. In order for you to do that, simply head on over to the cashier of the casino and look for the Boleto Bancario logo. If the casino accepts this method, enter your desired deposit amount and proceed. This generates a bank slip that should be presented to any local merchants participating in the Boleto program and paid for using cash. It is also possible to complete the transaction online if you have access to online banking, entering the details on the slip via a secure website from your bank. Something to keep in mind is that Boleto transactions normally come with a service fee, ranging between 6-8% of the transaction amount. Also to be aware of is that the funds usually need to be manually credited to your casino account balance once they have reached the casino. Contact Customer Support at your casino to find out how long it takes for a Boleto Bancario deposit to be credited to your account balance.

Why you should use Boleto Bancario

This might be the safest way to add funds to your casino account. If you are looking for a way to fund your account without providing sensitive financial information over the internet and you are a resident of Brazil, this is a method we highly recommend. Since you are completing your transaction in person using cash, your bank information is safe.

Why this might not be for you

The main issue with Boleto Bancario is that players in Canada will not be able to use it. Secondly, making a transaction using this method in Brazil might mean that you will have to wait days for the amount to show up on your casino account balance. Therefore, using Boleto might require a bit of planning in regards to deposits, as making a new deposit to continue playing when your account balance has reached zero, will have you waiting a long time until you can resume playing. As mentioned earlier in regards to Boleto, these deposits also come with a fee and compared to other methods, it is rather expensive. Having to pay a fee of 6-8% can become quite a lot of money in fees when making frequent deposits, however, making fewer larger deposits might not be something you want or can afford to do. Use Boleto Bancario if you are aware of the costs and like the security of cash payments.