CartaSi Casino Deposit Method

For residents of Italy, the web-based company CartaSi, allows people to get credit cards, both normal ones and pre-paid ones, that can be used online. Both the prepaid card and normal credit cards are convenient methods for online casino players to fund their casino account balance without the need for divulging bank account information. In our list of casinos, there are at least 20 unique casinos accepting the method, however, this method should work at most, if not all of them. If you happen to be a Canadian resident, don’t worry, there are other credit card brands for you to use... Show More

How to get a Card

Obtaining a CartaSi card is done by applying for one online. All that is required of you is that you are a registered resident of Italy and that you have a bank account at a bank branch that offers CartaSi. The online application form consists of filling out some details about the bank account you want to link to your CartaSi card, as well as providing a document of identification. If the above-mentioned application process sounds like too much of a hassle, consider using the pre-paid version of the card instead. It gives you the option of adding an amount limit to the maximum balance of your card and also does not need to be linked to a bank account to work. You can get more information about the pre-paid version at any bank that offers CartaSi.

How to deposit using CartaSi

CartaSi is designed with simplicity in mind. This becomes very clear when you notice that the method goes under ‘credit card’ as a deposit method at your online casino. Simply enter the requested information from your card, add the amount you want to deposit, continue to authorize the transaction and your funds should show up in your balance instantly.

Why you should use this payment method

It is very convenient. As soon as you have received your credit or prepaid card, all you have to do is head on over to your online casino and make your deposit. No need to make use of a third-party site or provider or log in to a virtual e-wallet, meaning you will save precious time using this method. The CartaSi card is actually also safer than a normal credit card, the pre-paid version being the safest. The ‘prepaid’ does not allow you to exceed your set limit, which to some might be inconvenient, but the credit card version is also fairly safe. Due to an option that lets you choose the bank account to connect it to, you can link it to a bank account just dedicated to your gambling funds, which keeps your own money and savings safe from theft.

Why this method might not be for you

As with any situation where you are sending sensitive information over the web, there is a risk of theft of that information. The same goes for the CartaSi transactions since you still need to give your card details to the casino. Normally this would not be an issue as most online casinos use SSL encryption, which is just as strong as the one your bank uses, but there is always a risk your device might have malware or viruses. Make a habit of using a high-quality virus scanner to scan your device regularly. Applying for a CartaSi card might take time. Just as when applying for a credit card at your bank, the review process of your application might take a few business days. Once you get your card however, you will be able to deposit and start playing within minutes.