Dankort Casino Deposit Method

Denmark’s national credit card goes by the name Dankort, and the card has been around since 1983. This credit card is offered to residents of Denmark, allowing for credit purchases being paid for at a later time. The Dankort is integrated with Visa, so the card can be used internationally, with Canadian players being able to simply use a locally available Visa solution rather than this pure Danish option. The specific offering of Dankort is pretty rare at online casinos, only 15 or so offer it, but due to the Visa logo on the card, most casinos would most likely accept the card like they would a normal credit card... Show More

How to get this Credit Card

All you need to do to get a Dankort Credit Card is to live in Denmark. Fill out an application form found at most Danish bank branches, and once the application is approved your card arrives in the mail after a few business days.

Making a deposit with Visa

As soon as you have your Dankort, making a deposit with it at our listed casinos is very easy. Log in to the casino of your choice, choose ‘Credit Card’, ‘Visa’ or ‘Dankort’ in the cashier and add the amount you wish to deposit. Enter your card details, click approve, and the funds should instantly be available for you to use.

Why you should use Dankort

If you are looking for a convenient deposit method and you live in Denmark, the Dankort might be an option for you. Once you have your card, you have been verified through the bank’s application process, meaning that you will be seen as a trustworthy customer at the casino you choose to deposit into. Now you should be able to use your card instantly without any further verification. Should you need to provide further documentation to the casino once you make a withdrawal, it is super easy, and easier than when using an e-wallet for example. Using Dankort might also mean that you will be able to deposit without being charged any additional fees. Third-party electronic wallets or payment processors use these fees to make a profit, but this particular card gets theirs from interest on purchases. Should the casino you have chosen to play at charge a fee for card deposits, that fee will very likely still be smaller than if you were to use another deposit method offered by them.

Why this card might not be for you

As with other credit cards, there is a risk of your financial data being stolen using Dankort online. As you need to enter your card details when making your deposit, there is always the risk of your details getting into the wrong hands where they could be used for fraud. Most casinos use a strong SSL encryption, often the same type that banks use for their online services, meaning that the biggest risk comes from your own computer rather than from the casino. Make use of anti-virus and malware software to make sure that your Dankort deposits are risk-free. Dankort can be issued by people who do not reside in Denmark, however, these international users will often face high fees depending on the issuer of the card. In short, if you are not a Danish resident, we would suggest that you look into other deposit methods. You have plenty of credit cards to choose from in Canada such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard, just to mention a few. Contact your bank to see which options are available to you.