POLi Casino Deposit Method

POLi is a payment processor that allows players to make a deposit to an online casino directly from their bank account. Unfortunately for Canadian players, this method is mainly used by residents of Australia and New Zealand, however, there are plenty of similar methods available to residents of Canada. For residents of the eligible countries however, the method is very convenient as it is widely accepted by banks across the country... Show More

Availability of POLi

Over 60 online casinos accept POLi as a payment method, all you need to make sure of is that you have a bank account with one of the banks that offer the service. 20 of the largest banks participate in the deposit method program today, so there is a great chance your bank is one of them.

Making a deposit with POLi

When using this method to make a deposit to a casino, you will have to complete a few steps in order to complete the payment. Log in to your casino account and head on over to the cashier, where you need to select the method from the deposit options. Select the amount you wish to deposit and choose the bank that you intend to make a deposit from. Once you have done this, the casino will redirect you to your bank in order to complete the transaction. There’s no need for you to share your financial details with the online casino when using this method, in addition, you won’t be charged with any transactional fees.

Withdrawing using POLi

You might be in luck playing at a casino that also allows you to make a withdrawal back to the same method. However, making a withdrawal to this payment service might mean that you have to complete a few steps before you’re able to request one. A withdrawal is only possible for players who have an account, so you need to complete a registration form which is found on their website. Select the ‘Standard Pricing Plan’ and enter the requested details on the registration form in order to connect your method account to your bank account. Once you have completed this registration step, you will be able to request a withdrawal from the casino. Keep in mind that you will be charged a transactional fee of $0.30 plus 0.9% of the withdrawal amount.

Why you should use POLi

This is one of the easiest and safest payment solutions to use, making it an ideal one for online casino players. Since you don’t have to share any financial details with the casino, you can get started easily by making your deposit directly to the casino cashier. One other major plus is that it is totally free for a player to use for their casino deposits. Meaning that you can be sure to have your whole deposit amount available to use on the games and tables that the casino is offering.

Why POLi might not be for you

Since this is such an ideal payment service, it’s a shame that it’s only offered to residents of Australia and New Zealand. As mentioned, there might be a similar solution for Canadian players to use, speak to your casino support team to find out your options. Even if POLi is wonderful for deposits, there is a bit more effort required for withdrawals, as well as a fee to take into consideration. That said, the pros far outweigh the cons, which makes this a strong contender as one of the best methods to use for available players.