QIWI Casino Deposit Method

Canadian players have the convenient deposit method QIWI to use at a number of online casinos. This method offers a few different options for sending funds online, the most popular to use amongst online casino players being the Virtual Visa card. The deposit method, Virtual Visa card, is most commonly available in Russia, but players from Canada can use the eWallet payment solution instead... Show More

How to get a QIWI Virtual Visa Card

The Virtual Visa card is obtainable through any of the retailers located in Russia. Visiting one of them will enable you to sign up to a virtual card by filling in a form. Once done, you will receive your virtual card number via SMS, and be able to choose your card balance, after which you can use the card at any casino that accepts this method.

Making a deposit using QIWI

Make sure the casino accepts deposits with this transaction service, then, once you have logged in to your casino account, choose it as the deposit method from the cashier, enter your Virtual Visa card number as well as the amount you wish to deposit and click approve. The funds should be credited to your casino balance immediately.

Why you should use QIWI

This is a very convenient and easy method to use, especially for Russian players considering other options, for players in Russia it tends to be much more complicated to use. Depositing with the virtual card is just as easy as making a credit or debit card deposit, and for Canadian players when using the e-wallet solution, the procedure is also very straight forward. When it comes to the Virtual Visa card, using it is also very secure, since you obtain the card via a retailer and then choose the amount to load your card with, you would never have to worry about losing large sums of money should you, against all odds, become a victim of fraud. It is also very easy to obtain a new card should you need to.

Why QIWI might not be for you

Unfortunately, the QIWI Virtual Visa card is not able to receive withdrawals. Therefore you should contact the customer support of your casino to discuss which method would be optimal for you, should you wish to withdraw your casino balance. The Virtual Card is currently only available to players living in Russia, meaning that players outside of Russia might prefer to use another e-wallet or virtual card options instead of this one, to be able to make use of the full service.