Trustly Casino Deposit Method

Trustly is a deposit method most commonly used in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, as well as in Spain. Over 40 casinos online allow for deposits to be made using this method. Canadian players might not be able to use it, however, the payment solution Interac is a very similar service that is also fully available to Canadian players, making it a preferred method... Show More

Trustly in short

It is an online payment service solution that is integrated with your bank account, allowing you to use your bank account to make deposits directly to the online casino. Thanks to this payment service, you can make your transactions securely to the casino in the same convenient way that you would an e-wallet, without the restrictions of limits, fees, verification requirements or extended waiting times.

Who can use Trustly

Anyone who has a bank account with a bank that is supported by this payment method can use it. Today, since it is such a convenient and easy method to use, most of the larger banks in Scandinavia and Spain offer it.

Making a deposit with Trustly

Firstly you need to confirm that your casino accepts deposits made with the service. You will normally find this information in the cashier or the FAQ section of the casino. Once confirmed, select your country of residence and complete the transaction via the bank redirect page. Since you complete the transaction on the bank website, you don’t have to share any sensitive information with the bank.

Why you should use Trustly

This is a quick and convenient method to use for depositing funds to an online casino. The transaction confirmation is made on the bank’s website, meaning your financial details are kept very safe throughout the process.

Why Trustly might not be for you

Players located outside of the serviced bank countries unfortunately can’t use it. In Canada, you should be able to use Interac instead, however, which works in a very similar way. Contact your bank to find out if they offer Interac as a depositing service. Unfortunately, this is not a withdrawal method, meaning that you can’t use it to get funds back to your bank account. However, most online casinos have a bank transfer withdrawal option that you can use instead, which is an e-wallet solution that you’ll be able to make a bank transfer from once you have withdrawn your funds there.