Ukash Casino Deposit Method

Ukash is one of the more popular cash voucher services available for online casino players. The vouchers can be bought at a large number of retailers; Canadian players can most commonly find them at these following locations:
  • Esso Gas Stations
  • Canadian Tire Gas
  • Canada Post
  • Kitchen Food Fair
  • Daisy Mart location
This voucher allows players to deposit funds to an online casino without the need to use a third-party provider or their bank account, making it a very secure and convenient method of deposit... Show More

Important information for US players

Since 2006 US players have had a lot of difficulties using this method at online casinos due to the UIGEA legislation that was passed by the US Congress that year. Casinos stopped offering the method to avoid getting into legal trouble, however, there are a small amount of US-licensed casinos that still offer U-kash deposits. These can be made by American players if the deposit is made in a foreign currency. The casino you want to play at should be able to give you more details regarding this.

Ukash in short

This is a voucher code method, meaning it does not fall under the category of e-wallets. The voucher consists of a 19-digit code that you purchase using cash and then it can be used at the cashier of an online casino. There is no need for verifications or registrations since the purchase is made using cash.

How to get a Ukash code

Getting a voucher is easily done by locating and visiting a retailer. The locations of the retailers are listed on the provider’s website, so all you need to do is enter your location and search to see all the nearby places that you can get your vouchers from. There are different voucher values, but some retailers might not offer all voucher sizes, which is something to keep in mind before you head on over to a merchant to purchase one using cash. These kinds of voucher codes are also obtainable online, although this might not be the most convenient way to get a voucher. Since you would need to share financial details online to purchase the voucher code, it is an option only recommended when, for any reason, you’re unable to get to a retail location. If you are using the online voucher option, make sure that you use an online merchant with a good reputation. Your voucher code is emailed to you after you have purchased it.

Using a Ukash code

Get your 19-digit voucher code ready, log in to the online casino and head on over to the cashier. You have an option to use either the whole voucher value or just part of it. If you decide to only use part of it, remember to save your voucher code for next time.

Why you should use Ukash

Security is the main advantage of using this method. Since you don’t need to register with any third-party providers, or even have a bank account to use it, you have a lot of freedom with the funding of your voucher purchases using cash. Keep in mind however, that the maximum level of security is only enforced when using a physical retailer to obtain your prepaid voucher, if you use the online option, there will be a point when you need to enter your financial details to purchase the voucher, putting you at risk of fraud.

Why Ukash might not be for you

It might be inconvenient for some people, that not all retailers have the exact same sales policies. This means that, if you are unlucky, you might have a retailer close by that doesn’t offer the voucher values that you want.