Visa Electron Casino Deposit Method

The Visa Electron service is a debit card payment method from Visa. Although it is widely available, you will not be able to use the card if you are a resident of the US, Canada, Ireland or Australia. For Canadian players, we suggest making use of either the Visa Debit or Visa Credit card instead. The Electron card is not as widely accepted as the normal Debit and Credit Visa cards, but it is still seen as one of the most popular depositing methods found at online casinos... Show More

Visa Electron in short

This card is very convenient to use since there’s no need for external third-party accounts or sharing your banking details with anyone. All that is needed is that you have a bank account at a bank that offers the Electron service.

Making a deposit using Visa Electron

First of all, make sure that you have enough funds in your linked bank account to make a deposit with your card for the amount you have planned. You will not be able to overdraft this card, so deposits that are higher than what you have in your bank account will be declined. The next step is to log in to the casino where you have an account already set up, and then head on over to their cashier section. Locate the Visa deposit option, sometimes it’s only shown as ‘visa card’ or ‘credit card’ in their list of available options. Once you have found the correct deposit option, enter your card details and the desired deposit amount and submit your deposit request. When your deposit is processed it should show in your balance more or less instantly.

Why you should use Visa Electron

Using the Electron card gives you a great sense of control over your funds since it is linked to your bank account. You can make deposits whenever you want without the need to complete any complicated verification processes. Something else that is great when it comes to choosing the card as a payment method is that the casino normally saves your card details for you. This means that when you are doing new deposits, you won’t have to enter those details again, making the following deposits only takes a few seconds. Since you have added these details to the casino, who use strong encryption, you are at a lower risk of having these details stolen by fraudulent keyloggers or similar malware.

Why Visa Electron might not be for you

Unfortunately, however, this payment method is not as secure as using an e-wallet for example. This is especially true if you play at more than one casino, since you need to disclose your card number and details several times over. The Electron card is also not a method offered for withdrawals, so you will need to check out the available withdrawal options offered by the casino should you wish to withdraw funds from there. The customer support team of the casino should be able to assist you should you have any questions.