Deposit time-frames explained

At most online casinos you can see the expected time frame for a deposit to reach your account on the deposit page. This is information that is added to make you aware of how long it will take from when you complete the transaction to when it will arrive in your casino account. Most deposit methods will be instant, meaning there is no waiting period before you can start to play with the money you deposit. However, there are some exceptions, that you should be aware of.

Instant deposit methods

Luckily all the most common methods of depositing into your casino account will be immediate. These methods include all debit or credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency and most prepaid options. Also, the Canada specific methods, such as Interac, Instadebit and iDebit will clear immediately, as these are kind of like e-wallets when it comes to deposits.

When we say that a deposit is instant we mean that it usually is. There is always a chance that there will be a delay, but this is very rare. If there is a delay this is usually never more than 10 to 20 minutes. If for any reason it should take longer than that it would mean the deposit is “stuck” somewhere, and that can take longer to clear. If you have deposited using any of the payment methods mentioned above, and your casino account still isn’t credited after 20 minutes you should contact the casino customer support, so they can see what the issue is.

Deposits that are not instant

The deposit methods you should stay clear of if you don’t want to wait for your deposit to be added to your account is bank transfers and the very uncommon deposit method, cheque. For normal bank transfers, it can take as much as 5 banking days before your funds will be available to play with, which for most players is way too long. Unfortunately, there is no way to hurry up this process, as it will simply take as long as it takes.

Some bank transfers go through faster, as they are credited straight into your account, automatically when the casino gets the funds. In these cases, 2-3 banking days is what you should expect as processing time. Other wire transfers might take longer, simply because someone at the casino has to manually add the money into your account. They will simply receive the bank transfer together with your Player ID, and then they have to credit this into your account. As you can imagine this is not a very popular payment option to use, so there is no one sitting and just waiting for your deposit to arrive, so you simply have to wait until they have checked if any such deposits have come in, which happens maybe once or twice a day.

Instant at casinos, pending in your bank

When a deposit is instant, this is a lie. Even for card transactions, it takes time for money to move anywhere, and the actual processing time can be as long as for a bank transfer. The difference is that when you make a payment by card, e-wallet or any of the other instant methods for deposits, the payment processor can check if there are sufficient funds on your account, and if it is they will reserve the amount on your account. When this is done there is no way for you or your bank to stop the transaction, and hence the payment processor can be sure that they will get the money. This message is then sent to the casino, and they will credit your account.

In other words, the money you play for hasn’t actually reached the casino yet, but as they are sure that they will receive the money, they let you start playing straight away. In other words, they front you the money.

In the case of a bank transfer, no such message of approval is sent to the casino or the payment processor, and this means they can’t be sure they will receive your deposit before the money is actually in their account. In fact, they can’t even see that a deposit has been initiated at all, as this is something you only do in your online banking, and not from the casino site. They simply can’t see what you are doing in your online banking, which is a good thing. Because of this, they will not allow you to start playing before the money has been transferred, which is why you have to wait for your deposit to be credited to your account.

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