Did LottoMax Crown a Winner at CA$55 Million?

The year 2020 has been a rough one for everybody, but thanks to a multi-million dollar jackpot from LottoMax, Canadian players have the chance to significantly improve their year, and change their life.

LottoMax, one of the most popular lottery games in Canada, has been the talk of the town recently as its Main prize jackpot has reached an unprecedented CA$55 million. With lotto tickets as low as CA$5, players all over Canada have been scrambling to lock down their tickets for a chance to win the life-changing jackpot. Players are hoping that the time to win is now as the LottoMax Main prize has been left untouched for several draws now.

Main Prize Continues to Grow

In August, the LottoMax Main prize was sitting comfortably at CA$50 million, but as of 1 September, that pot has grown to a whopping CA$55 million. The last draw for the Main prize took place on 28 August 2020. Unfortunately for many, no one won the grand prize and the jackpot continued to grow.

In addition, two Maxmillion prizes have become linked to a LottoMax ticket. According to reports, one lucky ticket was sold in Quebec, while the second one remains unknown. The next LottoMax Tuesday draw is expected to include four Maxmillions prizes on top of the grand prize.

Changes to LottoMax Game Conditions

There are also some changes in game conditions heading to LottoMaxfrom 23 October 2020. The new changes meant that once the amount of the LottoMax gaming pool exceeded CA$50 million, Maxmillions prizes would be funded by the 7/7 Main prize pool if the Main prize was not won. Typically, the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation funds lottery payouts, but the change was put in place as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming corporation wanted to monitor the impact of two weekly LottoMax draws for the next 12 months.

Main Prize at CA$60 million

As of right now, the LottoMax Main prize is up for grabs, but has increased to a staggering CA$65 million and approximately eight CA$1million in Maxmillion prizes. The next draw will take place on Tuesday, 8 September at 10:30 pm ET. Despite the growing excitement, your chances of nabbing the jackpot sits at about 1 in 33,294,800. But, considering how this year has gone, anything is possible. Millionaire hopefuls can buy tickets in-store or online.

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