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Audrey Molly

Audrey Molly is a copywriter for Value Marketing who originally comes from Arkadia In Ontario, Canada. She graduated from York University where she received a bachelor in Communications and Marketing. After finishing her degree, she got a job as a Publicist and Marketing assistant for a large Food and Beverage company in Ontario. She rose up through the ranks and went on to become a Senior Communications Manager. Her passion for writing was always evident in her work, whether it be writing press releases for newspapers, magazines or journals, she found that it always came easily. Audrey spent a few years travelling and writing freelance for a travel magazine, where she was able to combine her two passions; writing and travelling. She has travelled extensively throughout the world where she has learnt about the different cultures and habits of people from every corner of the globe. Eventually, Audrey decided to settle in the beautiful island of Malta where she decided to apply for a job with us here at Value Marketing in 2018. She has been writing great content for us and looking after our Canadian Market to perfection! She is a truly gifted writer and her way with words is inspirational. We are lucky to have her on board with our team in CasinoTop and hope you appreciate her great articles about online casino and helpful reviews as much as we do!