£127 Million Jackpot Won On EuroMillions

Publisert October 23, 2020

The UK lottery operator, Camelot, said that they are going to assist struggling communities and charities in the country. This is going to be done through donations with an estimated value of around £600 million to aid those who have been experiencing extreme financial pressures. This is just one of so many initiatives that benefit from lottery companies and their business worldwide.

Winning Ticket Numbers

The EuroMillions jackpot of a staggering £127million was won by one lucky winner. The winning ticket was bought in Spain, according to the lottery operator. The numbers on the winning ticket were 12, 16,23,33,41 with 8 and 10 as the lucky stars. There was one other winner of a significant £100,000, the winning ticket matched 5 numbers for the draw and that was the prize.

How it Works

When people purchase a EuroMillions ticket, that ticket gets recorded and automatically gets entered into another draw known as the Million Maker draw. In this way, someone out there is sure to be made a millionaire no matter what. The EuroMillions draw happens every Tuesday and Friday and will be a whopping £167million with the next draw. The Operator for the Lottery, Camelot, has announced that the company has decided to increase the possible prize money by 200M euros. This is up by 10M from what it was before.

Million Maker Option

The Million Maker prize comes into play when someone buys a ticket. This is when the system generates a unique code attached to that ticket and the ticket gets entered into the draw almost immediately. This is how the operators of the lottery can ensure that there will always be a winner with each and every draw that takes place. This is an amazing incentive for lottery players in the UK. Two other winners were also pleasantly surprised that they had won £7.5 million each in the National Lottery over the weekend. This money came in at a time when one of the winners thought that he would not win since the lottery executives were sure that Spain was going to ban the lottery.

Sales of Tickets

Sales decreased significantly during the lockdown period and that is why it was thought that many countries would be banning the sales of lottery tickets. Subsequently, that is all in the past since the market and sales have once again reached a record high. The freedom that comes with winning this kind of game is what most people only dream about.

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