32Red Returns Stolen Funds, Gambler Charged With Fraud

Publisert October 30, 2019

If you have any interest at all in the world of online gambling, you will no doubt have come across a plethora of stories about brands behaving badly in one way or another. Luckily, this story is not about that and it goes to show that there are still plenty of companies out there doing the right thing.

Thief makes off with thousands

This story started back in early 2016, when one Tracey Curran began stealing from her employer, S3 Alliance an energy company is located in Derry, in Northern Ireland. Over the course of about 15 months, Curran used two company credit cards to withdraw a sum of roughly £590,000 and then went on to use those funds to gamble at 32Red. She lost all of it.

The 44-year old Derry native was caught and plead guilty to six charges of fraud by false representation. An appeal hearing is expected to take place later on this year.

32Red Returns Stolen Funds, Gambler Charged With Fraud banner 2Returning the stolen funds

With the help of a team of accountants, 32Red and the prosecutors in the case worked out exactly how much had been stolen from the company’s accounts and 32Red reimbursed the amount in full as a gratuity.

32Red Returns Stolen Funds, Gambler Charged With Fraud ElementWhile 32Red’s conduct is admirable in this case, it does raise questions about why the casino didn’t take steps to confirm the source of Curran’s funds. Of course, we are not privy to the details of the case but it would seem that the operator could have delved a little deeper into the matter, particularly as the thief gambled over half a million pounds in just over a year.

It’s been a bit of a rough year for 32Red, so we wouldn’t begrudge them the decision to try and mend fences. The brand’s deal with Derby County Football Club raised eyebrows after it was discovered that Wayne Rooney would don the number 32 shirt in the new year as part of a sponsorship deal. Two of 32Red’s online adverts also caught the attention of the Advertising Standard Authority, who demanded they be taken down because of their design could appeal to children. All in all, not a great record for 2019.

As gambling regulators clamp down on negligence and poor conduct, operators everywhere are trying to make sure that they stick to the rules or, if that doesn’t work, that at least their reputations survive the sanctions that inevitably follow. Legislative changes are set to restructure or at least revise the most important gambling regulations in the UK, which means that UKGC license holders can expect to receive a lot more scrutiny from the regulator.

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