4 Common Gambling Myths Debunked

Publisert October 3, 2020

As one of the biggest, and most lucrative industries in the world, it comes as no surprise that there are many myths surrounding gambling. What started as suspicion has been spread by word of mouth and has, in some cases, become the bane of the gambling industry. Here are some of the common myths that might put a damper on your gaming experience, as well as the facts that prove them completely wrong.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is possible to master strategies for games like blackjack and poker but when it comes to games of pure chance such as lottery, craps, and roulette, to name a few, there is not much more you can learn to improve your chances besides the basics. Once the basics have been mastered, the gameplay thereafter is based on probability and chance and not how many hours of practice you put in.

Luck Determines if You’re a Winner Every Time

Although the notion of Lady Lucky is an attractive one, it bears no weight in the world of gambling. Whether you win or not is determined by mathematical means such as probability and chance. Those who consider themselves unlucky tend to lose due to a lack of confidence that is brought on by believing quite strongly in this myth.

Online Gambling is Illegal

While this might be true for many countries, online gambling is not prohibited in the UK. It is one of the most financially rewarding industries in the country as long as the casino has received an operating license from the UK Gambling Commission. Casinos that are licensed by international authorities are available in the country but are not recommended due to differences in regulatory practices and laws.

Counting Cards is Illegal

Most players have heard this myth at some point in their lives. Whether that be from a popular film or a friend. Counting cards might be illegal in some countries but it is not prohibited in the UK. Of course, gambling establishments do not particularly enjoy this strategy as some people are good at it and walk away with thousands at a time, but it has not been strictly outlawed. Gamblers in the UK can use any strategy they deem fit so long as they are not physically marking the cards.

These are just some of the myths players have heard, you can be sure that there are many others out there. Before you believe anything and carry the knowledge into your gaming experience, make sure that what you’ve heard is legitimate.

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