7 Things NOT To Do If You Win a Multimillion-Pound Jackpot

Publisert December 14, 2019

Players that win millions at online casinos all seem to have one thing in common, and that’s that they never see it coming! One thing you need to ready for is if you do win that unexpected jackpot, you are ready for it and know what you should not do if you happen to land a few million quid!

7 Things NOT To Do If You Win a Multimillion-Pound Jackpot element01 - CasinoTop1) Do NOT tell every Tom, Dick and Harry about your win

So you’ve hit the jackpot, now what? Yell, scream, jump and run around with excitement. You’re also going to want to tell everyone about your lucky strike! But, take it from the experts, it’s best that you keep the win to yourself or at least hold on to your news as long as possible – until you’ve thought more about it anyway.

The thing is, no good can come from you blabbing to everyone you know that you’re now a millionaire! The first thing that will happen is friends you haven’t spoken to in a while and relatives you never hear from all start appearing and you’ll notice they just want to hit you up for some cash which generally makes things a little tense. The other thing you need to consider is getting robbed since you never know how far the story will travel and no one wants that!

2) Don’t Manage Your Own Funds - Get an Accountant!

When you’ve just won millions of pounds, the last thing you want to do is see it dwindle away before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy it. So instead of giving it a friend or even trying to handle the funds yourself, get an accountant! This is what they specialise in and it’s better to have someone who knows what they’re doing to help with not only your taxes but also investments and anything else that comes along with winning such a large sum of money.

3) Do NOT quit your day job

While it’s nice to win a big jackpot, it’s certainly no replacement for your monthly income because you still have many more years ahead to think about. We’d also recommend not spending it all at once, by all means, splash a little cash on something nice but don’t go overboard. It’s always best to keep to the same budget that you had prior to winning.

4) It’s best NOT to focus on all the things you’re going to buy

Look, we’re not going to pretend it isn’t tempting to spend all of your new-found money on a house, a flashy new car or showering loved ones with expensive gifts. But the best thing to do is keep yourself in check. The minute you start spending big like that, the faster your money dwindles, but managed in the right way like paying off debts and starting an investment scheme can be the start of financial freedom. This is where your professional financial advisors will come in handy.

5) DON’T let friends and family use you as a cash machine

Make sure you set firm boundaries with anyone you have shared your win with because even the closest of friends and family can make you feel like you owe them or that you should help them financially. This can cause a great deal of tension so it’s important to remain strong with them. How do I do this, we hear you ask? Firstly, we’d recommend thinking about what you want to give them before you even mention your new jackpot win. Be clear that you don’t want your relationship to shift and that any other funds are going to be put away to ensure you have a secure future.

7 Things NOT To Do If You Win a Multimillion-Pound Jackpot element02 - CasinoTop6) It’s best NOT to make a big change to your lifestyle

You’re probably going to be tempted to make big changes to your lifestyle now that you have hit the big time. But in our experience, it can likely reverse your situation pretty quickly. You might find yourself starting bad spending habits, which could isolate you from close friends and family or even from doing the things, or visiting places you used to enjoy. Our two cents worth? Use this new injection of funds as a means of improving your current lifestyle rather than going through a massive life change.

7) Money WON’T buy happiness

That same old saying is around for a reason. Regardless of how much money you make or win for that matter, it’s how you spend your time that really matters and the best things tend to be free!

This extra money isn’t going to suddenly turn your life around and make you feel any more fulfilled so make sure you think more about what you do with it. Stay down to earth, don’t change things up too much and always remember the closest people in your life will be there for you no matter how much money you have in your name.

Make sure you’re prepared for a win

Anyone in the business will tell you that the only thing more important than winning a jackpot is when it’s used in a responsible manner.

Sadly, we’ve heard one too many times of big winners whose lives end up in turmoil because of their cash injection. Don’t be another statistic. Keep your head together, don’t change who you are and make sure you are sure about whom your true friends are so that you can focus on the more important things in your life.

Now its time for you to go and win the big jackpot since you now know what you shouldn’t do if you do win. From all of us at CasinoTop, good luck and remember to play responsibly.

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