A Review of the EGR 2019 Game of the Year’s biggest wins - Monopoly Live

Publisert January 11, 2020

Hosted at Grosvenor House London, the EGR Operator Awards is the industry’s biggest yearly award ceremonies. The event was held on the 28th of October and celebrated the best of the best within online gaming with 31 different accolades distributed in recognition of various feats accomplished by a host of online casino operators and providers over the prior 12 months. With all that being said, Evolution Gaming managed to take home the highly sought after ‘Game of the Year’ prize for their release of Monopoly Live, which was made available to the public back in February of 2019.

Evolution Gaming best known for their stellar command over the live casino aspect of online casinos, managed to come up with something truly innovative with Monopoly Live by mixing together their renowned live casino platform alongside a virtual board game able to enhance the experience of chance and big prizes. Taking notes from their relatively recent successes with their other game Dreamcatcher, Evolution took this concept of staking on spins from a wheel of fortune style format and added in a dice rolling mechanic. When first placing a bet on Monopoly Live, players will be presented with a wheel of fortune where bets can be made to land on a specifically numbered segment. However, there are also segments that offer up ‘Chance’ cards, as well as some that offer a specific number of rolls. These rolls are what make the game interesting, as landing on one of these segments completely changes the dynamic of the game via a transition over to a virtual rendition of the classic Monopoly board game.

When in this beautifully rendered portion of the game, a pair of dice is rolled to determine how far the Monopoly Man moves across the board, which will be instantly familiar to those who have a set at home. Each tile on the board can lead to a win multiplier, a chance card or the dreaded tax. The number of rolls are determined by the segment that was landed on from the wheel of fortune and naturally rolling doubles means getting an extra go.

A Review of the EGR 2019 Game of the Year’s biggest wins -Monopoly live - The Top 3 Big Wins - CasinoTop

The Top 3 Big Wins

Now let’s take a look at some of those fortunate souls, who were able to get themselves into the top 3 big winner positions for the first year of Monopoly Live’s exciting activity. All 3 of the top winners managed to get themselves these big wins by entering into the virtual board game portion of their respective rounds and we start of with a player who goes by the username Marcel 1111, who managed to turn his initial stake of €1.50 (Approximately £1.20) into an impressive €1,110.50 (Approximately £943). This win multiplier of 2,221 times was done so by landing on the famous (or infamous, depending on your past experiences with Monopoly) Mayfair tile, which by itself paid out a huge 2,000 win multiplier. This gave Marcel 1111 3rd place for the top win achieved on the game so far, but also ranked him as having the highest ratio of return from his stake out of any of the top 3.

A Review of the EGR 2019 Game of the Year’s biggest wins - Monopoly Live - The Top 3 Big Wins - CasinoTopIt wouldn’t be Monopoly without a bit of property management. A player with the username Apehehe was more than likely grateful for this fact after landing on Regent Street with 4 houses firmly located on the tile. This fortuitous roll paid out a notable 500 times win multiplier on his priorly attained winnings of €2,100 (Approximately £1783), which shot his balance up to a majestic €19,600 (Approximately £16,644). However it wasn’t over yet, as the following roll ended up on the square that all players fear; 20% tax, which therefore reduced his winning down to a still impressive final amount of €17,955 (Approximately £15,247), as well as second place amongst the top 3 big winners.

First place however goes to a player going by the name Prodigy, who was wagering on the game using Bitcoins. At the time the play took place, he was wagering the equivalent of approximately £127 and was another one of the happy few who managed to land on Mayfair that offered a 500 times win multiplier this time, which bumped up his total return payout of 549 times his original wager. This means he was able to net himself a monumental final win of £69,932 worth of Bitcoins, again calculated at the time of play.

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