DraftKings Extends Partnership with MansionBet

Publisert October 26, 2020

The well-known online gaming company DraftKings has announced that the relationship between itself and MansionBet will continue. The agreement between the two companies will be extended and DraftKings will power this UK sportsbook that is a leader in the gambling industry.

The B2B technology provided by DraftKings will continue to run the MansionBet online casino platform and sportsbook. The extended agreement is sure to be lucrative for both companies with an expansion on gaming offerings also in the works.

MansionBet’s Thoughts on the Agreement

A spokesperson from Mansion Group, the parent company of MansionBet, has said that DraftKings has already contributed to its growth and success over the past few years. With the extended agreement, using DraftKings APIs, the company will be in a position to improve and expand its offerings catering to more of its customer’s needs.

The expansion will especially focus on horse racing, providing customers with coverage and more streaming content. This all ties into customers having a better overview of the odds and live races that will be streamed from the UK and international horse tracks.

DraftKing’s Position

This major powerhouse of gaming technology is positive about the extended agreement with MansionBet. DraftKings is changing the way that sports fans interact with sports and has seen many improvements while working with MansionBet.

The software that the sportsbook runs on will be strengthened and a suite will be provided to MansionBet. This suite will include technology for payments, anti-fraud protocols and compliance. DraftKings is licensed across several jurisdictions and has made a name for itself, being a trusted and innovative brand.

MansionBet and DraftKings are two powerhouses that will benefit each other equally. Both companies are trusted and have worked towards improving gaming every step of the way. The extended agreement makes a lot of sense and both companies seem to agree.

A Positive Outlook

MansionBet has decided that the software provided by DraftKings will now be used across its entire sportsbook. Allowing MansionBet to make use of all the tools that the technology has to offer. Furthermore, it will assist in growing the companies, the customer base as well as innovate what already exists.
The future seems positive and both companies are sure to gain from the extended agreement. The companies have both vowed to work toward providing the safest and most entertaining environment for players to enjoy. Expanding options to make players and bettors comeback for more.

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