Everyone’s Favourite Brummie Charity Gets a New Partner

Publisert January 4, 2020

Birmingham is a town with a long history, both good and bad, and has been the scene of much suffering in the past. However, there are always people in the city willing and ready to make a difference to the lives of all ‘Brummies’ living in the city.

One such organisation is the wonderfully named LoveBrum, a charity that was established in 2015 in order to help those projects that otherwise could not get the funding they needed. LoveBrum, a play on words meaning ‘love for Birmingham’, has empowered thousands of Brummies over the past few years, and now, the charity organisation finds itself on the receiving end of empowerment.

National gambling regulator, the UK Gambling Commission recently announced plans to partner with LoveBrum, as a way to not only bolster the profile of the charity, but also increase its own footprint within the community.

More About LoveBrum

More About LoveBrum - CasinoTopLoveBrum is the lovable charity with the odd sounding name. LoveBrum is a playful take on the nickname for a person from the city of Birmingham or a ‘Brummie’. In other words, this is a charity made up of people from Birmingham (Brummies), who focus on creating more love throughout the city. How do they achieve this? Through various charity drives and initiatives.

LoveBrum is a registered charity that officially launched in 2015 and is a charity that specifically aims to support ‘hidden gem projects’ all across the city. According to their own website, they support projects “and that deliver real change, with outcomes that can be seen, measured, enjoyed, and loved.”

LoveBrum is known for support projects that are “hard to reach”, which essentially translates to projects that simply don’t receive the funds that they desperately need, or are able to get the platform to make what they do known to the greater public. Indeed, LoveBrum has lofty goals and ambitions, and it is their aim to support up to 36 projects in need per year. In so doing, they also let everyone know just how great the city of Birmingham really is.

As you can well imagine, an idealistic and ambitious charity organisation like LoveBrum can do with all the help that it can get, especially if it comes from a well-known and respected organisation like the UK Gambling Commission.

Learn About the UKGC

The recent good news of the UK Gambling Commission joining hands in support of the LoveBrum charity organisation is not just a drive to create more publicity for the gambling regulator. While the cynical amongst us may be quick to think just that, the fact of the matter is, is that the gambling commission is in fact based in Birmingham. Thus, it makes perfect sense for the national regulator to support a small, local charity organisation.
The UK Gambling Commission came into being in 2007, taking over from the previous (and obsolete) Gaming Board. The commission is tasked with regulating the entire UK gambling industry, which includes sports betting, both online and high street betting shops, online and real-world bingo, pub slot machines, online and real-world casinos and lotteries. Currently, the UK Gambling Commission employs over 300 staff at its headquarters in Victoria Square.

Learn About the UKGC - CasinoTopAs part of their new and ongoing support for LoveBrum, UK Gambling Commission employees will have the opportunity to volunteer their time for a wide variety of LoveBrum’s current charity support projects, which includes the Birmingham Dogs Home (Solihull), Sikh Your Mind – a unique mental health cause, and many others.

During a recent interview regarding the news of the UKGC’s partnership and support of LoveBrum, UKGC executive director, Sarah Gardner said “As an important employer here in Birmingham it is vital that we do all we can to support the local community.We know the difference charities like LoveBrum can make to people’s lives so we are delighted to be involved and to ensure our employees can experience volunteering with a range of different charities and causes across the Birmingham area.”

When asked about the role the UK Gambling Commission could play, Sarah expanded by saying: “Part of our role at the Gambling Commission is to regulate the National Lottery and help to maximise returns to good causes. Since its creation in 1994, the National Lottery has gone on to raise over £40bn for good causes across Britain, including the National Lottery Community Fund which supports the work of LoveBrum. We see it as the perfect link-up, not least because it is great to see how National Lottery proceeds are spent on good causes like this.”

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