Expenditure is The Biggest Factor for Honda in Deciding F1 Future

Publisert January 4, 2020

To remain competing in Formula 1 racing, Honda must reduce its expenditures, since the budget is one of the major issues as the company weighs-up resuming next season’s engine programme.

The Japanese motor manufacturer has had one of its best seasons since they returned to the F1 racing scene in 2015, successfully winning 3 races alongside Red Bull and obtaining 2 pole spots.

In conjunction with Red Bull, Honda is devoted to next season starting in 2020; however the company must still decide before the end of this year if they wish to enlist for 2021, as well as for the following rules cycle, which characterizes the exact technology of the engine but then again with greater development restrictions and research.

Costs need to be reduced

F1 Managing Director of Honda, Masashi Yamamoto recently revealed to Motorsport.com that they have come to notice vehicle manufacturers are experiencing some very extreme difficulties due to environment electrification transformation. He also stated that they are summing up the development expenses as well as engaging in internal discussion. When Yamamoto was asked if cos-cutting was a major factor in the negotiations, he added that it is true that the expenses are currently the biggest problem they are facing. Also, he said that the first priority at this moment is to win and once they have decided to participate in 2021, they will just try to win.

According to Yamamoto, it is great to have positive results, but the most important factor is to have a balance with the expenses. He says that they had to spend lots of money to accelerate their improvement to grab hold of the top runners and now they are planning how to maintain the existing condition and trimming down on cost all at once. Yamamoto said that it is true that they haven’t caught up completely to its competitors, but Honda must try to lower down cost in any area to continue in F1 racing.

Expenditure is The Biggest Factor for Honda in Deciding F1 Future - CasinoTopHonda’s Feature

Previously the company has suggested that they would wait for the F1’s regulations for 2021 to be made public before they will continue with a final debate over their future. They first want to establish if the new rules will suit them and the most important of all, not have an impact on the engine industrialists further than the regulated dyno testing.

However, if the new regulations affect Honda, it will reduce the company’s budget and put a threshold on expenditures for future development.

Yamamoto disclosed that there are other possibilities to explore to cut cost, like opting out for standard engine parts. According to him, this is only one possibility that they are looking at, but this still does not solve the problem since they will still lack funding.

Honda climbing the F1 ladder

Max Verstappen finished 3rd in the driver’s championships this year and secured Honda its 3 wins. Verstappen is on the verge of attaining more points than any driver at Red Bull in this particular engine category, which would indicate his best outcome in F1 racing.

It must still be established whether or not Honda will be participating in F1 racing in 2022. It will be a shame if they left the scene right now following the recent victories achieved. We will keep you up to date.

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