GambleAware Reveals Their List of Donors

Publisert October 19, 2020

GambleAware was established in 2014 by a group of recovered gambling addicts. The charity operates on donations from the gambling industry as well as settlements. These settlements were agreed upon by the Gambling Commission to be made out to any social responsibility causes. The organisation has also received pledges from other operators who choose to contribute to either a research facility or to education and treatment charities, which care for people with gambling problems.

Proceeds from the Gambling Industry

Some of the organisations prefer to pledge directly to the GambleAware, while others pledge to other organisations. GambleAware has from April to September received £2.29million ($2.96million), in donations from the gambling industry. This amount is for Q2 of 2020 and it does not include the profits that have been requested by the organisation, from all the gambling that happens in Britain, to donate 0.1% of the annual income to organisations outside of the gambling industry.

The Donations

Donations from the industry came in as follows, from Gamesys the largest donation of £450, 00, of the total figure, and then Betway gave £134,000, with Holdings coming in next with an amount of £50,000. Other substantial amounts came in from Apricot investments, who donated £40,000, while Videoslots coughed up £30,000 and finally formed Inspired Gambling Group the amount of £25,000. Another lot of donations came in from Petre (Gibraltar) Limited, who made donations twice, totalling £61,000, The same amount was contributed by Casumo, topped with an extra amount of £43,000.

The Pledges

These are the pledges that were deposited directly into GambleAware’s account. William Hill contributed £1 million, while Praesepe Holdings pledged £85,000. The amounts listed above were donated and pledged by the operators who chose to donate directly to GambleAware. Some operators choose to pledge and donate to other charities as well, these include learning institutions and research facilities.

The Settlements

£8.8 million was also contributed to GambleAware in place of social responsibility as part of the agreed-upon settlements from the Gambling Commission. As a result of a few failings from certain VIP’s, £3 million came in from William Hill, from its partner Mr Green in February, and the last amounts came from Betway operators, for a total of £5,8million, who got penalised by the Gambling Commission for VIP failings during March.

All these proceeds are used for social responsibility projects and to assist gamblers and their families financially, when the need arises.

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