Gambling Firms Pay More than £44m in Fines Last Year

Publisert January 6, 2021

Gambling operators from all the world have incurred fines to the tune of £44.7million over the course of 2020. These fines were imposed on multiple operators for transgressions and failure to adhere to the regulations as stipulated by the gambling commissions in all the relevant countries. Let’s see what went down.


The bulk of the cost, which is at least ¾ of the fines, were incurred by the United Kingdom. Caesars Entertainment’s fines amounted to around £13million, while Betway, from the UK, paid the second highest amount in fines in the UK with a total of £11.6milion. Kindred Group from Sweden had the third highest fine which was valued at £8.59million. Another UK based casino, Mr. Green, came in fourth with a total of £3million followed closely by Boyle Sports Enterprises, which received a fine for £2.8million. Sixth place went to Blackrock Media with a fine of £2.04million.

In seventh place, another UK operator, BGO was fined £2million and was followed closely by NetBet at £748,000, while Triplebet was fined £740,000. GVC, the only Australia-based operator, was charged £106,773 for fines. The last few firms, although much less than any of the others, still had to cough up to around £46,000 for their fine, with GAN at £46,000 and finally, Glitnor Services from Sweden had the smallest fine of £34,068.


The Gambling Commission has vowed to clamp down on many casinos for non-compliance to its regulations and processes. The Commission is strict about what is and is not allowed at online casinos. Some of the offenses that casinos can get fined for is money laundering and failure to employ adequate measures to prevent it. In some casinos operators were found not adhering to processes that specify who balances are being paid out to. In cases like these money laundering is rife and the Commission is very serious about imposing fines on operators who do not follow due diligence and ensure that the players provide identification documents for verification purposes.

The Commission is also very strict on the age restrictions and who is allowed to gamble in land-based casinos as well as online sites. Advertising of gambling has also been prohibited since gambling is promoted in such adverts and many organizations are up in arms regarding this practice. Caesars was fined for failing to be observant regarding money laundering as well as allowing people with gambling issues to lose large sums of money in their casinos unchecked. Kindred Group was fined for much the same reason as well as providing unauthorized bonuses for some of their local patrons.

Other Reasons for These Fines

In some countries, casinos are being fined for not adhering to regulations around curfews and laws regarding social distancing in land-based casinos. Casinos are also being wrapped on the knuckles for allowing more players at tables, as well as not sanitizing after each set of people leave the table and before the next group is allowed to utilize the chairs and spaces. Some casinos have also been fined because patrons have been found not wearing masks, while on the casino floors, as this means that other people are put at risk as a result of operator and management negligence at land-based establishments.

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