Gauselmann's Social Responsibility Undertaking in UK

Publisert October 23, 2020

Global Gambling Guidance Group aka G4 has developed a full-proof product which assists organisations to promote healthy and responsible gambling habits, by providing alternative methods of coping with and identifying what is most harmful and what results in problem gambling. Together with G4, Gauselmann UK plans to implement the above initiative to further strengthen the company’s commitment to its social responsibility.

Putting the Program into Action

After each staff member in the organisation completed G4’s assessment audit, the results were recorded in a Gauselmann UK specific Action Work Programme. This programme will be spear-headed by a group of external specialists as well as a board of senior executives from the company. This way the accredited program will be ingrained with the infrastructure of the business, making certain that the social responsibility of the organisation is always implemented and enforced by the business. This will be achieved by appointing a Customer Experience Manager, who will manage the entire implementation process and report everything directly to the CEO of the organisation.

Expanding the Reach

Appointing this Board of six members, who will encourage and establish a process of expansion, by setting KPI's and key objectives. The Board will, together with the specialists, insist on measuring successes, exploring good practices as well as sourcing experience from other sectors within business. This will ensure that the audit becomes part of the fibre of the organisation and not just an exercise that was done. Blodau said with regards to his aspirations in future, that they have shared the 360 objectives with the Gambling Commission, with the Gambling Business Group, with Bacta, with GamCare and with YGAM. All these organisations have backed Gauselmann and are on board with what they are working towards achieving.

A Hands-on Approach

General Manager Sascha Blodau said that the organisation strives to always bring the best experience to anyone who visits any of the 160 Merkur Cashion AGCs. The main focus of the company is to always be competent and above average when it comes to its social responsibility towards its customers and communities. More importantly, to protect the small number of patrons who are at risk of experiencing gambling problems. The main objective for the entire exercise is to provide the very best service and gambling experience, while also protecting the ones who need extra support, while they are all still able to enjoy the entertainment that is provided.

Blodau reiterated that everything that they do is to provide the customers with the very highest standards, whether it be with the designs of the games or even the visiting of a casino. Ensuring that the company’s social responsibility is of utmost importance.

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