Greentube Launches Neccton Responsible Gambling Solution

Publisert October 14, 2020

Just recently, iGaming company, Greentube, has launched an innovative new tool called Neccton. The tool is an AI-based system, put in place to protect gamblers and to find solutions for struggling customers as well as to mentor them across all its existing casinos.

More on Greentube

UK B2C Greentube Director Richard Poole, announced that he is pleased that this imperative and much-needed tool is being used to assist UK, customers and gamblers, with assessing their own manners and behaviours around gambling. The Responsible Gaming (RG) system, allows players to compare his/her strategies, to those of other gamblers in the ADMIRAL Casino database.

What is Neccton

Operators will be able to identify problem players and will make it easier for them to gather a profile on and identify problem gamblers. After extensive research over the past 15 years, as well as over 30 studies, the Responsible Gaming results show that the more responsible the gambler is, that the mutual relationship between, the player and the casino, will be longer. Resulting in a more reliable and trustworthy relationship.

The Solutions Offered

With all of the information, that is compiled by the system, operators will be able to assist, patrons and have them complete short questionnaires, which will enable them to identify their own problem areas, and also allow the casinos, to observe, the players and ascertain, exactly which games, slots or tables, pose the most danger to their customers, With this kind of assistance, mentors are able to help and intervene when it is necessary to do so. The system also chats with the player online, by means of text messages which have been developed, for the purpose of providing the players an overview of their own behaviour and alerts them when they are over-spending.

It’s All About Innovation

With systems like Neccton, in place, it is the hoped that Responsible Gaming, will be taken into account, across the industry and in so doing, that the mental, physical and financial health of casinos patrons, will be curbed and that gambling will once again be seen as a means of entertainment, with the chance of striking it big, without having to break the bank. This back-office, mentor system, will track and pick up on persons, who are showing signs of trying to access their accounts and having failed withdrawals, failed deposits and even when there is a threat that the casino's equipment is about to be damaged.

It would be advantageous for all gambling establishments to have such systems implemented in casinos, world-wide.

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