House of Lords Work Towards Industry Reform

Publisert October 2, 2020

Established on January 22, 1801, is the Upper House of Parliament in the United Kingdom. The body's main purpose is to assist the House of Commons with making laws in the United Kingdom. The group is also responsible for the gambling sector, making sure that laws regarding the regulations are adhered to. A subdivision of the group, known as "Peers for Gambling Reform" is currently in the process of changing a few laws around what the new requirements and restrictions will be for this sector, in the aftermath of the global crisis in 2020.

Envisioned Restrictions and Changes

The online gambling industry made huge profits during the lockdown period and in light of this, the House feels that it is time for the gaming companies to stop. The PGR group, made up of 150 members from all industries in the UK, feel that action should be taken with immediate effect. This, in light of the shocking statistics, that over a third of a million gamblers in Britain are addicts and since around 55,000 are children and the high gambling-related suicide rate, the need to address this issue is vital.

With all the above-mentioned concerns in mind, it is important to note that the body does not want the industry to be shut down, merely that it be curbed and regulated more strictly. The House of Lords says that all sponsorships relating to the gambling sector have to be stopped as well as similar restrictions to be implemented on the loot boxes as was done in other countries. This will curb the desire to gamble.

Real Issues

The House in conjunction with the PGR group would like to see more being done for those who have problems with gambling, a support system, where they can receive treatment for their addictions. The unit would be managed by the NHS.

Concerns From the House

Lord Smith of Hindhead admitted that although he too sometimes likes to try his hand at gambling, he is a firm believer in doing things in moderation and doing so only with reputable operators. Lord Smith is in full agreement with all the changes and regulations that the PGR wishes to bring about. Lord Grade of Yarmouth strongly suggests that the changes be implemented, even before the government plans to revisit and possibly revise the Gambling Act, as it is taking way too long to do so.

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