How Bingo is Affecting the UK Market These Days

Publisert September 6, 2020

Gambling has always been a part of British culture and the popularity of gambling in many forms still fuels excitement in its residents and not to mention, it’s economy. With so many gambling options available in the UK, it is surprising to find out that bingo is the most popular game to be played by Brits around the world. A surge in popularity for bingo started in the 1960s and has experienced rapid growth in the country ever since.

The Popularity Of Gambling And Bingo In The UK

Gambling in the UK is a core part of its history and with online gaming popularity increasing, there are now even more options for UK residents. With a plethora of land-based gambling venues and websites, offering traditional casino games, slots and bingo, to name a few, to choose from, entertainment seems endless.

Regulated bingo started in 1960 when the Betting and Gaming act came into play. Allowing residents legal forms of gambling all over the country, which evidently made bingo its rising star. After bingo was made legal, popularity for the game surged and so did the profits, for both the establishment and the players involved.

Growth of Bingo

Bingo boomed in the UK, so much that hundreds of Bingo halls were being built for the sole purpose of hosting bingo events. In 2016 a 1000-seat bingo hall was built in Southampton and keeps its doors open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, making sure that no player is left without an opportunity to play. There is a lot of passion for bingo in the UK and shows in the investment companies have made to cater to the bingo-playing community. Even though there is ample opportunity to play at a land-based venue, online bingo has also seen an increase in players.

Bingo Contributions To The Economy

Bingo is seen to be one of the classic gambling games in the UK and with so many venues to choose from, consumers always want more. It is for this reason that online bingo has caught the attention of new and regular bingo players. With the introduction of online bingo parlours, it brought along another boom in the market earning over £1 billion between 2018-2019. This is a significant piece of the pie, as the tax rate for games such as bingo is set at 10% as of 2014.

With its exposure to the world online, bingo has had a chance to be exposed to the younger generation as well. This strategy makes sure that bingo is played often with varying demographics, making it a game that will continue to grow in popularity, revenue and certainly seems fun and relaxing.

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