How Casinos Look at Bonus Whores

Publisert July 21, 2020

These days, regardless of the industry, consumers are always trying to get more bang for their buck and why shouldn’t they? What makes marketing so effective at grabbing customers is the promise that you'll be getting more than you paid for, whether it’s service with a smile or in the form of a discount or promotion. And believe us, this applies to the online casino niche as well. The only thing is that players (customers) may take it a little too far in getting more than they bargained for. ladies and gents, this is what casino bonus whoring is all about.

What is a casino bonus whore?

If you’re an online casino player who's been around the block (so to speak), then you've probably heard of the dreaded term "casino bonus whore", but for those who have just broken out into the world of online gaming, it might be a foreign concept.

Allow us to explain. A casino bonus whore is someone who takes full advantage of the bonuses that get offered to them while trying to spend as little of their cash as possible. As a consumer it might not seem like the wrong thing to do, we are always searching for bargains after all, but in this case, a bonus whore monopolizes on the free credits or spins that the online casino gives them. Being a bonus whore, as unpalatable as the term is, is not easy to do, as it requires significant skill and know-how to turn nothing into something.

How It Works

If you’ve signed up at an online casino recently, then you’re well aware that new players are privy to several types of bonuses.

Usually, the first bonus is the sign-up or welcome bonus and once this is consumed, a string of other match bonuses or free spins will follow. Now here's the thing. Once you've used up all the available bonuses for the week or month, you may feel like having that extra freebie or two.

From this point onward, it’s up to the player to use their skills, and their smarts, to turn the little that they have into gold and become a formidable bonus whore.

How It Is Detrimental To Online Casinos

When bonus hunting, or whoring, was in its peak between the years 2000-2006, online operators were as new to the actual concept as players were, which left them at a huge disadvantage. From a business perspective, casino bonus whoring is not beneficial to online casinos because the whole point of spending money on marketing to attract players is that those players will spend their cash at the said online casino.

From an operators’ perspective, more players should have meant more revenue, but that was not what they were seeing once the numbers had been crunched.

This spelled trouble for those who had never had the opportunity to take advantage of the bonuses on offer as operators have since taken a more in-depth look at what they’re offering their players and the prospects are no longer what they used to be. Online casinos have now come up with a few terms and conditions that have caused many bonus whores to abandon all efforts.

How Online Casinos Prevent Bonus Whoring

If players are still up to the challenge of finding a way to bonus whore, they should know the most online casinos main goal is to stay in business and that there are certain calculations to take note of. Ideally, from an online casino's point of view, they'd always want to be "up" on the player, hence all casino games have an RTP of 99% or below. This says that the casino will always have the advantage, but if the player strikes it lucky or the costs of retaining that player exceeds the revenue, the operator may put a halt on issuing that player with any further bonuses. That's if the player decides to make another deposit to even out the revenue/expenses scale. Generally, most online casinos like to keep their bonus ratios at around 30% to total deposits, so think about this before you consider bonus whoring.

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